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Poetic Guitar II

Guitar Plugin by Best Service
No Longer Available
Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II Poetic Guitar II
Poetic Guitar II by Best Service is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin and an Audio Units Plugin.
System Requirements
• Minimal: Intel Core Duo 2GHz, 2 GB RAM, 25GB hard disk space, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
• Supported Plug-in Formats: VST (32 and 64-bit)
System Requirements
• Minimal: 2GHz GHz Intel CPU, 2 GB RAM, 25GB hard disk space, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
• Supported Plug-in Formats: Audio Units, VST. (32 and 64-bit)
Copy Protection
Online Activation (Challenge / Response)
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Poetic Guitar II is an easy-to-use, virtual guitar plug-in for Mac and PC, which consists of an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar, played picked, fingered and with fingernails. Poetic Guitar II is ideally suited for both, users with no guitar experience as well as professional producer. Thanks to the sophisticated solo playing modes as well as the rhythmic chording it delivers realistic results.

Registered owners of "Poetic Acoustic Guitars" are entitled to a free download version of Poetic Guitars II.

Key Features

Three Guitars:

  • AGP - Acoustic Guitar played with a pick.
  • AFR - Acoustic Guitar played with fingers.
  • CNJ - Classical Guitar played with fingernails.

Real Instrument GUI

The perfect combination of a real guitar GUI with a keyboard GUI ensures everyone can play the instrument simply and easily.

Rhombic Sampling Design

Each instrument applies varying sample density according to frequency of use. In this way, our rhombic sampling design ensures that the system resources (RAM, HDD, CPU) are used most effectively.

100% Green Sampling

After recording and conversion, no subsequent processing has been applied to the samples; even the most basic functions like low frequency cutting and noise reduction have been avoided to guarantee a purely natural sound.

Sample Circulation Technique

Each note has multiple sample layers which are alternated in a natural way to ensure a genuine performance.

Sample Start Time Control

You can set the Sample Start Time to adapt the guitar performance to suit your particular requirements.

Guitar Playing Techniques

The Guitar supports many playing techniques: Harmonics, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide In, Slide Out, Chord, Muting, Bending and Strum etc.

Custom-made Vibrato System for Acoustic Guitar

The Modwheel function is custom designed to emulate acoustic guitar finger-vibrato, which makes the instrument more user-friendly and natural to play.


The Chords function allows you to select chords and play them in many different styles including individual note plucking.

Strum SEQ

The Strum Sequence function (in conjunction with Chord mode) allows you to create up to 8 rhythm patterns for chord and/or note plucking.

{See video at top of page}

Poetic Guitar II - APR Strum Demo

Poetic Guitar II - CNJ Rishabh Rajan Demo

Poetic Guitar II - PS1 PS6 Demo

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Comments & Discussion for Best Service Poetic Guitar II

Discussion: Active
27 November 2013 at 7:50am

First of all congratulations for the design of "Poetic Guitars 2" which all in all has
turned out well.

Compared with the previous release "Poetic Acoustic Guitars" however there is a
significant drawback: one of the major shortcomings is that in chord mode I am
restricted to use preset chords, i.e. it is NOT possible to create user chords.

Actually I can play any chord manually in "Standard Playing" mode. In this case however
I cannot use the "Chord" mode strumming functions, so the natural strumming behavior
and hence the authentic sound is lost. All string sounds in this case are triggered
simultaneously, which is anything else but natural as you know. Moreover it is not
possible to utilize up- or down-strumming.

I normally use "PAG" or "PG2" in conjunction with a DAW (Ableton Live 9 in my case)
so I never run out of fingers since I simply use MIDI notes to define user chords.
The strum feeling however (which makes the plugin really unique!) is missing anyway
as it is impossible to reproduce via MIDI notes.

Any workarounds / hints / advice / tips?

8 January 2014 at 11:16am

Hi Heg, we're glad you like the new design of Poetic Guitar 2 (PG2)

Regarding the new Chord system, it was redesigned to take on board feedback from all our PG1 customers whom in the main wanted more available chords and a better way to play them live and interactively.

In PG1 only 12 chords could be defined and played and most people found this too restrictive, most did not like having to 'program' a set of chords for each song.

The new Chord System in PG2 allows people to play many songs simply, quickly and enjoyably.

PG2 allows you to select from 132 Chords at any time. You can play any Maj, Min, 7, M7, m7, sus2, sus4, 6, 5, aug, or dim chord types of C, C#, D, D#, E, F, G, G#, A, A# and B, which we thought had covered the vast majority of commonly used chords on the guitar. The PG2 manual lists all the chords available and how to select them. If you feel some essential chords are missing then please let us know and it might be possible to add those in a future update.

PG2 supports many (27) strumming modes, Strum-Up, Strum-Down, and partial Up and Down strumming of Bass, Mid and High strings as well as Muted strumming, you can also pluck individual strings of any selected chord to create your own method of playing the chords.

If you still feel you need to define single notes for chords in 'standard' playing mode, then an option you can use on some music programs to create a strumming effect is the 'Kicker' or 'Nudge' tool; this tool allows you to move the notes you click, forward or back a little in time - but of course this is quite a time consuming bit of 'programming'

Best Regards
The H.E.Audio Team.

2 January 2016 at 4:15am

Threre is only one chord position and not add9, powercode, octabes.

By the way, PG2 doen't accept cc64? Is there other ways?

Thank you.

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