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Psychic Modulation releases Electro Expansion Pack for PulseCode

Psychic Modulation

Psychic Modulation has released the Electro Expansion Pack for PulseCode. It contains over 300 multi-layered Synth Drum Elements, 256 Drum Presets and a bank of 128 PulseCode patches. The Elements are built from 12-bit samples that can be mixed with dirty 8-bit counterparts for a unique contrast of character. This expansion pack is perfect for Techno, Minimal Wave and Old-School Electro styles.

Each of these Elements contain multiple layers that can be used to craft and shape drum sounds inside of PulseCode's drum editor. The sounds in this expansion pack have all been designed and resampled using a Machinedrum SPS-1 and it's 12-bit sampling engine, thus creating a modern sound with subtle crunch and character. To contrast this 12-bit 'Core' sample, each Element also contains an 8-bit 'Grit' layer, resampled using a Yamaha VSS-30, which is super lo-fi. Mix in the Grit layer subtly to give your drums just a little dirt and edge, or mix in fully for ultra dirty drums.

Each Element is made up of 6 layers. When an Element is loaded into PulseCode, you can adjust the levels, tuning and other aspects of each of these layers to get drastically different sounds from a single source sample.

Six layers:

  • Core: The main sound of which all other layers are based.
  • Grit: A lo-fi version of the Core sound.
  • Hit: Adds extra top-end or 'hit' to the drum in the form of a slap, crack or snap sound.
  • Body: Adds low-end, body or substance to the drum.
  • Reverb: Each layer contains it's own individual reverb sampled from a vintage Microverb. This layer's control panel was designed particularly for gated reverb, non-linear and other unconventional ways of using reverb on drums.
  • Noise: Mixes in some white noise with the Reverb layer. Can be useful for snares and hihats especially.


  • 316 Elements (multi-layered samples).
  • 256 Drum Presets.
  • Bank of 128 PulseCode Presets.

Price: $20 - Electro is available for the introductory price of $15 until February 15th, 2020.




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