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RML Labs updates SAWStudio and SAWStudioLite to v4.9a

RML Labs

RML Labs has updated SAWStudio and SAWStudioLite to v4.9a.


  • Enhanced code to better resolve network file paths to avoid missing file error messages on SAWStudio remotes when first connecting or opening files.
  • Enhanced code to allow drive substitution on slaves when opening files from host. If the slave does not have a matching drive as the host, the drive letter will be substituted from the default session path in the path setup dialog.
  • Enhanced the MultiTrack Slide Entry Data function (Shift-Right-Drag) to respond to number-selected tracks for multiple track editing operation. You can cancel the group editing temporarily for this function by using the Alt-Key along with the Shift-Right-Drag to perform the operation.
  • The current Shade name in use, if any, is now displayed in the Shades/Open menu option.

Eq Plugin and Echo Plugin v3.1:

  • Enhanced code pertaining to SAC.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed code when using the Fx Bypass switch with multiple channels selected to only update the switch bypass condition on channels with patched plugins.
  • Changed code to help with activating another application on the first click when switching from SAWStudio.
  • Fixed code to extract region name, instead of filename, as the base name for new regions created by Alt-Left-Clicking a marked MT Entry and dropping a new entry on the MT.
  • Fixed code in the message dialog windows which could have chopped titlebar message text short under certain conditions.

Echo Plugin v3.1:

  • Fixed code to properly dissolve FeedBack delays as they near -infinity db.


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