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Rob Papen releases "RP-EQ" - RAW EQ Effects Plug-in

Rob Papen

Rob Papen has released RP-EQ an EQ plug-in that is designed for distorted sounds and specifically intended for EDM production.

RP-EQ has evolved from another Rob Papen product, RAW, released in 2014 as a soft synth that specializes in distorted sounds. RP-EQ is part of the sound of RAW and its GUI control is at its heart.


  • 8-Band EQ, which can work in regular EQ mode or Mid/Side EQ mode (with bands 1-4 being for the 'Mid' signal and bands 5-8 being for the 'Side' signal), with a graphic control panel and lower control panel with additional settings to allow users to quickly view, solo, or lock a single band.
  • AIR section that represents an additional EQ band, boosting very high frequencies with a wide bandwidth with the perceived effect of providing the effected audio with a bit more breathing space (or 'air'); a FILTER section with filter slopes selectable between 12dB and 24dB per octave with two filter types — the HP (high-pass) filter with a 75Hz setting can be used to filter out any rumble or otherwise uncontrolled low-end material, for example, while the LP (lowpass) filter is a classic ingredient of any synthesizer setup, so can be used here to enhance the creative application of equalization — that are the place to start for creating dynamic and rhythmic filter effects in combination with the XY pad.
  • MONO/STEREO SPLIT FILTER section to divide the audio signal into mono and stereo parts based on a frequency — typically, low frequencies do not contain much spacial information and are perceived as mono signals while spacial placement in a stereo image is provided by the higher frequencies, making this an amazing tool for contemporary music-making in a mix-bus configuration or for mastering applications.
  • SATURATION section for applying a 'warming' effect to the sound, based on the effect of saturated analogue tape recordings.
  • SPEC (spectrogram) section that displays the input and output signal as an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) spectrogram, a 30-band (1/3-octave) bar spectrogram, or a 30- band (1/3-octave) single-line spectrogram; and more besides, including the XY pad — unique to RP-EQ, which works as two programmable LFOs, with movement in either direction directly controlling the value of one or more RP-EQ parameters.

Price: €79.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$89.00 USD.

Note that eXplorer-III, Rob Papen's software bundle, now includes RP-EQ as standard, bringing its total product count to 14; competitively priced at €585.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$699.00 USD, this represents a significant cost saving of over 50% when compared to separately purchasing each and every Rob Papen virtual instrument and effects plug-in included.

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29 September 2015 at 12:59pm

Looks interesting.

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