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SynthFont updated to v1.620

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont was recently updated to version 1.620.

New features:

  • When creating a new track, you can copy the MIDI date from the currently selected track.
  • More surplus events will now be marked as such (see the "MIDI events" page, and below).
  • On the "MIDI events" page, in group "Edit event", there is a new checkbox called "Surplus".. Toggle this to mark an event as surplus (displayed in Fuchsia color) or not. Surplus events can be deleted at once using the "Remove surplus events" button.
  • Every track that contains multiple MIDI program changes will now have its own button in the tracks list.
  • New checkbox "One for All" in "Handling of overlapping notes": NOTE-ON and NOTE-OFF active for ALL note events of a certain value.
  • Layers in the tracks list are now placed immediately beneath the parent track.
  • Removed the "Soft" button in "Plug & Play", "Playback volume" as this simple limiter introduced additional noise. Use a VST effects limiter instead.
  • In the dropdown menu (right mouse button) for the "Open MIDI or Arrangement" button in the main toolbar, there are a few new items: "Most recent" and "Use Alpha-submenus". "Most recent" will list the most recently used files, Check "Use Alpha-submenus" to create submenus based on the first letter of the file. Additionally, you can now have sub-folders in your Arrangement folders. The files will be listed in sub-menus (independently on state of "Use Alpha-submenus").
  • There is a new option to define if double-clicking on track in the tracks list mutes/unmutes the track (original function) or makes the tracks solo/removes solo (alternative).
  • The files list in the Explorer has a new column: "Arrangement". This will display the name of the corresponding Arrangement file (the first found) for the MIDI files.
  • More output sample rate alternatives in Synth options.
  • In the VST editor windows there is a new button next to the presets dropdown list: "Name". Press to change the name of the preset.
  • Saving of VST presets in either the Arrangement or the common configuration file is now more intuitive.
  • When you delete an Arrangement file, all VST effect preset file define for the arrangement are also deleted.

Bug fixes:

  • Some MIDI files were not correctly read (too many MIDI program changes, non-standard Karaoke Lyrics, embedded System Exclusive messages, etc.).
  • Since version 1.552 some VST instruments would become silent under certain occasions.
  • Fixed most other reported exception bugs and user interface glitches.


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