PlugInGuru has released MegaMagic Dreams, featuring 102 sample-based patches where the 12 second long reverb and other sound design processing is recorded into the samples. This gives this library a tonal quality and personality that is unique and inspiring at the same time, says PluginGuru. Useful for many different styles of music but aimed at Ambient, Chill, Ambient Dubstep, Film and other styles of music that value fewer notes that do magical things over lots of notes. This is kind of an old school approach where a single sample covers the entire range of your keyboard and turns guitars, strings, pianos, bells and synth samples into unique instruments unto themselves instead of trying to sound like the real thing.

With so many synthesizers now able to load a sample into the Oscillator, this library is being released for 4 unique synthesizer formats via 2 different products:

MegaMagic Dreams for Kontakt 5 format uses a customized Kontakt script designed by Aaron Frensley (Hybrid Two and also creator of the MegaMacho Drums script for to make a unique, powerful and fun to program version of this library (full version of Kontakt 5 required, not the free Kontakt Player). There are 6 effects (Distortion, LoFi, Glitch, Buss Compressor, Transient Designer and 3 bands of parametric EQ) plus stereo delay and 2 convolution reverbs available to alter the sounds along with a multi-mode filter plus AMP, Filter and Pitch EGs. This makes is easy to modify the sounds quickly without needing any outside effect processing. The Kontakt 5 version also contains over 50 bonus patches that were created by John Lehmkuhl, Seth Norman and Toby Pitman. These bonus patches use the core library in different and unique ways for even more musical usages.

MegaMagic Dreams WAV format comes with presets for Logic Pro's EXS24, Xfer Records Serum and iZotope's Iris 2 plug-ins. A future update will include free presets for Omnisphere 2.

All formats contain the same core library of 102 instrument presets - categories include Bass, Bell and Pluck, Guitars, Keys and Synth. The Serum and Iris 2 versions have fewer presets than the EXS24 and Kontakt 5 versions because of technical limitations (they are not full-blown samplers with velocity switches or zones or both).

MegaMagic Dreams for Kontakt 5 version retails for $59 but is on sale thru May 1st for $54.95.

MegaMagic Dreams WAV version retails for $59 but is on sale thru May 1st for $54.95.

MegaMagic Dreams Bundle contains both WAV and K5 versions - retails for $110.00 and is on sale thru May 1st for $99.

MegaMagic Dreams Patch Walkthru Video:

Sound Design Tutorial: How to Make MegaMagic Dreams Sounds Yourself:

SoundCloud Demo Tracks from the Library



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