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Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.0.31

Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound has updated Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger to v1.0.31.

Changes in 1.0.31:

  • fixed the WAVESHAPER FX crash (aka the Noiseburst bug).


  • Added new button to lock the ARP Mode during ARP Preset load.
  • Added the ability to store and load complete FX-Chain Presets. New preset button appeared below the FX slots. For the first time: use "restore factory presets" function to create the new FX Chain factory presets.
  • New "Bypass" button added for each FX Page. This bypasses the complete FX Tab.
  • Improved Multisample load time multisamples should load up to 5x times faster now. (Added SYS page Option to disable accelerated Sample load if problems occur).
  • Right-click on preset: "Rename Preset" function. The text input for renaming is bigger now and better to read.
  • The Sub OSC now keeps playing, even when a short sample (Pluck sample for example) has been played and the sample/voice has ended.
  • fixed a crash when removing a sample from a sample-stacker-osc.
  • fixed missing labels for ARP7 & 8, PITCH7 & 8 in the routing tab.
  • fixed noise burst on Mac.


  • new feature: You can lock drumkit-slots now, so the sample does not change when you load a new drum kit. Now you are able to mix/shuffle the drum kits.
  • ARP-Key Mod value is sustained until the next arp note is fired. (will not be reset by an inactive arp note).
  • Fixed memory Leaks.
  • fixed some random memory writes.
  • fixed a issue with "MISSING CONTENT" message on preset load if file system is case-sensitive.
  • fixed a issue with "noise" or clicks on AUX outputs when using samples rates > 44100.
  • minor changes.


  • fixed a problem with UTF8-Path Names and license import (WINDOWS).
  • fixed renaming a module-preset (i.e. PITCH-preset).
  • fixed a minor issue when editing DrumSQ velocity.
  • fixed left control opens the FX-context on OS X.
  • fixed the context offset in the mod matrix if the mod matrix display was scrolled down.
  • fixed a issue with OSC Group name (modmatrix) after adding new OSCs.
  • fixed a issue with wavetables and fast movements while VSAW is active with 2 or more octaves.
  • fixed a crash on OS X loading projects where 2 ore more editors were opened.


  • OSC-Mixer VU displays correct db value now.
  • improved OSC Waveform Display graphic.
  • import of an avengercontent-file (expansion etc) can be done via the internal filebrowser now.
  • fixed a rare crash that occurred while updating modulations-display and a preset was loaded.
  • fixed a crash during preset load (endless mod-envelope-recursion).
  • fixed AA Reverb: changing the room-type does not update decay time correct.
  • added frequency analysis graphic in the background of the Equalizer effect.


  • removing a modulation with the controller on the dial will also remove the strength-modulation-source of the row in the mod matrix.
  • modEnvelope reads presets correct.
  • fixed: TG Pattern is altered on Editor open and if TG is in Stereo Mode.
  • changed Filter Frequency Readout to Hz.
  • XP Preset view context menu save function is working as intended now.
  • fixed parameter readout in DAW for VST2/VST3.
  • avenger will notify DAW about parameter changes after preset load.


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