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SynthFont2 updated to v2.0.7.0

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont2 has been updated to v2.0.7.0. Apart from various bug fixes, this release includes some new features:

  • There is a new tool for editing MIDI files. It is called "Advanced Copy/Paste". This tool lets you copy, paste, move delete blocks of MIDI events between tracks. You can display this tool by pressing the button Copy/Paste to the right of the toolbar above the tracks on page Plug & Play. On the this web site you can find a PDF file with instructions on how to use this tool. Click here to read it.
  • You can now assign a VST instrument as a SoundFont Override (CTRL+D).
  • You can now include folders as items in a Favorites playlist.
  • The Scale Tuning function (Plug & Play | Other options) now supports the use of SCALA files for any odd microtonal scale (see e.g: huygens-fokker.org/scala).
  • In Pianoroll | Batch edit there is a new button "Snap / Quantize notes". Use it to move notes to certain boundaries ("Snap") and /or change the length to closest standard length.
  • Full support for the MIDI event polyphonic key pressure (aka Key Aftertouch). Key Aftertouch may be sent by your keyboard on a key-by-key basis as you change the pressure on individual keys. You can now insert Key Aftertouch events either using the "Add new event" button on page MIDI events, or by drawing lines in the Controllers graph in Pianoroll.
  • New button "Edit text" on page MIDI events. You can use it for example to edit Karaoke Lyrics.
  • Improved handling of maximum voice count (polyphony).
  • Custom values for mixer Volume, Pan, Dynamics, Transpose and Low Pass Filter amount through new buttons: one button in the Standard Mixer header and five buttons on the Plug & Play | Track edit page.


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