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SynthFont updated to v1.700

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont was recently updated to version 1.700.

New features - For registered users only:

  • In the Mixer drop down menu there is a new function: "Apply to the MIDI file" which lets you move SOME mixer values into corresponding MIDI data, as far as possible. Use with care.
  • You can enable some of the new GigaSampler dimensions.
  • The "Leardini system" - a tool for blind people to learn to play an instrument.

Bug fixes:

  • GigaSampler files ("*.GIG") having several dimensions were not always correctly interpreted. SynthFont now also displays the dimensions used for each instrument split in the Splits table (see side note).
  • The CPU monitor routine did not work reliably on Windows 98.
  • Drawing Pitch Wheel controllers in Pianoroll did result in incorrect data.
  • Fixed some other Pitch Wheel related problems.
  • If no default SoundFont is found, and no arrangement exists, then the "GM.DLS" file found in the Windows distribution will be used.
  • User banks were not used with arrangements since version 1.634 - restored.
  • Live Input mode has been improved; you can better change the arrangement (some annoying bugs also removed).
  • Saving a MIDI file using a new name could lead to problems, now fixed.
  • Some "New MIDI track" bugs fixed.
  • Add the default Grand Piano to tracks with no MIDI program defined.
  • Fixed a problem related to editing a SoundFont (link to instrument was lost).
  • Fixed a bug related to dropping a VST effect from a bus.
  • Since version 1.552, some MIDI CC events were not sent to VST instruments or to MIDI out ports while playing.
  • Fixed some bugs related to the new low pass filter introduced in version 1.640. For example: the default modulator velocity-to-threshold now works again (i.e. the threshold level decreases with decreasing velocity).
  • In 1.640 the Modulation envelope level might become negative at key up resulting in odd effects, e.g. sudden pitch change.
  • Playback to a MIDI out port could have a latency of up to a few hundred milliseconds, depending on the hardware - improved.
  • Fixed a problem related to restoring saved settings for VST effects.

User interface:

  • In "Files / Folders" the playlist control has changed. The radio-button selection "What to play" does not contain the choice "file currently open in SynthFont" any more as this is now ALWAYS the default for the three "Play…" buttons in the main toolbar. You can no longer play a playlist by using any of these three "Play…" buttons, but you must use the two "Output" buttons on this page instead.


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