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sonicLAB updates EnVBot Stochastic ADSR generator to v2.1


sonicLAB has updated EnVBot to version 2.1.

EnVBot is a stochastic and distributed ADSR envelope generator. It modulates the amplitude of its input but also can be assigned to external gear as a CV signal. EnVBot server and client instances can be distributed on multiple DAW tracks and operate together.


  • v2.1 offers a new playback mode where the playhead can move forwards and backwards along the ADSR curve in an endless loop. With random speed playheads of EnVBot instances, complex shifting modulations can be generated.
  • v2.1 also lets the user input the ADSR length in any multiple numbers of the DAW one bar length when in BPMlock mode.

Price: 59 Euros. Server and client editions and can be purchased as perpetual license or in rent to own payments directly at the sonicLAB webshop. Also there are several bundle deals offered where EnVBot is included.

The update is free for registered users.




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