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Wusikstation v3.0 released


Wusik.com has released Wusikstation v3.0, a major update to the hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler / Synth Workstation VSTi for Windows.

Main changes:

  • Insert effects per Layer. Besides the current FX1 and FX2, you will have 6 new options. iO1, iO2, iO3, iO4, iW1, iW2.
  • File Search (works for all files) F3 Shortcut. The search is done on the selected directory and all sub-dirs inside. If you select a Root directory, it will search everywhere (inside the DATA\*** folder).
  • Preset Favorites - Saves/Loads user presets.
  • Preset Word Search. This will search for the entered word inside preset-files. e.g. if you want to find all presets that are named "Piano", but also uses samples named "Piano". Or if you want to find files with Arabic tuning, just type "ARABIC".
  • Extra Envelope options: Exponential (x1 and x2), Inverted Exponential (x1, x2 and x4) or Linear Mode (right-click on AmpEnv/ModEnvs).
  • Amp Envelopes can be LINKED now (right-click on AmpEnv).
  • Option to add new elements on the GUI for V3 skins, while still being able to load V2/V1 skins. For those cases, it will use Right-Click menus to access new objects.
  • New customizable Tool Tips code (uses a TXT file for customization). The new Effects SDK also allows to add ToolTips on Insert/Send Effects.
  • Master Unison, affects all layers (monophonic only).
  • Both the MIDI-Learn and Automation codes were optimized.
  • Pitch-Bend is now sent per channel using the Multi-Timbral settings found over the Configuration-Page.
  • EQ default values are all centered now. Also, they will display -1 to 1, instead of 0 to 127.
  • Changing Wavesequencer destination no longer erases the data.
  • Layer MIDI Channel now shows on the Layer section.

New V3 Effects:

  • Stereo Bit Quantizer (Distortion).
  • Stereo Double Distortion (64 bits 2x oversampled).
  • 3 Tap Mono to Stereo Delay/Echo.
  • 3 Tap Stereo Parallel Delay/Echo.
  • Reverse Echo.
  • Ring Modulator.
  • Stereo Phaser.
  • Stereo Flanger.
  • 32 Band Analog Vocoder.

The following features will be released in v3.1, which will be a free update for v3.x.x owners:

  • Modular Filter Design, using a similar SDK as used for the Effects Area.
  • New Filters and Effects, to be defined.
  • New Mod-Matrix options: Add, Multiply and Simple-Script.
  • Disk-Streaming.

Pricing for the various packages and upgrade options are available here. Detailed specifications are available here. A feature comparison of versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x can be found here.



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