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No Longer Available
theAbstractGuitar by DASHSignature is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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A physical modeled plucked string synthesizer which features:

  • Timbre and Decay switches by velocity for the easiest guitar patterns sequencing.
  • Alternate Legato function for a unique solo mode.
  • "Board ring" and "Smooth string" variations for the expressive buzzings you get with many acoustic instruments.
  • A flexible Distortion unit with Low Pass filter and envelope sensitive to dynamics.
  • Special filter for speaker emulation.
  • Stereo Chorus and smooth Reverb.
  • Accurate preset generator.

Model Section:

  • 10 different basic timbres with velocity switch function for dynamic timbre changes.
  • Timbre gain.
  • Pitch tuning: coarse (semi-tone) and fine.
  • Envelope controls: decay and release (Damp).
  • Decay velocity switch function for dynamic note muting.
  • Velocity sensitivity (adjustable).
  • Pluck control: how much and where the string is pulled.
  • Cavity: resonance for all strings.
  • Special modeling effects: "Board Ring" switch and sliders. "Wave invert" switch. "Smooth String" switch. "More harmonics" switch.
  • Voices from 1 (Mono) to 16 max.
  • Mono biphonic: Unison detune, 4th interval, 5th interval, OctaveUp interval.
  • Mono performance: Retrigger, Legato, Alternate.
  • PitchBend range: 1..12 semitone.

Effects and Master section:

  • Distortion: Amount. Tone : filter cutoff. Filter resonance. Gain reduction.
  • Filter envelope: Attack, decay, envelope delay, "Touch" for dynamic envelope response.
  • Stereo Chorus.
  • Stereo Reverb: smooth reverb with Mix and Space controls.
  • Filter for Speaker emulation: with Frequency and Band Width controls.
  • Feedback effect to simulate amplifier to pickup loop: with Distance and Level controls.
    (Feedback effect switches automatically to a mono echo effect when Distortion is off).
  • Master Volume control.


  • MIDI learn function.
  • Deviation feature allows to set a small random deviation on pitch and pluck
    parameters for a more expressive performance.
  • Presets large menu and ability to set the custom default bank or restore the factory one.

100 presets bank ready to use.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.00 from 4 reviews

Reviewed By DrApostropheX
October 28th, 2003

First off, unlike most other reviewers here, I am not a beta-tester for the Abstract Guitar, I actually paid money for this instrument, and I'm very glad I did. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect -- the demo .mp3s at DashSignature.com really don't do this instrument justice. If you're looking for another Slayer clone (play a chord and have it strum or wah away for you), you will be not be taking advantage of all this instrument has to offer: while this instrument is capable of some pretty realistic guitar sounds, realism is not what tAG is best at.

Quite simply, this instrument sounds unlike any other VSTi I've ever played. In your mind, start with the sound of a guitar or some other plucked instrument. Then think of how you could expand that sound, add additional timbres and board ring, increase the cavity, add distortion, reverb, chorus... until finally you have something unique which can either completely fill up a mix on its own (seriously, you can use tAG as a solo instrument and really *play* it: it's that expressive and that rich) or which sits nicely on top, below, or anywhere else in the mix you'd like to put it. What you do with it is up to you. I was also surprised with the FM-like sounds tAG is capable of putting out -- electric pianos, tubular sounds, etc. This instrument is far more versatile, and far more rich than I had ever expected it to be. It's also a bit more CPU-intensive than I expected it to be (though my 2.5GHz P4 can handle about seven or eight instances in FLStudio before it starts to chug), but when you consider everything it's doing (all the physical modelling and then like three or four effects), it's well worth it. The documentation, while a good starting point, is not the best I've ever read and as with most instruments experimentation is the best way to learn.

Because of its versatility, richness of tone, and expressiveness (I *love* the adjustable pitch and pluck deviations!) I have a feeling theAbstract Guitar will be showing up on quite a few of my tunes for some time to come.
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Reviewed By TheWall
June 25th, 2003

This is simply the best pluck type VSTi in the market. It beats all other competitors in both accoustic/metal
emulation, and it doesn't count on abusing effects that much as others do. Since it's more advanced than all other competing plugs, it demands the users to understand how its innovative features work. It's not just yet another lifeless "plug and play" simple synth. You have to dial up the sound you want.

I'm a beta-tester, but this review is by no means a sales pitch. I'm very excited and happy with it since I have been very disappointed in pretty much all other similar plugs out there that can actually be replaced with cheap soundfonts. The Abstract Guitar is in another league from that.

The Board Ring and velocity-controlled Oscillator-switch/decay/envelope together bring more life into this synth. This innovative concept has made the Abstract Guitar musically expressive and above the usually dull pluck plugs.

The included manual is quite useful and solid. Though a bit more tuturial-oriented content may be necessary for the new user.

A hint for whoever needs it: Play with different octaves. Play with Board Ring and velocity-switch. Play with the chording features. You'll see you won't be able to achieve the sound in any other pluck-type plugs.
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Reviewed By Jeff Dodson
June 25th, 2003

As a beta tester of this synth, i got to see it develope from start to finish.

First off, it should be mentioned that it's a welcomed break from the latest craze of emulate this and reproduce that synth.

The abstract guitar uses harmonics to create just like the name says, string algorythm bizarre sounds. A little difficult to tweak at first, in no time you'll be sculpting interesting leads and soundscapes.

Slightly limiting in it's synthesis don't expect to sit down and make a strait up saw osc sound. But as an artist's tool, it leaves much sonic territory to completly mess around with.

I recommend this synth to anyone who digs the quality of DASH products, and wants to dive into some immidiate new sounds without having to spend hours setting up oscillators and modulator patches.

The build in feedback, reverb, and amp emulation is a nice touch. A little processor heavy, but for what it accomplishes it's not too shabby. About 24% on my outdated P3 500.
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Reviewed By Improv
June 24th, 2003

First off, I was a beta tester for Abstract Guitar. There, that's out in the open. However, I would not
have been a beta tester if I disliked the software. Life is too short. I stayed and tested because
Abstract Guitar is unique and useful.

Abstract Guitar takes up where 'normal guitar' leaves off. If you want a Strat or Les Paul sound,
there are sample CDs for that.

For the creative musician, Abstract Guitar helps you realize your wildest guitar dreams.

Got a guitar sound in your head that sounds like Salvador Dali plays guitars on Mars? How about
Picasso plucks on Pluto? If so, Abstract Guitar is your instrument. Much like the way that Dali
and Picasso were not trying to duplicate real life landscapes or portraits; Abstract Guitar isn't
trying to clone the standard Fender or Gibson guitar sound.

I spent some time playing with Abstract Guitar. Midi guitar files and my own playing were used for testing.
As well as every twisted guitar based sound you can think of, Abstract Guitar makes one funky clavinet!
(Think Stevie Wonder doing Superstition.) You can make things even more interesting by adding effects such as
Ohmforce Quadfromage, ConcreteFX Qwah, tube preamps and amp simulators such as Amplitube.

It doesn't really matter that Abstract Guitar is not quite a guitar copy. Abstract Guitar is more- it's got originality written all over it with sounds of its own, which is much better.

The more I use it, the more I like it. Just think up weird little scenerios for the type of sounds that you want.
Hmm... what would a plastic guitar with 60" strings sound like if I took a blow torch to it while playing
to a Venusian sun rise? Hmmm...indeed. :-)
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