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Plugin Alliance Plugins Free For 1 Month

Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance has announced that its giving everyone access to all its Plugins for free for 1 month, saying:

In an attempt to at least give you all something to play with and make you smile in uncertain times, we want to enable you to use ALL of our 110+ plugins for free, for a whole month. So we have reset Millions of old and expired demos and have even temporarily extended our demo period to 30 days. (14 days usually).


  • Download the PA Installation Manager
  • "Select All" and download / install all 124 plugins in one go.
  • Open your preferred DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, whatever...).
  • Activate any of the plugins from the GUI (User Interface) and enjoy them for 30 days - Free.
  • Details: PA Activation Manual

NOTE: the activation screen may state "14 days" (because this is how the PA system usually works), but you will receive 30 days as you can verify in your plugin toolbar later.

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