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Wusik P2000 Public Beta Released


Wusik has released the first public beta of Wusik P2000 (Windows only for now, OS X version to come out soon).

What you can do with Wusik P2000:

  • Bridge 32-bit plugins into 64-bit hosts.
  • Use the Stand Alone Application for Live Projects.
  • Create complex live rigs using the multiple MIDI Processors, such as Key Switching, Chords & Strum, Crossfader, ... See full list below.


List of MIDI Processors:

  • Key and Velocity Zone Split - so you can assign different sections of your MIDI Keyboard for each instrument.
  • Key Switching - allows you to switch from one instrument to another one using a set of keys you define. It can also work in Hold mode, so it will switch to that instrument as long as you keep holding the note.
  • Round Robin - you set multiple instruments and each note will go to a different one, in a circular way.
  • Transpose - pitch up or down all input notes, single notes or whole octaves.
  • Sticky Keys - will hold keys and works in two ways: holds all keys until you press a defined key; holds keys until you press those again to release.
  • Chords & Strum - record chords to be played with single keys. Optional strumming velocity and progression. Plus, looping of chords when using the strum option.
  • Crossfader - allows you to crossfade from one track to another, with support to up to 99 tracks sequentially.
  • Note Delay - adds a delay to all notes, with the option to transpose the delayed note and echo the original note. Plus, feedback on the delay, creating sequential delays.
  • New Wavesequencer - allows you to create complex sequences using multiple instruments. This is still under construction.
  • New ARP - based on the Wusik Station V9 ARP. This is still under construction.


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