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Hybrid Instrument Plugin by UVI
Special offer: $244 / 244€ + 2 Free Falcon Expansions through Oct. 17th

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Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2022 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners Announced03 Nov 2022UVI updates Falcon to 2.8 and announces special offer06 Oct 2022UVI launches SonicPass subscription service: unlimited access to all UVI products for $24/month25 May 2022UVI announces public beta of new UVI Portal version18 May 2022KVR MPE Month Giveaway - Winners Announcement11 Apr 2022UVI releases Falcon 2.5 with special offer (free for existing users)07 Oct 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021 - Final Weekend Extension - Make Your Vote Count30 Sep 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Sample Platform'13 Sep 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021 - Nominations Announced - Vote Now08 Sep 2021UVI updates Falcon to v2.1.2 - adds undo/redo feature and more12 Feb 2021UVI releases Falcon 2.1 with special promo (free for existing users)08 Oct 2020NAMM 2020 Report21 Feb 2020UVI updates UVI Workstation to v3.0.6 and Falcon to v2.0.122 Oct 2019UVI launches Falcon 2 with Special Promo (+the update is free for existing users)10 Oct 2019Winter NAMM 2019 Show Report13 Feb 2019UVI launches Falcon v1.6 and anniversary promotion of 30% off with 2 free Falcon Expansions04 Oct 2018UVI releases UVI Workstation 3 and Falcon 1.5 - Free updates available now25 Apr 2018UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.15 and Falcon to v1.4.131 Oct 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.14 and Falcon to v1.3.212 Sep 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.12 and Falcon to v1.3.128 Aug 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.11 and Falcon to v1.3.024 May 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.9 and Falcon to v1.2.101 Feb 2017UVI looking for talents to fill a number of open positions07 Oct 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.2 - New & Improved Modules, 100 New Presets & More04 Oct 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1.420 Jun 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1.324 May 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1.2 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.503 May 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1.1 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.405 Apr 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1 - Enhances Factory Content, FX, Oscillators25 Mar 2016Congratulations to the Five UVI Falcon Winners01 Mar 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.7 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.323 Feb 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.623 Jan 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.5 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.205 Jan 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.429 Dec 2015UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.3 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.118 Dec 2015UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.203 Dec 2015UVI updates Falcon to version 1.0.112 Nov 2015UVI announces Falcon - Hybrid Instrument with Introductory Price28 Oct 2015

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#KVRDeal (until Monday, February 6, 2023)
UVI "Buy one, get one free" on Falcon Expansions through February 6th, 2023
02 Feb 2023
#KVRDeal Expired
UVI Drum Designer 60% off through January 23rd 2023
19 Jan 2023
UVI releases "Quadra Traveler" with intro pricing18 Jan 2023UVI releases Digital Synsations Vol.1 v2.0 - a free update with 140 new presets, arpeggiator and more12 Jan 2023UVI releases "PX Guitar Syn" with introductory pricing08 Dec 2022UVI releases IRCAM Prepared Piano 2 with intro offer10 Nov 2022UVI introduce 'Soul Bass' with special intro offer26 Oct 2022UVI updates Augmented Orchestra to v1.1 - special offer and free update for existing users26 Sep 2022UVI releases 'Fluidity' expansion for Falcon08 Sep 2022UVI release "Walker 2" with intro and upgrade offers25 Aug 2022UVI release "Mission 6" with intro offer26 Jul 2022UVI release Augmented Orchestra, included in SonicPass01 Jun 2022UVI releases Soul Drums with intro pricing14 Apr 2022Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Frame Drums & Friends14 Apr 2022UVI releases 'Organic Keys' expansion for Falcon15 Mar 2022Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Crotales18 Feb 2022UVI releases "Vintage Vault 4" with introductory offer10 Feb 2022Patchpool releases "Falcon Singles – Singing Bowls & Friends" for UVI Falcon01 Feb 2022New Loops releases Alive - UVI Falcon Expansion with 30% Off Intro Offer27 Jan 2022UVI releases "Quadra - Metal and Wood" Creative Multi-Instrument and Sequence Designer with intro pricing11 Nov 2021UVI release Emulation II+ '80s Sampler Suite with Intro Pricing26 Aug 2021UVI releases 'SubCulture Orchestral' Expansion for Falcon 221 Jul 2021UVI releases PX SunBox - Inspired by the 8-voice hybrid modular SunSyn07 Jul 2021UVI releases Asteroid - cinematic rhythm and effect designer with special intro pricing24 Jun 2021UVI releases 'Inner Dimensions' Expansion for Falcon 202 Jun 2021UVI releases "Austrian Grand" - Concert grand piano with intro pricing19 May 2021UVI releases 'Hypnotic Dive' Expansion for Falcon 206 May 2021UVI releases "Super-7 - '80s Analog Toolbox" with intro pricing21 Apr 2021Sounds and Inspiration releases Synth Invasion for UVI Falcon Vol. 230 Mar 2021UVI release "Quadra: Muted & Harmonics" with intro pricing24 Mar 2021UVI releases 'Kinetics' Expansion for Falcon 204 Mar 2021The Sound Gardxn releases Matter and Form soundset for UV Falcon22 Feb 2021UVI release 8-Bit Synth - Authentic sounds of vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers04 Feb 2021UVI release PX Memories - new instrument based on the definitive LAMM Analog Synthesizer20 Jan 2021UVI releases "Program 24" with special intro pricing09 Dec 2020UVI release Synth Anthology 3 update with 55 new hardware synths, FX and intro price04 Nov 2020Tonsturm releases Windmaschine - Wind Design Instrument14 Oct 2020UVI releases World Suite 2 with introductory offers27 Aug 2020UVI releases LoFi Dreams for Falcon22 Jul 2020UVI releases IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 with intro offer02 Jul 2020UVI releases Drone with $99/€99 introductory offer10 Jun 2020UVI releases Drum Replacer with introductory offer and free trial22 May 2020UVI releases Key Suite Bundle Edition with introductory and upgrade pricing22 Apr 2020Sensel and Hugo R.A. Paris release free UVI Falcon and Bitwig Studio Sound Bath Instrument for Morph21 Apr 2020UVI releases Drum Designer 1.5 with special promo, free for existing users02 Apr 2020UVI releases "Xtreme FX 1.5" - Sound Effect and Foley Library05 Mar 2020UVI releases Savage and Voklm12 Feb 2020patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Ambient Piano for UVI Falcon19 Jan 2020UVI releases Vintage Vault 3 and JP Legacy10 Jan 2020UVI releases "Kroma 1.5" - Funky '80s analog synths, revisited25 Nov 2019UVI releases "PX P10" - Analog Prophecy 2x5=1007 Nov 2019Expressive E releases MPE Collection - Sounds for MIDI Polyphonic Expression Controllers with Intro Offer25 Oct 2019UVI releases Plurality for Falcon24 Oct 2019UVI releases Titanium for Falcon17 Oct 2019Oberheim 8000 releases Animations for UVI Falcon15 Oct 2019UVI releases "Toy Suite" - The ultimate musical toy collection29 Aug 2019UVI releases "UVX670" - Dual '80s Analog Hybrid Synth10 Jul 2019VirHarmonic releases Bohemian Violin v3.0 including Expansion 2 - Virtual Performer for UVI Workstation and Falcon03 Jul 2019UVI releases "Key Suite Electric" - Electric Keys Collection20 Jun 2019Acousticsamples updates B-5 Organ to v2.5 - Fixes and two new organ models21 May 2019UVI releases "Key Suite Digital" - Vintage Digital Keys09 May 2019UVI releases "Whoosh FX" - Whoosh and Motion Designer26 Apr 2019UVI releases Eternal Funk for Falcon02 Apr 2019UVI releases "Key Suite Acoustic" - Acoustic Pianos21 Mar 2019Leap Into The Void releases "Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis" soundset for UVI Falcon22 Feb 2019UVI releases Pulsar for Falcon12 Feb 2019UVI releases UVI Portal - Downloading Desktop App06 Feb 2019UVI releases FM Suite - "5-instrument exposé of vintage FM synthesis"25 Jan 2019Channel Robot releases Ambicon - Presets for UVI Falcon21 Jan 2019UVI releases PX V8 - "8-Voice Analog Powerhouse"06 Dec 2018UVI releases Walker - Footstep Foley Designer06 Nov 2018UVI releases Drum Designer - Modern Drum Workshop19 Sep 2018UVI releases Devinity for Falcon24 Aug 2018UVI releases String Machines 2 - Warm Vintage Sounds Revived04 Jul 2018Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol321 May 2018UVI announces Retro Organ Suite 1.5 update - special offer available03 May 2018Leap Into The Void releases "Evocative Symbolic Orchestra" soundset for UVI Falcon - 35% off for a limited time06 Apr 2018UVI releases USQ-1 - Digital-Analog Wave Synth05 Apr 2018Triple Spiral Audio releases Empty Fields - F.3 for UVI's Falcon26 Mar 2018UVI releases Augmented Piano - Creative Piano Workshop15 Mar 2018SoundsDivine releases 'The Raw Analogue Series' for Kontakt, Falcon, EXS24 & WAV09 Mar 2018UVI releases Digital Motion for Falcon06 Mar 2018VirHarmonic releases "Expansion 1" for Bohemian Cello - Virtual Performer for UVI Workstation and Falcon22 Feb 2018UVI releases Meteor - Swell and Impact Designer08 Feb 2018PSound at NAMM 2018: New Virtual Instruments20 Jan 2018UVI releases SubCulture for Falcon05 Jan 2018PSound introduces "Vintage Electric" for Falcon and UVI Workstation26 Dec 2017UVI releases Nagoya Harp - 2-instrument collection with traditional and modern interpretations12 Dec 2017UVI offers Memori - Free Sound-Matching Game - Play Now and Compete for Prizes07 Dec 2017Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Water Bells02 Nov 2017UVI releases Vintage Vault 2 and OB Legacy30 Aug 2017

Comments & Discussion for UVI Falcon

Discussion: Active
4 November 2015 at 11:05pm

I've always found UVI an extremely easy company to work with. Given their responsiveness and obvious commitment to production quality, I'm happy to see them take full hold of the reigns of a familiar product.


30 April 2016 at 8:08pm

If you purchase Falcon, don't order it from an American retailer, at least not on Friday afternoon. I purchased Falcon yesterday, 28 Apr, from Sweetwater at about 13:30 EDST. It is now 29 Apr, 15:50 and I still haven't received my download materials. I called Sweetwater yesterday at about 17:00 EDST and two times again today 11:00 and 15:30 EDST, and each time I was told that Sweetwater is still awaiting fulfillment from UVI. Unlike most developers, UVI uses some arcane manual fulfillment system that requires a human employee to email the materials to Sweetwater. During my second call to Sweetwater today, I was told that UVI reserves the right for up to one business day to fulfill orders. Now I realize that since yesterday was a Friday and my purchase wasn't made until after the business day in Europe had expired, I won't see Falcon until Monday, at the earliest. I have purchased software on Fridays before from other European developers e.g., uhe, Aurturia, xils, NI and Sonokinetic from Sweetwater, because of Sweetwater's automatic 6-mo financing when using their store card, and in each other instance fulfillment was in minutes, or at most, hours. I was planning on using the weekend to get into Falcon, so I am quite disappointed by this. So, although I anticipate that I will love the sound sculpting possibilities Falcon affords, if I had to do this again I would purchased directly from UVI and forego the 6-mo financing. However, this is a pretty dumb way for a high-end developer to fulfill purchases of its products.

3 May 2016 at 3:05am

Update. It is Monday night at 23:00 EDST and Sweetwater is still unable to supply my UVI products, although I did have success with UVI in arranging a temporary solution for my situation. Kudos to UVI and their wonderful support staff. It's that kind of support that builds customer loyalty.

25 May 2016 at 4:48am

Please UVI add Global UNDO, this is MUST to have.

14 February 2021 at 4:45pm

They did it.

27 January 2022 at 2:25pm

New Falcon Expansion released! Free demo presets available to download at https://newloops.com/products/alive-falcon-expansion

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