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SynthFont updated to v1.713; SynthFont2 Public Beta updated to v2.0.0.13

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont 1 has been updated to v1.713 and SynthFont2 Public Beta has been updated to v2.0.0.13.

Bug fixes in SynthFont 1.713:

  • There were still some MIDI files that SynthFont could not correctly read.
  • The MIDI message Channel Pressure was not saved in the MIDI file.
  • Some SFZ files were not correctly interpreted.
  • Sometimes dropping a VST effect from a VST bus did not work.
  • Most other reported bugs fixed.

New in SynthFont2

  • More Meta tags for compressed files, for example ISRC.
  • The meta tag editor could not be accessed from the Save Audio dialog.
  • Support for MIDI Portamento (CC#5 Portamento Time. CC#65 ON/OFF, and CC#84 Portamento Control).
  • The combined Bank Manager and SoundFont override feature has been completely redesigned. You can now assigned files to user banks in the SynthFont1 manner. See more here (PDF).
  • In the Pianoroll, Controllers graph, drawing events that are of boolean nature (ON/OFF) will let SynthFont2 display a dialog to choose ON or OFF.
  • The Pianoroll is now correctly drawn also with the display in portrait mode.
  • A few minor GUI changes. For example, in the tracks list, the check boxes for muting/plying tracks have been moved to the left into a separate column with a button for more functions.
  • Changing the BPM factor might cause the playback cursor in the Pianoroll to lag behind or run in front of the correct position (at a constant amount).
  • A function to create new sets of track colors. The button labeled "Color" activates a popup menu with two choices.
  • Some SoundFonts contains multiple copies of one particular instrument in multiple layers. Mostly these are redundant as they have exactly the same parameters. As each of them cause an increase in the number of voices and hence CPU usage, they are no removed. Instead the volume level of single remaining copy is increases in proportion.
  • Version 2.0.012 could ot read some very small MIDI files.
  • You are no longer allowed to play "loop forever" into an audio file.
  • SynthFont2 did not automatically split tracks with events for multiple MIDI channels into multiple tracks.
  • There is a vertical splitter bar between the tracks list and the Mixer to let you increase the size of the mixer scroll bars.
  • In the Pianoroll, there is a splitter above the Controllers frame to let you change the size of the frame. You can also use the context sensitive right mouse button menu to set the frame to predefines heights.
  • In the Pianoroll, you can hide the lowest frame ("Key Signatures and Melodic Scale") using the small button to the left in the caption bar.
  • Fixed a flaw in the Explorer: the tree did not resize itself. The file list now lists both files and subfolders.
  • "Snap to grid" in the Pianoroll did not work as expected.
  • Some other minor bugs fixed.


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