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SynthFont updated to v1.200 [!! UPDATE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!]

Kenneth Rundt

UPDATE: 19th Nov 08: This update has been removed!

Kenneth Rundt has updated SynthFont to v1.200.

Bug fixes:

  • In version 1.123 the Metronome button on Plug and Play screen - once pressed in it stayed there.
  • Better synch between audio and the Pianoroll.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak.
  • The song length was calculated wrongly while playing.
  • The Bar/Beat Stop position couldn't be set to the last beat in a measure.
  • The Volume Automation was not save for the right channel.
  • Better timings when creating Automations.
  • In some cases the Pianoroll would initially not point to any existing track. Adding notes would result in an exception.
  • Fixed some Pianoroll/Marker bugs.
  • ... and a lot of other minor bugs.

Advanced Features:

"Advanced Features" are always available to all registered users. Unregistered users can test these features freely during ten executions of the program.

  • A Player Piano keyboard for showing the notes being played in real time.
  • SynthFont can now be minimized to Windows Notification Area. (See Setup/Options or main menu 'View' to switch ON/OFF).
  • When rendering to a file only, with SynthFont minimized to the Notification Area, the main thread priority is set to 'Idle'. The file conversion window is not displayed.
  • You can Freeze the default BPM speed factor to a value <> 1.0.
  • Easy to use function for creating SoundFont/Preset combinations overriding the default SoundFont/Preset (e.g. use a GIGA file instead).
  • Function to remove surplus Program Change/Controller/Tempo changes in Events list view.
  • Output track data to a MIDI port for playing on an external synthesizer instead of the internal one.
  • You can communicate with SynthFont using Windows Dynamic Data Exchange protocol (ask about my DDE offer).
  • In the SoundFont file Open and Preset dialogs there is a new button below the list of instruments (=Presets). Push the button to play the current track with the current instrument. You can change the instrument while playing. In the file Open dialog you can also change the SoundFont (but you must stop and start playing again then).

Other minor changes (for all users):

  • When opening SynthFont without the option to automatically open the last tune, SynthFont used to display a file selection window. This has now been removed. Instead the Files & Folders page is displayed.
  • The program now remembers the tracks table column widths in the Plug & Play screen.
  • The program now remembers the choice of files to play (open file only, the playlist, files in a folder).
  • In earlier versions there has been an option to play only selected files in a folder, now you can also play only selected files in the playlist.


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