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Wusik announces five new products to be released in 2020


Wusik has announced plans for five new products to be released in 2020.

WilliamK writes: "Why announcing now? The main reason is to setup a road-map for next year, the second reason is to check what is the interest on each product to know that they are viable products. As usual, I'm accepting PreOrders for those products in the form of the current Group Buy Deal. So if you are interested on any product, please, check out the Group Buy and also let me know your feelings towards the ones you like/want.;-) "

Here's the list of all the products and below the full description of each one:

  • Wusik JP99. VA Synth;
  • Wusik Prototype. VA Synth Creator;
  • Wusik PR82. Performance Product;
  • Wusik DR7. Drum Pads Sample Player;
  • Wusik SEQ1. Wavesequencer Synth;
  • And finally, Wusik Station V10, not a new product, but a big update for the hybrid synth.

Wusik JP99 - VA Synth
ETA April 2020

This will be done from near-zero and will feature a single page interface, where you can see and edit everything without disrupting the audio engine. The code will also use AVX/SSE2 when possible, just like Wusik ZR does.


  • 1 (mono) to 16 voices;
  • Monophonic Unison;
  • VCO and VCF can be swapped with different designs. Those are created with the Wusik Prototype application, which allows virtual electronic parts to be used, such as resistors, transistors and capacitors. Read more about Wusik Prototype below.
  • VCO (can be dual OSCs with Sub OSC or any other design that you load from Wusik Prototype);
  • VCF (same as above);
  • Dual Mod Envelopes;
  • ARP;
  • 2 LFOs;
  • Glide;
  • Modulation Options using Mod Wheel or Pitch Bend;
  • 128 Presets per Bank;
  • Chorus and Delay Effects;
  • And other features that will be defined.

Wusik Prototype - VA Synth Creator, using electronic components such as resistors, transistors and capacitors
ETA April 2020

The idea here is to be able to create complete synths or modules that can be used by Wusik JP99 and future projects. You get to create modules that talk to each other using voltages -5 to +5, MIDI input converted to CV and using components such as resistors, transistors, capacitors and more. Everything will be emulated and should react just like the real analog design. You also have the option to create panels were you add knobs, buttons and more. Those can be connected to modules CV inputs. Everything is polyphonic compatible. Wusik will "sample" components and add to the library, so you can search it and insert to your module design. Wusik still need to check what will be required, so another update on the list of features should follow next year. Specially once Wusik start working on Wusik JP99.

Wusik SEQ1 - Wavesequencer Synth
ETA July 2020

This will also be done from near-zero and will feature a single page interface. The only thing that scrolls is the steps of the sequence, so you can have up to 128 steps if you want.


  • 1 to 16 voices;
  • Up to 64 samples can be loaded and sequenced. Samples can be WAV, AIFF, Ogg, MP3, WusikSound, WusikSND and DASHsnd;
  • Multiple sequences can be created and triggered from the keyboard or changed using the mod wheel;
  • Multi Effect System with 2 Slots that can load plugins and internal effects (just like Wusik ZR uses);
  • Single Filter with the option to load different filter types, including custom filters;
  • One LFO and one Envelope Modulators with a Mini Matrix selector (like Wusik EVE V5 has);
  • Sequence Speed and Sync On/Off.
  • And other features that will be defined.

The sequence editor will be done from zero, making it easier to add steps and see how the sequence flows.

Wusik PR82 - Audio Mix/Performance Application For Live Presentations
ETA January 2020

This is an Application, not a plugin, and the idea is to allow WAV/FLAC/MP3/OGG files to be loaded, looped and mixed live. No sequencer, just pure live stuff. The whole interface is touch-based (but can work with MIDI controllers too) for easy to use. Also, the interface should be fully resizeable and only use vector graphics. You can add your brand (or any image) to the interface if you want.

You can also add effect plugins for each section. So, the idea is to load sections of a song - separated or not - and trigger the samples as you want. With on-screen indications to where playback is currently at and large buttons to change sections and mute/unmute samples. I'm still thinking on how the whole thing will work, but the idea is to be able to mix a track on the go, live. Wusik did this several years ago and it worked out great. At that time Wusik used an old tracker called AXS and did all the mixing using the computer keyboard. It was great, but also very limited. Now, don't think this is like Wusik DLooper, as we are not talking about time-stretch or looper sounds. The idea is to have large samples, all the same length, to play side-by-side, with options to mute/solo each sample. Selecting a new section can be as go-to-right-away or wait until the current section finishes up. And unlike a sequencer, you are not setting things as tempo-based. Instead, you have everything set as sample-based.

This project is an idea for now and Wusik will only start working after Wusik Station V10 is finished.;-) Wusik DLooper is already 60% done, so you can expect that to happen very soon. Also, Wusik ZR is done and is only waiting for more tests to be done by beta-testers before Wusik release officially. I'm just announcing now to get the idea out there and see who's in.;-).

Edit: one thing someone mentioned is the option to record the audio. Count this as added to the list: record audio output to a file.

Wusik DR7 - Drum Pads Sample Player
ETA late 2020

Another product to be done from near-zero, but totally drum oriented. Featuring 16 Drum Pads. Each can load a sample or even a combination of samples to be played in Round-Robin mode. You right click on a pad on the screen and you can select a variety of options, including the samples.

For Each Pad:

  • One or Multiple Samples can be added and played one-shot, looped and with option of Round-Robin;
  • A Filter per pad, with ADSR MOD Envelope and LFO;
  • ADSR Amplitude Envelope per pad with clip option (works as a hold stage);
  • 2 Master, 2 Global Sends and Insert effects;
  • Choke Groups;
  • Key assign (by default is middle C + the pad number, so they all play from middle C and up);
  • MIDI Repeat mode: you can select the note to play at N intervals (using the BPM host tempo as Sync) until the note is released. With an option to latch the pad on/off. Another option is to fade the sound in or out;
  • And other features that will be defined.


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