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Wusik launches Wusikstation Player (+announces Wusikstation Companion)


Wusik has launched Wusikstation V3 Player, which is included for free with their Wusik Sound Magazine eZine. Wusik has also announced Wusikstation Companion - a collection of three tools for Wusikstation.

Wusikstation V3 Player is essentially Wusikstation V3 with a few limitations, but usable for using the included magazine sounds. It has the following Limitations:

  • Only one instance per song.
  • Doesn't save Presets, but it will save the current song preset tweaks.
  • Fixed to the V3 Red Default Skin, can't change to another skin.
  • Disk Streaming Buffer fixed to 256k, can't be changed.
  • Set Default option, that saves configuration values is disabled.
  • When the Editor/GUI is open, it will display a 10 second nag-screen.
  • Comes with only one TUN file, and doesn't allow you to use other TUN files.

It has no time limits for sessions, like the Demonstration Version has, and it includes all new V3 effects. You also have the option to register your copy and remove all the above restrictions / limitations. It will then act just like the full copy but without the extra sounds.

The Wusikstation Companion features three extra tools for use with Wusikstation V3.

  1. Wusikstation MP (Multi-Preset, 16 MIDI channels)
    A special VSTi that allows you to load 16 separate WusikPRST files and assign each one to its own MIDI-Channel. Plus, you can set several options per channel, such as: Pan, Volume, Key-Zones (Velocity/Pitch), Mute, Solo, FX Insert and FX Send. You will also get a new Master FX section and a new Global-Mixer. You can edit individual presets right on the panel, by opening the Wusikstation' Editor/GUI.
  2. Inline Sample Editor
    When Installed, a new option will appear inside Wusikstation: Inline Sample Editor. This lets you map WAV files using Wusikstation's own GUI. You can also adjust samples and save the information on the preset (non-destructive) or export a new WusikSND file. The interface is user skinable.
  3. Inline Sample Import/Converter
    Just like the Sample Editor, it's all done inside Wusikstation. You will see new Load options, where you can select other sample-formats (TBA), not just WusikSND/WAV files. You will have the option to read files or convert to WusikSND format.

The Wusikstation Companion is available for pre-order for $49.95. It will cost $99.95 upon release.



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