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Topten Software updates Cantabile 2.0 to Build 2068

Topten Software

Topten Software has updated Cantabile 2.0 to Build 2068.


  • New - support for FLAC media files.
  • New - support for shell plugins (ie: Waves plugins).
  • New - support for non-edge triggered MIDI controller assignments.
  • New - /stddpi command line switch to disable Cantabile's hi-res monitor support.
  • New - MIDI filter for translating After-Touch events to MIDI CC.
  • New - CC Map MIDI Filter can now map to/from program change, pitch bend, and channel pressure.
  • Enhancement - support for program numbers without an LSB number (eg: 10..23).
  • Enhancement - to save media player snap setting.
  • Enhancement - improvements to MIDI routing table to reduce stuck notes.
  • Fixed - incorrectly scrolling to top of list when new item added.
  • Fixed - MIDI routes not always sending target program number correctly.
  • Fixed - large status panel not updating next song display.
  • Fixed - popup menus obstructing underlying button.
  • Fixed - not using SSE optimized sample conversion routine in some cases.
  • Fixed - user-interface slow to respond when triggers with large Sysex data.
  • Fixed - made the program number column in the set list window wider.


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