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Wusik announces DLooper Acid WAV Time-Stretch Playback (even on non Acid files)


Wusik DLooper is a plug-in and application that offers Acid WAV Time-Stretch Playback even on non Acid files.

This project is based on the same code as Wusik SQ200 uses for loops in pretty much any format that the Wusik Engine works. Acid WAV files are loaded with all settings by default, but you can also load other formats and setup the number of bars and time-stretch the file even without the acid information.

The idea is to use the same code as Wusik SQ200 but add extra features, add an editor and waveform display. The project will be Windows/OS X, 32 and 64-bits ready. VST2/VST3/AU. And will work with several file types: WAV (Acid or not), AIF, MP3, OGG, WusikSound and FLAC.

Possible extra features: play sections from the keyboard. sequencer to play back sections in different ways. filters that can also be used by the sequencer. I will have more information when I start coding it out. Also, a BETA version should be out soon, even before I finish Wusik X42.

I will keep working on the current Wusik X42 BETA and start working on Wusik DLooper BETA before I start coding Wusik Station V10. As the later is going to be a very complex and BIG project for me.



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