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SynthFont updated to v1.710

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont has been updated to version 1.710.

Bug fixes:

  • Since version 1.700 SynthFont would display the nag screen every time you loaded a MIDI file (if running as unregistered user).
  • Since version 1.700 SynthFont would not apply SoundFont Overrides (nor read them from the configuration file).
  • Since version 1.701 you could not erase data by drawing a line with the eraser in the Continuous Controller window at the bottom of the Pianoroll.
  • Since a few versions back, if you assigned a VSTFx bus to a track, the bus was not shown in the tracks list as assigned to all other tracks with the same MIDI channel number (as it actually was in the playback engine).
  • Since a few versions back you could not create a new empty MIDI file.
  • During playback, if a track was muted when a note on that track was active then the corresponding note-off event would never be processed and the note would hold until playback was stopped.
  • After externally changing a MIDI file SynthFont asks to reload the file. If the arrangement contains a track with an audio (wav) file, SynthFont would start recording and overwrite the audio file during playback.
  • Fixed some other bugs reported by crash reports.

Other items:

  • In the Plug & Play tab: Selecting a track (without holding Shift or Ctrl) and hitting a checkbox on another non-selected track would mute both the selected track and the track the checkbox is on, which might not be what you wanted or expected. Now you must hold Shift or Ctrl down to change multiple tracks.
  • When removing "Surplus" events in MIDI events tab you can press the new "All" button in the "Remember to save the MIDI file" Message Box to stop showing this box. The number of events removed will always be shown in the status bar.


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