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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9741


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9741. Recent documented changes are listed below.

Version 0.9740 Bug Fixes:

  • Crash can occur on loading a layout with VSTs adding presets when loading data.
  • Function: not possible to use parameter linking with textfield.
  • MP Assign context menu need two clicks to move to another worker thread.
  • VST version: MIDI data is not processed when using the second version of the Plugin Device.

Version 0.9739 Bug Fixes:

  • AU version: calculate start of bar position if not supplied by host or incorrect.
  • Basic Graphical Envelope: output value can be wrong.
  • Polyphonic adapter: text field parameters are not linked for all voices.
  • Windows VST version: UI doesn't show up in Cubase/Nuendo if OpenGL acceleration is not enabled.
  • VST3 hosting: crash can occur when opening the UI of a plugin.
  • VST3 hosting: pitchbend is not sent properly.

Version 0.9738 Bug Fixes:

  • Links are not kept when using import.
  • Crash can occur when clicking OK on the Group Parameters window.
  • OS X: Possible hanging when quitting one instance when two instances of the standalone are running.
  • OS X: Crash when attempting to use the playlist editor on 10.9.
  • OS X: windows do not come up if progress dialogs or popups are shown at startup.
  • OS X: less beeps when pressing keys outside of textboxes.
  • P2 version: Parameter Modulator Relative process its input twice.


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