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Wusikstation v2.0.2 released (+BIG Package - 1520+ presets)


Wusikstation v2.0.2 is now available; the demo version has also been updated and now includes extra sounds and presets, plus a new Default Skin and some TUN files.

Updates / fixes:

  • Fixed the Graphic-Bug if you open the File-Browser while editing the Wavesequencer and hit a Key.
  • DATA Finder now works, and better.
  • New WusikPRST converter.
  • WAV files: Fixed bug on reading LOOP points (in some cases).
  • If found, the Init.WusikPRST file under \data\presets will load as default. Unless another preset is loaded and you use the "Set Default" option on the Config-page.
  • Fixed the problem with trying to open the File-Browser into a non-existing directory.
  • Fixed the problem with Copy and Paste of WSeq layers.
  • Change the Note-Steal code. To avoid stealing HOLD notes.
  • Minor fix. The current code will merge the old Bank+Preset area to make it the whole Preset area, where you click to open the File-Browser dialog.

Wusik has also released the Wusikstation V2 BIG Package - which includes 1520+ presets. All options are available as downloadable or on CD; for complete information and prices visit their promo page.

Wusikstation Big Package:

  • Wusikstation + FamousKeys + FK Plus 1 + DigiOne + DC1 + Retro DS.
  • Everything organized into a single installer.
  • Number of Presets: 1520+ / Number of Sounds: 2390+.

Wusikstation Small Package:

  • Wusikstation + FamousKeys.
  • Number of Presets: 880+ / Number of Sounds: 450+.

There is also an option to upgrade from the Small Package to the Big package or for V1 users to V2 Big Package. A special offer for V2 users that purchased before August / 2005 (including v1.2.0/WusikMOD/PreOrderV2 users) - you will get a FREE update to the BIG package as a complement for your v2 deal.



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