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Topten Software updates Cantabile 2.0 to Build 2069

Topten Software

Topten Software has updated Cantabile 2.0 to Build 2069.


  • New - ability to resend all CCs on loading subsession (see options -> diagnostics).
  • New - support for default sub-session and default set list programs (see sub-session Set Program dialog).
  • Fixed - ignore resent MIDI events in MIDI controller assignments.
  • Fixed - for crash with unloaded/missing plugins in 64-bit audio mode.
  • Fixed - auto record not stopping with triple sensor keyboards.
  • Fixed - problems with routing MIDI program changes.
  • Fixed - infinite hang while parsing some trigger sysex strings.
  • Fixed - incorrect caption on trigger delays dialog.
  • Fixed - loop mode on audio players getting cleared on unloading/reloading file.
  • Fixed - using too many audio threads on hyper-threaded CPUs (e.g: Intel i7).
  • Fixed - Pointer truncation issue on x64.


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