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reViSiT v0.89 alpha released

Chris Nash

reViSiT v0.89 Alpha is now available. This update is expected to be the last major checkpoint before beta testing.

Main changes:

  • New Note Actions (NNA's)
    With NNA's, you can control what happens to the original note when it is replaced by a new one. Previously, all notes were abruptly cut, but now you can have it: cut, continue, fade out, or follow the prescribed envelope release curve. As IT2 users will testify, it makes a huge difference – and can make tracking quality music much easier.
  • Duplicate Check Types (DCT's) and Actions (DA's)
    Duplicate Checks are another way for new notes to affect previous ones. In combination with NNA's, it allows you to limit the number of notes played on a channel, with a specific pitch, instrument or sample. For example, you could have an guitar instrument made of 6 samples representing the 6 guitar strings. A Fade or Off NNA will allow the string to continue vibrating after another is 'plucked'. Then, you could set up a DCT on sample, so that only one note can be played on each string (sample) at a time.
  • Volume Fadeout
    Replace the abrupt "Note Cut" (^^^) with a smoother fade out of the instrument, triggered by a new note or the "Note Off" (===)event.
  • Pitch Envelope
    Complimenting the Volume and Panning envelopes of the last release (IT2 compatible).
  • Lots of other minor additions, changes and fixes
    Check the Release Notes or readme.txt for a complete list of updates, including Block Swap and other new keyboard shortcuts.


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