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PlugInGuru releases Signs Of Life: Mother Nature Powered Library for Omnisphere 2.6


PlugInGuru.com has released Signs of Life, for Omnisphere 2.6.

They say: "This library started 1 year ago when John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl travelled across Costa Rica on vacation with his daughter. He brought along his Tascam DR-100 Mk III portable recorder and recorded everywhere he went. Because of the lack of cars and airplanes, the audio recordings (at 192kHz) were amazing. After returning home, for the next 6 months Skippy fed these audio recordings of bugs, rain, waterfalls and more into unique effect configurations to make complementing synth, FX and Synth Pad samples as well. With almost 40 libraries for Omnisphere available, this is by far the most adventurous library Skippy has released to date."

Full Library Includes:

  • 123 New Samples including Ambiences recorded in Costa Rica and then processed by John Lehmkuhl to make new synth sounds by using unique plug-in effects and processing with a modular synthesizer. Plug-ins used included NI's Molekular, Zynaptiq's Wormhole, Vahalla's Shimmer Verb, NI's RC48 to name a few. Convolution Reverb as well as feeding the samples into unique modular synth plug-ins were also used to make new sound sources for this library.
  • 236 Patches - the above samples were then used to create new patches in Omnisphere using all of the synthesis and effect abilities. Many of the patches were made by PlugInGuru's unique "GuruNation" (PlugInGuru customers) as well as the European Sound Collective. John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl hand selected from these submitted patches, collaborated with these patches as well as created many new patches himself. Patches are split into 144 fully programmed patches (ranging from bass to BPM/Tempo Sync'd patches to keys, pads, synths, FX, textures and more) plus 52 patches that are environmental patches (rain forests, streams, various states of rain, bugs, frogs, jet's landing at LAX and more) and 40 patches that are just the new synth samples that have environmental recordings injected into them.
  • 20 Multis - ranging from 2 patch Pads and Splits to complete Groove Multis where a Drum Loop is playing with tempo sync'd bass and tempo sync'd pads and SFX patches in the top octave. These are where all of the elements of the library come together.

Also included:

  • 135 BONUS Patches from GuruNation / ESC in the "PlugInGuru BONUS" .omnisphere file. These are the pool of patches made by other synth programmers with zero editing done to the patches. Selected patches from this bonus bank show up in the full library but they are edited with a collaborative spirit by John Lehmkuhl so they better match up with his vision for the library.
  • 29 Drum Loops in .WAV format. 10 of these are inside the Omnisphere library but there are more variations included in the bonus loops folder.
  • 46 Drum Hits in .WAV format. These are the drum sounds used to make the drum loops. The samples are numbered numerically so that you can map these in any sample playback plug-in. Map files for EXS24, Kontakt 4 and PlugInGuru's unique SuperMacho Drumz Drum Kit plug-in for Kontakt 5/6 can be used to quickly load this drum kit.
  • 5 MIDI Files - each one correlates as the FMX groove. By removing notes you can re-create the SMx (Small Mix) and BDn (Break Down) grooves included as loops.
  • A 40 page PDF Photo Album with photos John Lehmkuhl took during his trip.
  • A second BONUS patch library "Signs of Radioactive Life" will be released on July 1st. This will be a 32+ Patch library of strange, suspenseful cinematic patches inspired by real-world events and the mini-series Chernobyl.

Price: $49 ($42 until July 1st).

SoundCloud Audio Demo Tracks

YouTube 90 Min Patch/Multi Walkthru with Tips n Tricks

YouTube Signs of Life Multi Demos Explored



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