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SynthFont2 updated to v2.0.6.0

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont2 for Windows has been updated to v2.0.6.0.

New features:

  • The Karaoke Lyrics window now has support for chords, encoded in the MIDI file using Yamaha's proprietary FX encoding system.
  • SynthFont2 makes an attempt to determine the key signature of the MIDI file when loaded. The key signature may also be encoded as a META event in the file, but the signature determined by the software may not be the same. The key signature is only shown at the bottom of the Pianoroll page. NOTE: the signature is for your information only; it is not used anywhere in SynthFont2.
  • The list of Markers to the left on the Pianoroll page has some new features: 1) in Setup and Options you can tell SynthFont2 to always sort them automatically in increasing time order. If you do not switch this function on, you have the option to manually move markers you have created using drag and drop. 2) Double-click on a marker to edit the name and the time.
  • You can now let SynthFont2 set the range of notes shown in the "mini Pianoroll" windows on both the Pianoroll page and the Plug & Play page. Use the right mouse button for an option menu.
  • On the Plug & Play page, you can now resize the "mini Pianoroll" by dragging the new divider bar below the graph.
  • Tentative new feature: The Advanced Playlist, found in Files & Folders. Use this script-based feature to automatically create a range of audio files for one or more MIDI files. For example, a choir manager can create audio files for various combination of voice volume levels; "solo" = all voices (=tracks) muted except one, "half-solo" = all voices set at half volume level (or any other) except one, "missing" = all voices sounding at defined volume level except one, which remains silent. See the include file "AdvancedPlaylistExample.txt" for more information.

Bug fixes:

  • Since version, the program could not play an arrangement containing an audio (wav-file) track.
  • As always - the usual range of minor bugs and annoyances removed.


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