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Wusikstation updated to v3.1.4


Wusikstation has been updated to v3.1.4. The demo version has also been updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Problem related to Dual-Core machines, loading up 2 presets/instances at the same time.
  • Problem with presets that has a DOT "." on the name.
  • Graphic-bugs of the File-Browser.
  • Problem with the Rank system.
  • Problem with the Percentage-Bar.
  • Crashes related to browsing presets.
  • Loading of files with a space before the file-name extension. EG: "Grand Piano .WusikPRST"
  • While loading a preset, key focus remain on the main GUI
  • Display of RANK presets on the main-GUI was causing incorrect displays.
  • Problem when editing and loading effects.
  • MIDI-learned CCs were not showing at the effect controls.
  • HQ Pianos - Essenfelder: the samples were all in mono, an error during conversion. We added a new set of files and a new preset, to update, download the following file "Essenfelder_Update.exe". Old projects won't be affected, as both samples and preset were saved on separated files. The new preset is "Essenfelder - Stereo Dyna Full 2.WusikPRST".
  • All HQ Piano presets were updated, as they were a bit off tune. This won't affect your current songs, only new projects.
  • Categorized library updated. (organized presets that were on the wrong place)

Important Notes:

  • This update will re-compile the whole Categorized Library. If you customized your files, be sure to do a backup before installing this new version, as the installer will delete the whole "Data\Library" directory and place the new files there.
  • The file "Essenfelder_Update.exe" holds an updated version of that piano, as noted above. The "Wusikstation_DATA_Updater.bin" already comes with this updated file.


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