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Wusik updates Wusik Station, Wusik 8008 and Wusik One


Wusik has released the following updates:

  • Wusik Station V9.1.2.
  • Wusik 8008 V1.1.2.
  • Wusik One V1.1.2.

The most important update is how data files are stored now, with a single folder for all products. To update, follow the instructions here.

Complete List Of Changes:

  • Important: New Data Folder Structure. Now we have a single Wusik Engine Data that is used by ALL Wusik Products. Inside you have a Shared folder and for each product an extra folder like "Wusik Station V9", "Wusik 8008" and so on.
  • Dnekm (westgatesounds.net) has converted several legacy presets and fixed problems in those presets so they sound correct in the latest V9 code. Those presets are under the "Dnekm Converted" folder.
  • Improved the engine installer to allow separated VST2 and VST3 folders (on Windows), plus the option to select which to install: 32-bits and/or 64-bits versions of the plugins.
  • Better Multi-Preset code.
  • Several code optimizations for less CPU usage.
  • New Plugins Manager. Now you can scan multiple plugins folder and manage effects and instruments to be used with the VST Effects slot. You can find the Plugins Manager link in the global menu (click the Wusik logo) or in the effects->VST menu. You can click on a plugin to open the option's list: rename, activate, show first on the TOP of the list (it always shows effects and after instruments, but you can set plugins to show on the top of each list).
  • Fixed some sounds and included those changes into the new 16 Gig installer.
  • New Extra Folders Manager, now you can add as many folders as you want. The tree-view will show "/ Foldername" at the bottom of the list.
  • New Anti-Click code when switching presets (also works on sections where the audio-engine need to stop in order to perform something). The volume will fade out and in with the new loaded preset.
  • Added auto search code for missing sound files. If more than one file is found it will display a dialog window asking which file should be used.
  • Fixed a volume problem with legacy presets that uses the MDA Talkbox effect. EG: the Hyper Collection / Vocoder presets.
  • Added a new option to the Global Options Menu (click the Wusik logo). Volume Output Gain.
  • Fixed problems with SF2 files related to out of tune and slow loading.
  • Added release sample support to SFZ files.
  • Added lorand and hirand support to SFZ files.
  • Corrected the sfz volume opcode to use decibels values instead of gain values.
  • Added in the tree-view filebrowser under Options (right click anywhere or click the first item on the top) a new option: Filter Non SFZ Files - when selected it will filter WAV, flac, mp3, ogg and aiff files.
  • Added WusikSound to the SoundSets Search.
  • Added an anti-click code for sounds/waveforms that does not start at Zero (0.0).

Wusik Station V9:

  • Added a new option to FX1: Output Dry Signal, by default is ON, so you hear the non-fx (dry) signal. This is handy when using the MDA Vocoder (or any other vocoder) as a SEND instead of an INSERT.

Wusik 8008:

  • Added all previous skins and changed the default skin to the previous Wusik 8000 default skin. (changed the logo from 8000 to 8008).


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