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Topten Software releases Cantabile v2.0

Topten Software

Topten Software has announced the release of version 2.0 of Cantabile, with over 50 new features, many improvements and a new edition - Cantabile Performer - designed specifically for live performance.

CantabileWith excellent real-time performance, flexible plug-in management, advanced MIDI routing and control, individually triggerable media clips, fast and flexible session and switching, easy keyboard splits and proven reliability - Cantabile Performer provides an exciting new platform for bands and live performers, according to Topten Software.

A new version of Cantabile Lite (free) has also been released along with an intermediate edition - Cantabile Solo - intended for home hobbyists.

Cantabile 2.0 is now available for Windows priced at: $40 (Cantabile Solo) / $150 (Cantabile Performer).

Cantabile is a powerful host for virtual instruments and effects with an emphasis on real-time performance and use in live performance situations.

  • Play: With Cantabile you can play VST instruments and process audio effects in real-time. Plug-ins can be connected in series to form racks and multiple racks can be run concurrently with each delivering a different sound or instrument. Racks can also be connected together to apply common effects to multiple instruments.
  • Perform: For live performance, Cantabile's sub-session support can be used to pre-configure sets of plug-ins and instantly switch between them by bypassing some and enabling others. Most settings can be controlled remotely using MIDI controller assignments and everything can be kept in sync with MIDI clock support.
  • Record: Cantabile's audio and MIDI recorders can be used for automatic or manual recording and support both optimistic recording where all recordings are kept unless specifically deleted, or pessimistic recording where recordings are automatically discarded unless flagged to be kept.
  • Design: For preset designers Cantabile includes a comprehensive set of tools including the ability to morph and randomize presets, "A-B" preset toggling, program bank organiser and shared program banks.

Cantabile is available in three editions:

  • Cantabile Lite: A free, simple to use, yet high performance host designed for use as a quick VST scratch pad, or for users just getting started.
  • Cantabile Solo: Intended for home hobbyists and casual users who need a more flexibility, including unlimited plug-ins and racks, preset morph and randomize tools, MIDI filters, MIDI controller assignments and session lists.
  • Cantabile Performer: Designed specifically with live performance in mind, Performer adds features like sub-sessions, partial sends, MIDI Clock, MIDI routing tables, triggers and large-font status panel.

Cantabile Performer Features: (Cantabile Solo and Cantabile Lite are a subset of this)

  • Low-latency real-time performance.
  • Unlimited racks and plug-ins.
  • Real-time audio processing.
  • Fast switching between configurations with sub-sessions - no waiting for plug-ins to load mid-performance.
  • Individually triggerable audio and MIDI clips.
  • Powerful MIDI routing and manipulation.
  • Control of all important settings (including VST parameters) with MIDI controller assignments.
  • Automatic and manual audio and MIDI recording.
  • Easy management an entire performance with session lists.
  • Send MIDI configuration to external devices on session/sub-session load with triggers.
  • Customizable large-font status display (transport position, current/next/previous song, etc.).
  • MIDI clock synchronisation (send and receive).
  • Partial sends - split off part of an audio signal and send to another rack.
  • Easy configuration of keyboard splits
  • Preset morph and randomize tools.
  • Preset management tools.
  • Multi-channel audio support.
  • Built-in metronome.
  • Multi-core support.
  • On-screen keyboard and controllers.
  • Offline renderer.
  • Easy to use Fluent user interface, drag/drop, clipboard and undo support.
  • Supports VST effects, instruments and MIDI plug-ins.
  • Support for 64-bit audio.
  • x86 and x64 versions available.


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