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SynthFont updated to v2.2.0.0 / v1.730

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont2 has been updated to v2.2.0.0.

New features:

  • You can now choose to have two controller views side by side.
  • New mix mode for VST effects.
  • Three new visual themes: "Charcoal Dark Slate", "Cobalt XEMedia" and "Onyx Blue".
  • One alternative model for the inbuilt reverb. It is called MVeerb and is based on MVerb by Martin Eastwood. It sounds better than the original Reveerb model which is fast (less CPU hungry) but has a somewhat metallic sound.

Bug fixes:

  • Normalizing audio files to max peak level did not work in
  • VST plugins lacking an inbuilt editor did not show anything in the edit window of the 64-bit version.
  • The choice to play VST effects in mix (50%/50%) mode did not work. A new improved mix mode has been created (see below).
  • The inbuilt reverb - called Reveerb - had an unfortunate bug making it sound weird (since
  • The inbuilt SoundFont editor "Viena" crashed on start-up. Also fixed a few other "Viena" related bugs on par with ones fixed in the stand-alone version of Viena.
  • ASIO was not well supported in version
  • Pitch Wheel broken since
  • Many other minor bugs have been cleared.


  • The Continuous Controller # 123, "All Notes Off" used to turn of all notes, for all MIDI channels. The new behaviour is to turn off all notes only for the selected channel.

SynthFont1 has also been updated, to v1.730, which just includes a few bug fixes.



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