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Plogue releases Bidule v0.8001


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.8001.


  • Mixer: added peak meters and clip indicators.


  • Audio File Recorder: added option to save to multiple mono files.
  • Crossfader,Pan and Mixer: added interpolation to some parameter changes.
  • Loading: faster loading of bigger files.
  • MIDI Switcher: added sending of Note Off for opened notes when changing the active output.
  • Parameters: better precision for some parameters.
  • VST: faster refresh rate.

Bug Fixes:

  • AU: parameters don't save min/max/mutation factor/locked status.
  • AU: going back to User preset doesn't always display the correct values.
  • Audio File Looper: resetting the loop points at start and end of file doesn't always recalculate the correct number of beats.
  • Audio File Looper: stuttering data instead of silence on some stereo files.
  • Audio Switcher: an output could possibly not be reset correctly when changing the active one.
  • Basic Audio File Player: doesn't unreference the audio file when going back to None.
  • Buffer Granulator: could crash on some settings.
  • Context menu: syncing multiple bidules to one source doesn't work.
  • Delete: could crash in some special cases when OSC server is enabled.
  • Groups: sometimes doesn't save the group display name correctly.
  • Groups: exported amplitude parameters with a user-set min and max don't always work correctly.
  • HID (OS X): devices won't work when waking from sleep.
  • HID: now supporting POV/hat switches.
  • Mediapool: loading files with the same name could lead to weird events.
  • Mediapool: loading of some raw audio files could cause a crash.
  • Mediapool: sometimes refuses to load existing/working audio files.
  • Mediapool: could not load some MIDI files.
  • MIDI Buffer: 0 length shouldn't be available.
  • MIDI File Looper: outputs incorrect syncing.
  • Replace: could crash on dual proc machines.
  • ReWire: devices go back to the beginning of their timeline when switching processing on/off.
  • Spectral Freeze: could crash when saving a file.
  • Spectral Inverter: could crash on some settings.
  • Sync Transport: sometimes outputs wrong syncing info.
  • Trigger Clock: doesn't reset itself correctly when making it inactive.
  • VST: previous parameter value is shown in the status bar of generic UI.
  • VST OS X: problems when loading files containing Kontakt instances.


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