PlugInGuru has released Beautifully Broken for Omnisphere 2.5 which comes with 15 Multis (that include tempo sync'd drum loops), 129 Patches and 27 new samples (14 are Drum Loops and 13 are Waldorf Pulse Bass and Synth samples). The vibe is thick with all of these with creative use of Sample rate, bit resolution, filter and noise used to make everything sound slightly broken. If you want to compose or jam with some Boards of Canada, Future Sounds of London, ODEZZA and M83 types of sounds, this library may be for you.

The Drum Loops are tempo sync'd thru creative use of the Granular synth engine. This is the 2nd library to include drum loops inside of Omnisphere 2.5 from PlugInGuru. The Multis are each a fully produced "song" idea with a Drum Loop on C2 that starts with a note-on and continues to play so you can jam with: a Bass (or BPM Bass) for the left hand, a pad or synth for the right hand and a SFX / transition sound on C6.

Every Patch and Multi is fully programmed to be modified with 4 different MIDI CC#s (1, 2, 4 and 67) to give you even more control over changing different aspects of the sounds. This is PlugInGuru's 2nd library (Airwave V3 being the 1st) that has this depth of programming done to give users maximum flexibility. If you don't have a hardware or software solution, PlugInguru has created a free MIDI Effect plug-in called ModMate that allows you to send up to 4 MIDI CCE#s using just the modulation wheel. ModMate is a free download to registered users of the PlugInGuru website.

Also included are 61 drum loops in WAV and RX2 formats. The Full Mix loops (which are included in the Beautifully Broken Omnisphere library) are included as drum loops as well as individual instruments (kick, snare, hat and others) used to create the Full Mix loops.

This is also the 1st library to include the 2019 Bonus Content presets for Omnisphere 2.5. Over 1,000 presets are now included for the Arpeggiator, Envelope, Effect Racks, Granular and even Multi Stack set ups. The content that used to be exclusive to Kreaturesque (Granular Presets), MegaMagic Guitars Part 2 (Distorted Guitar Effect Rack Presets) and DelNorte EDM/Chill (Side-Chain Envelope presets) are now included.

Beautifully Broken is on sale for $29 thru February 1, 2019. Retail price is $39.

PlugInGuru is also having a 35% off "Damage during NAMMage" sale on most every library thru Feb 1st as well. Beautifully Broken and Airwave V3 are not included in the sale, but everything else - including Bundles, are on sale.

SoundCloud Song Demos

Video Walkthru of the Library



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