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MOK releases Filtryg Filter Effect Plugin

Media Overkill (MOK)

MOK has released Filtryg, a dual filter effect with sound sculpting features to aid in mixing, or add new dimensions in rhythm and timbre to recorded tracks.

Taiho Yamada, co‐founder and EVP of Product at MOK says:

The integrated envelope follower, wide range LFOs, and MIDI keyboard tracking, each react to your playing as well as your source audio, forming an inspired filter effect that becomes a part of your performance.

Artists and producers are constantly looking for new effects to drive their creativity. With Filtryg, we wanted to provide a world-class filter effect that could be anything from a precise mixing tool, to an imaginative sonic companion for your instruments. Thanks to our synthesis-proven filter DSP technology, Filtryg produces metamorphic tracks that will impress even the most innovative musician. We can't wait to hear what people do with it.

The Filtryg dual filter effect plugin offers three filter types with a 12 dB State Variable Filter running in series or parallel with a choice of either 24 dB Ladder, or multiple modes of Biquad, each with their own character. The State Variable Filter is continuously morph-able from Lowpass to Highpass filter modes, with either Bandpass or Notch in-between, while the Ladder and Biquad have a Drive control for extra punch and crunch on the output.

Filtryg provides a one-page, knob-based user interface. The audio path, modulation routes, and their respective controls are all plainly visible and understandable, enabling intuitive and speedy effect construction. It is possible to set up audio-rate filter FM, including assignable keyboard tracking, in just a few seconds. Finally, all of Filtryg's parameters are available to automate from the plugin host.


  • Dual filter configuration in Series, Parallel or Mixed for flexible timbral shaping.
  • 12 dB State Variable Filter (LP, HP, BP, N), 24 dB Ladder Filter (LP, HP), and multiple Biquad Filter choices, each with distinct personality and character.
  • Morph knob morphs between State Variable Filter modes for dynamic filter variation.
  • Drive knob adds punch and crunch to the Ladder and Biquad Filter output.
  • Audio rate Filter FM enables unusual harmonic generation capabilities.
  • Keytrack modulation control for integrating keyboard performance.
  • Envelope Follower for direct interaction with input audio and sidechain pumping effects.
  • Tempo synchronized LFOs and threshold triggered Envelopes for rhythmic modulations.
  • Customizable color themes and language settings.

Price: $49 - Filtryg is now available at a limited‐time $34 introductory sale price at MOK.com.

Filtryg Introduction video



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