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Sonic Charge updates Bitspeek to v1.5, Microtonic to v3.1.1, Permut8 to v1.1 and Synplant to v1.2.1

Sonic Charge

Sonic Charge has released upgrades for all their commercial AU/VST plug-ins: Microtonic v3.1.1, Synplant v1.2.1, Bitspeek v1.5 and Permut8 v1.1. The updates are free of charge for existing customers.

Sonic Charge has also introduced a bundle containing all four AU / VST plug-ins for the price of $222 (excl. VAT in Europe). That's $75 saved compared to purchasing the products individually.

Bitspeek 1.5 features a new audio engine with a vastly improved volume envelope tracker and true support for stereo input / output. ("Legacy mode" is available for backwards compatibility.) It also adds a dry / wet mix knob as well as many GUI features like copy / paste, undo / redo, etc.

Permut8 1.1 is the first version of Permut8 that officially supports "alternative firmwares". Alternative firmwares expands the functionality of Permut8 with entirely new DSP algorithms that you load into Permut8 simply by opening a special file type.

A suite of alternative firmwares is available to download for registered customers (again free of charge) from the Sonic Charge download page. Included firmwares are: Beatrick, Bender, BitBox, Mozaik, Reciter, Pong and RingMod. This video demonstrates them all

Apart from this, Permut8 now supports undo / redo, bouncing to WAV file and much more.

Microtonic 3.1.1 and Synplant 1.2.1 are relatively minor updates with bug fixes and user interface improvements, such as buttons in the file browsers for easily jumping between factory and user preset directories. They also include support for the new unified Sonic Charge Plug-in multi-installer that makes installing and upgrading Sonic Charge plug-ins a lot easier.

All updates replace the old versions but they are 100% backwards compatible and should sound 100% identical when you load your old patches and songs.



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