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Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.0.25

Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound has updated Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger to v1.0.25.

Changes in v1.0.25:

  • ARP Sync bug case with "touching" notes fixed.
  • fixed a problem in the NPoint-envelope that may lead to a unsync playstate while envelope is playing and points are changed.
  • used different font on SYS-TAB for better readability on small scale factors.
  • fixed: pitch envelope Sync-Triplets not working.
  • fixed a crash when using mousewheel on Filter-Additional mode selector while there are no additional modes.
  • fixed a issue with start-/end-key selector for ARP and StepSQ.
  • sustain pedal setting will not be overwritten on preset load.
  • it is not possible to load another preset while avenger is loading a preset.
  • browser file view scrollbar is visible again.
  • changed font-renderer. All Fonts should be more readable on small scales.
  • OS X AAX Version: Editor should be working normal now.
  • fixed a crash related to multiple threads reading the resources.

Changes in v1.0.24:

  • pitch dial in drums tab is visible again.
  • fixed a error in WAV reader that skipped loading specific samples.
  • changed GUI draw method to improve draw performance.
  • fixed a problem with AU Multi out where the final 8 were not processed.


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