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Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.2.6

Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound has updated VPS Avenger to v1.2.6.


  • OSC formant mode Crossfade, very handy for wavetables where the waveform does not start with a zero-crossing.
  • Preset FAV. TAG & SEARCH for presets.
  • Roll/flam modes pattern to drum kit sequencer.
  • Line mode for FFT-Harmonic & FFT Bin (use ALT key on mouse click).
  • TOOL-TIP for Granular-Rang start/end locators.
  • Audio preview for shapes, freeform and wavetables to the sound browser.
  • Osc-pitch-keytrack modsource.
  • Current BPM to Stats Display.
  • More voice-limit options.
  • More master gain options.
  • Own format for user-skin files, so developers are not forced to release their source-images.
  • Multisample converter for SFZ files. (WAV and AIF samples are supported).
  • Sound-preview handles sample loop.
  • More modulation-display in numeric/text box views. (i.e. OSC gain displays current modulated value).
  • New COMB Filter.


  • A crash on NPOINT envelope if loop-end is too close to its left neighbor.
  • Loop-enable button is always "ON" after loading a preset that contains a user-sample.
  • WaveTable/Granular Sample overlay logic issue.
  • Drum Slot Lock state will be reset in Initialize/Preset load.
  • Zones-Page ModMatrix KEYTRACK Slot label was not visible in other zoom modes than 100%.
  • Issue with loading "Sustain Release Jump" Envelope mode when loading a preset.
  • Issue with "Default Settings" on Mod envelope browser did not load a customized "Default Preset".
  • Npoint envelope sustain jump mode can cause strange behavior on specific circumstances.
  • A problem with drum kits and locked slots where the locked samples was replaced on save/reload.
  • Adjusted size for the "X" on Dial-Mod controller.
  • Adjusted font size of i.e. ModEnvelope Trigger Mode context for labels "GLOBAL" & "PER VOICE".
  • An issue with sample stacker and exclude start offset for a slot.


Discussion: Active
8 November 2017 at 4:04pm

Does anyone know how to check the version number of VPS Avenger? I can't seem to find it in the interface itself. . .

Blisargon Demogorgon
Blisargon Demogorgon
8 November 2017 at 10:42pm

When you go to SYS (system) you can see the version you have.

9 November 2017 at 12:56am

That's it! Thanks.

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