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Wusik Station

Workstation Plugin by Wusik
$ 99.95

Wusik Station has an average user rating of 4.83 from 6 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Wusik Station

Wusik Station

Reviewed By tatanka [all]
April 25th, 2016
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

Part 1: Sample Player/Sampler/Rompler (mainly focused on the Wusik Station V8)

I call it Part 1 cause I have not come further then to loose myself in this ocean of ready made sounds. So all the hundreds of modules and modulation possibilities are left for later and maybe a part 2 :-))).

Back to the simple use as a sampler. For the installation process and getting to the point where it sounds (presets in the browser) you have to take a little time and patience for downloading the additional sounds and copy them where they belong to (I just left evrything in the default directory). And you should read the (spare) information coming with the installation files. The quick guide for wusik 4000 still gives the really needed information from 4000 to wusik station V8.

Evrything is simple but maybe a little bit different as the whole thing is :-))). So for example you just have to understand the difference between a soundset and a preset but I am sure you will get it (faster then this old man writing this review here I am sure).

Then the fun begins: someone wrote somewhere (dont remeber where) "it is not Kontakt". NO, it is not, and as far as I am concerned thats why this thing is so wonderful. When you take your journey to the presets (the presets browser is one of the best I have seen so far, only downer: the scroll bar on the right is nearly invisible for me no matter which skin I take) you realize that they are on first level categorized by sounddesigners (dnekm, artvera) or special collections.

And thats the difference to something like Kontakt you really can hear: evry sound here is designed by SOMEONE who puts his heartblood in making THIS special sound. You might like it or not, but it is something special, not just polished common without ups and downs like Kontakt (and comparative). I have bought Kontakt long time ago mainly cause of the available free or very cheap libraries that had this something special, now it seems evrything I need from all this great libraries seems to be there in one place :-))).

Of course it depends on music taste and style, but for my part of the music universum (soundscapes, ambiences, athmospheres, natural and nice sounding things :-)) etc.) it was really like a manifestation.

For a short adjustment of the sound you have two tabs for master and fx, there you can adjust evrything you need for evry involved layer of the sound.

Just as a short hint: Wusik4000 and Wusik8000 goes more deeper into the modular building and modulating of sounds, but thats for (maybe) a part 2.

Thank you William for giving this to the world.

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User Reviews of older versions

Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By mkburnett [all]
December 18th, 2013
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

I started out using EVE and then started using Wusikstation when it became available. I still use EVE quite a bit live along with Wusikstation and other plug-ins.

The thing I like most about Wusikstation is the library of sounds already available. You can spend many hours auditioning them. However there are lots that I can't imagine anyone ever using. Overall, I can usually find a stock sound that is sufficient. I don't tweak them much so I don't use much of the powerful features.

My biggest gripe is that I have paid the membership for many years and have supported William throughout the whole time but have to ask to get the updates and new stuff. Then as part of the membership I am to receive all of the products available then come to find out that I could get the same thing in a group buy for a fraction of the cost of the membership. Just doesn't seem fair to those of us that have continued to support this work. Support is erratic. The group buys are a real value to those that partake so I would recommend them.

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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Michael B42 [all]
December 18th, 2013
Version reviewed: Vista on Windows

It's enjoyable to use. I like the interface design and I have been experimenting with mixing different waveforms. I have been saving my patches to a special folder.

Hopefully soon I will be able to mix an eight track song onto soundcloud, my intention would be to utilise 3 patches from Wusik Station.

It's quite powerful to use as there are quite a few parameters. I am currently working through each parameter to see how it affects the sounds and timbres coming out.

I like it. And Would recommend giving the beta version a runout.

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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By vata44 [all]
August 3rd, 2011
Version reviewed: 6 on Windows

I often rip on Wusikstation because of a few annoyances that clearly irritate me to no end, but deep inside I have such a love and respect for this thing that it kind of makes me sick.

First, I would like to start with the negative, because that is so often what I think of while browsing through my synth list of choices.


1. It seems to use a lot of CPU on my Intel Core 2 Duo 2ghz machine. When I mean a lot of CPU, I mean 20% and above on nearly every patch. My self created patches put me in the realm of 30-40% easily. That is a heavy place to start from for a new song. :P

2. My windows XP machine is maxed out at 3gb ram, but after loading about 3-4 instances of Wusik or adding Wusik at a later stage in a far developed song always seems to result in Wusik not loading because of no memory left in my system. However, I find this odd because other VSTi's and Romplers load just fine (Sampletank, Kontakt and others).

3. The filters... they just do not have the pazzazz that other filters have. Getting them to sound sweet and thick is very hard if not impossible for me on this synth, but it may be because it is a Sample based Rompler of sorts.

4. The EQ... Seriously? What is going on here? I don't get it.

5. The FX sound nice, but I do not like their interface or sometimes the lack of BPM sync. Also please give us another Insert? ;)

6. The sample editor makes no sense to me and I sometimes running into glitches or crashes navigating it.

Now having mentioned all these bad things and vented my frustration yet again (just closed the program)... I would like to move onto the positives.


1. I absolutely LOVE the interface and the routing scheme... it is brilliant, easy to understand and very powerful. This works for me on a level that just blows my mind.

2. The reverb (studio lite) is superb sounding.

3. The [W] menu editor is awesome beyond belief, a little deep and hard to grasp, but what it can do for you is simply mind boggling.

4. The modulation routing (I need to emphasize this!)

5. The sound of the included sampled material is 80% good, which says a lot considering it is many GB's.


It is very a much a love hate relationship I have going on with Wusik. I love it and crave it, but its short comings push me away from it often enough that I always hesitate to go back to it. However, when I do go back I fall in love quickly all over again until those pesky little problems become obvious again and I need a break.

Honestly... if your considering getting Wusik I recommend you take the plunge, it is truly a unique and awesome product on the market. I really wish to have it with me in the future and can only pray that some things work themselves out in time. I know one thing is for sure I will need a quad or octo core system before I can harness its potential to my expectations. :P
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By jobromedia [all]
April 21st, 2010
Version reviewed: 6.0 on Windows

Wusikstation is by far the best synth I've tested. Ever. It pelts and pummels other samplers and ROMplers to the gutter with extraordinaire quality and usefullness. What reFX Nexus lacks Wusikstation has surplus of.

You can load your own samples in many different formats and shapes into Wusikstation, it has a very vast library of sounds that really gets me going far and beyond excitement each and every time I start Wusikstation.

Wusik 5 gave you support for 6 channels per patch, Wusik 6 gives you 16 slots in which you can load in a patch with 6 channels. In other words you can create a combo of 96 oscilators playing as one. This can be seen as a blessing or as a burdon.

The blessing is that you can really go wild in creating your own sounds, the burdon is that it gets heavy on the CPU. Still this is something I'm well willing to live with since it clearly brings up the creative potential.

Wusik haws an online library with more sounds that you can buy via a subscription system, costs a tad bit to start, but through this system I've got a library of over 15 GB samples.

To put this mildly: Wusikstation has become a must through the last 2 years for me, I really enjoy using it, and it can be heard in most of my hiphop beats.

There is a few things that lacks though. The arpeggio is pretty solid, but it would be good to have access to arpeggios for all channels. The arpeggios in the wavesequence area is way too complicated to be used effective, for me at least. This is the only place where reFX Nexus wins over Wusikstation. Another wish from me is probability playback of channels with a random delay activated when each note is played. This would make Wusikstation much more human soundwise. Apart from that I really love Wusikstation, and I look forward to the next update with lots of expectations.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By lightninrick [all]
September 7th, 2008
Version reviewed: 5.12 on Windows

Wusikstation is an intriguing product. It is by far the most rapidly evolving synth I own--it seems like hardly a day goes by without a message from William K, the developer, about a new feature or soundset or both. This rapid evolution is both a blessing and a burden; sometimes it seems like I spend more time keeping up with changes in Wusikstation than playing it! However, there's no question that the new features add plenty of value, and the user is under no compulsion to install every release.

The latest version is 5.28, and this review covers 5.12. This version is a very fine synthesizer indeed. The basic architecture is sample-based, with a variety of tuning, filter, LFO, EQ, and modulation options for each of four sample-based oscillators. A master mixer section allows each of the four sources to be combined at appropriate levels, and two effects to be applied as desired to individual oscillators and the overall mix. A modulation matrix provides futher flexibility; just about anything can be modulated by anything else, including an oscillator, an LFO, a MIDI controller, etc. To cap it all off, the synth does wavesequencing, which means it can do very complex sounds that evolve over time--very nice for pads in particular.

The basic sound quality of the instrument is superb. The tools for manipulating sound are abundant and excellent, and if you load a great sample into Wusikstation, you get a great sound out of it. That means that the real limitation on this synth's sound is the quality of the samples that are loaded into it. On that score, the developer offers users an absolutely massive set of sounds with a subscription (not "purchase" per se--what you buy is a subscription to download software, sounds, and updates from the website for a given period of time), covering just about everything from acoustic instruments to electronica, and these are frequently updated. However, not all the samples are of extremely high quality, and so not all the patches offered with the synth sound great. (I have looked in vain through the patches for a really good Rhodes-style electric piano, for example. Thank goodness for soundfont.it's Mr Ray 22...) It's worth taking the time to audition patches to find the really great ones, and there are more than enough great ones on offer to make the purchase worthwhile. Excellent third party content is also available in abundance, such as Manytone's fine bass sample sets. Finally, Wusikstation will load WAV files as well as its proprietary WusikSND format, and the developer has even included a simple but perfectly functional tool for creating WusikSND multisamples from WAVs. I've used this tool successfully to create Mellotron multisamples for Wusikstation usng the free Tanguiy sample set.

UPDATE on Oct 8 2008: The latest version of Wusikstation (5.6.2) offers SFZ file import. This opens up a huge world of very high-quality content, including soundsets created for such synthesizers as Dimension, Rapture, and z3ta+. I have tested this function with an SFZ version (created via the free SFZed file format converter) of the Splendid 256 MB piano soundfont, and the results are outstanding.

The synth ships with a couple of dozen skin designs, and most users will surely find something to their taste in that set. I find the layout to be increasingly easy to use as my familiarity with the synth grows, but anyone who hasn't encountered a modulation matrix before is well advised to read the manual carefully, as something as simple as setting up an LFO whose depth is increased by the mod wheel requires that modulation matrix. The interface offers no drag and drop functionality, which puts it behind a number of sample-based synths, and is a little fiddly--you have to click twice to select an oscillator and enable it, for example--but overall it's easy enough to work with, and contains few surprises.

I haven't covered a number of the tools that ship with Wusikstation, including the new drum machine, the arpeggiator, etc., etc., all of which work as advertised. Suffice it to say that this synth offers a lot of value for money. For many Windows-based users, this might be a very good choice for their first (or second, or third) commercial synth. Certainly the massive soundset and synthesis tools combined will enable a lot of music making without aditional work on the user's part. There aren't a lot of synths on the market that cover as much ground as Wusikstation, nor as well, and none that I know of at this relatively modest price point. The developer is also extremely responsive to user feedback, as a glance at the KVR forum will show, and version 5 especially seems very stable under Sonar. In short: highly recommended.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By glokraw [all]
April 27th, 2008
Version reviewed: 4.6 on Windows

A short review of Wusikstation...
A great strength in music creation is having both bread and butter sounds, and then a vast array of unique sounds to customize them with. Using the General Midi collection for Wusikstation, I can start with a nice 'normal' instrument, embellish as desired with synth controls and the FX section, then use the 3 extra sound slots to import other waveforms, so the imagination, and familiarity with the thousands of sounds included with Wusik, are the only limiting factors. Using Minihost, I can qickly audition the array of soundsets with just the down arrow key, and pressing the letter s, even with the eyes closed during a headache :wink: and then write down the favorite sounds, or copy them with a filemanager for a 'greatest hits' folder later. While time consuming, the end result can be a composing environment conducive to unique and high quality productions, with a very small learning curve, in one central, well organized interface.
There are some utube videos available that explain arpeggios, wavesequencing, and other features, but for composing ballads, and the basic commercial genres, it is easy to create new sounds to liven up the most common styles of music.
When It comes to support, The author, his customers, and many sound designers are quick to offer good advice, and quite often, bugs are squashed within a day of being reported. New features have been known to appear based on an aside in a forum post, and there is nearly always a special offer to $entice$ upgraders, or new users.
New 3rd party synths and sound collections using the Wusik engine and sound format are also of the highest quality, and more are always in the works. For the professional musician looking for a stable, low cpu vsti for live performance, for a studio songwriter looking for that special edge, for a production jingle author needing fast efficiency, and for the hobbyist who loves the creative craft of making great tunes in the style of choice, Wusikstation is a great tool, that just keeps on getting better month after month, year after year!
I would say dollar for dollar, this is the best of the many fine $options$ available. I look forward to the new version 5 evolving, and to using more of the great 3rd party sounds, and my own new creations that they inspire.
I score it all 8, for personal taste categories, 10 for support and value for money, as they are among the best available...
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By loggan2 [all]
March 18th, 2008
Version reviewed: 7.0.0 on Windows

recently got Wusikstation and I'm already impressed with everything,
specially support. At the company forum here, I asked for some info
about multi-layer crossfading using an external controller. To my
surprise, it was possible only to modulate two layers, not three or
more. But even more surprised I was when the author released a beta
version with the option to crossfade any number of layers. I never saw
this before, but again, I don't own many other VSTs.

Still, using Wusikstation is very easy, I get everything I need right in
front of me. Each layer's parameters are there to be used, there's a
Master area, FX areas and file-browser to handle all files.

It works like those old-school workstations, not like SF2 files I'm used
to. But this is not a bad thing to be honest. You get, for example, to
keep your sound file in one folder, and have multiple programs using
that same sound file for several programs. Yes, you can do the same with
a SF2 file, BUT, if you want to add more programs to it, you need to
edit the original SF2 file. Not to mention that with SF2 files you don't
get to make a program where you use sounds from different SF2 files.
With Wusikstation you can. Since Programs are one file-type, and sounds

Its handy that is reads WAV files directly. But still, the Sample-Editor
that came with it is simple to use. Many users won't even bother about
that, but since I do a lot of sound-editing of my own, I had to use it.
Again, the author was nice to reply to some of my questions via the
support thingy.

I couldn't make it crash yet, so stability has been 100% for me.

Documentation was OK, not great, but OK. It had everything you would
need to start. The youtube video-tutorials are GREAT, those helps a lot.
Specially when getting started. They even got an intro video at their
site, under the product's page. That's one reason I got it, since I
could test it out and also see it in action even before downloading a
demo version.

The demo version was nice, as I could test it, but loading new sounds
was a bit strange at first, until I knew what I was doing exactly. You
have a folder where you keep your sounds and another for your presets,
as I said above. It wasn't too clear at first, but I noticed some info
at the bottom of the sounds-page, and after reading a bit the manual, I
was able to figure things out. But this shouldn't scare new users at
all. The worse case scenario, you would contact the author and he would
guide you, as he did with me on other areas.

Sound wise its very good. It will sound as good as the things you input
it with, since its basically a sample-playback engine. It also works as
a normal additive synthesizer, and has the ability to sequence waveforms
in real-time. (aka wavesequencing, the old Korg Wavestation was famous
for that)

But you really start to go nuts once you get to know the
modulation-matrix and the different filter-types. They sound very
analogish in my humble opinion. There's a SMOOTH knob that will take the
zipper effect out of transitions when using an external controller. It
doesn't work very well when using with modulations, but still, its a
very nice touch.

I had some sound problems with the original version, but after I updated
everything was normal again. (I forgot to install the latest update
after I installed the main SETUP, doh!)

I got 4 DAW computers in the same room, so I asked the author if I would
need 4 licenses. He said that if all computers are operated by me, it
wouldn't be a problem, one license is enough. Try asking this to other

One of my computers has only 512 of memory, which wasn't a problem as
this vst features direct-from-disk-streaming. (or whatever you want to
call this) Yes, CPU usage did increase by 20% when I activated it on the
other computers, but its still nice, since I could load more instances
at the same time. Specially pianos and strings on a project I was
working on.

It came with mostly synth sounds, but the pianos really stroke me, they
are very good and not too big. Compared to other libraries. I like
mostly sampled pianos, as they tend to sound more alive to me.

This is not the best synth out there, but its sure amongst the top ones
I use on a daily basis. Be prepared to expend a lot of money on extra
sets by other companies, you will be addicted in no time! (but that's
another good thing about it)

Not sure what else to say, if I remember something else, I will edit
this on another time. Hope this is not too long, I'm used to writing for
the local newspaper, so I tend to write too much at times...

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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By hermit01 [all]
December 27th, 2007
Version reviewed: 4 on Windows

The Wusikstation version 4 series is a surprisingly versatile synth. Its interface is very typical of traditional synthesizer interfaces and quite easy to use. It is 4 voice multi-timbral and the 4 voices are each presented on separate pages which eliminates any confusion that could be caused by such a complex system. It's modulation matrix makes for easy hook up of LFO's, envelopes, and on-board effects. It could list them but it's better that you try them and hear for yourself.

The sound generation of WS is created from manipulation of samples (called WusikSounds) and/or standard .wav files, user's choice. The 16-bit 44KHz processing is immaculate and provides an amazing depth of resonance and pitch. As a result of this attractiveness, there are over 3500 presets already directly available for it Wusik.com. The range of sounds, the types, is so wide it clearly demonstrates the versatility mentioned. While, due to the brilliant preset design of sound packages by Vera Kinter (Art Vera) and like programmers, it has gotten quite a reputation as an "atmospheric pad synth," this is a very misleading commendation of a synth that will, in fact, produce virtually any type of sound desired from analogue emulation to razor-edge digital sounds. It can even be used as simply a 4-voice .wav file or sample player, if desired.

My experience has been, in over a year of dealing with William K and Wusik.com, support for the product is superb. It is in constant development, as well has sporting excellent peripheral devices provided by Wusik.com (many skins, file handling software, a steady flow of new presets, a product specific magazine with added features, etc.), but the stability does not seem effected. Beta products don't seem to mean the same thing to Wusik.com as I am accustomed to. They rarely crash or even malfunction and seem to be just a precautionary step rather than a true bug elimination process. In so many words, this is a very stable piece of software and seems to remain so through version after version.

Wusikstation is my first experience with serious shareware softsynths. I've tried a few trial versions over the years but never found one by which I was so impressed as to spend the sort of money involved in their purchase. Wusikstation broke the mold for me. It is priced competitively low for the marketplace but comes "out of the box" with over 3500 presets, built-in effects of the same quality as its sound generation, and excellent support. It was a bargain I couldn't resist and have never regretted. I highly recommend it to beginners and accomplished users alike. And subscribe to the magazine, too. It's filled with articles on use of Wusikstation as well as general music and composition discussions.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By stratcat33511 [all]
May 25th, 2007
Version reviewed: 3.1.8 on Windows

3.1.8 is by far the best value for the money.
Every sound you need is there to do Pop Rock and Dance.
There are synths and real instruments in here.
There are so many great sounds in this instrument.
The sounds of the presets are nothing short of incredible!
And when you get around to tweaking the sounds, the interface is easy to use ( even for me ) and you can build some fantastic sounds with this instrument. The synths; arps, moogs, Rolands, Prophets, Casios, the HQ pianos, the HQ drums, many monster basses, and the effects are all I need from a synth. There are way too many useable sounds, functions and features to list here.
I use this in my default template setup, because it has a great sound for every thing I use it for. And I'm now using it in everything I do! I'm just a guitar player looking for an all inclusive - use it for everything synth, and I am never short of finding the right sound with this.

Take my advice and get this awesome instrument.

It never disappoints me and Support for me has been
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By JKolper [all]
May 6th, 2007
Version reviewed: 3.1.5 on Windows

Wusikstation is really impressing, can't believe how I lived my life bfore it!

Graphics: the UI is very easy to understand, I read the whole manual, but only after playing with it a bit. You don't really need to, as the UI is really easy to use. It has tips all over the place, if you hld the mouse over a parameter.

Documentation: the manual has it all, could find all the stuff I needed there alone.

Sounds: it has every kind of sound I could imagine. Since I use a lot of acoustic stuff, it had tons of stuff to use: pianos, strings, guitars, choirs, drums, basses, ... it also does a great job with sequenced pads and evolving atmosphers. It has a few simple sounds, but those can also be useful at times. thanks to something called "categorized" presets, its very easy to find a piano sound, for instance. that was very important, as I see that the instrument itself got added with new snds offten, making the number of sounds very large. so you will get a few strange or even bad stuff around, but its not a problem for me, specially considerng the large amount of stuff.

Stability: so far its been rock-solid on my machine, no crashes or any problems.

Support: I had a few problms downloading it, but Mr.William was very fast and resolved it in minutes, not hours and not days. Its a large download, over two giga, so I can't complan about.

You can't go wrong with this synth, and if you purchase it, do subscribe to the Wusik magazine, its totally worth it.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By HiEnergy [all]
April 12th, 2007
Version reviewed: 3.1.5 on Windows

Wusikstation is a sample-based synthesizer with four oscillators and two sequenceable wavesequence oscillators per patch.
There are exhaustive modulation possibilities, eight LFOs, eight envelopes and a very complete modulation matrix with lots of different modulation sources and destinations.
Wusikstation's filters (one for every oscillator/wavesequence oscillator) and the modular effects (two effects per patch with flexible mixer routing) sound very rich and well-balanced.

Wusikstation comes with lots of convincing samples, wavetables and presets that give astonishing results even without programming own sounds.
What kind of sounds are delivered depends on frequent special offers for Wusikstation. I got mine with a huge collection of high-quality acoustic piano and guitar sounds, assorted electronic wavetables and six issues of a magazine dedicated to Wusikstation.
All this at an unbelievable EUR 36,-.

I use Wusikstation in almost any of my latest production and think it's worth every cent I paid for it.

Wusikstation is very well suited for pads, drones and other huge and complex sounds with lots of movement.
Wusikstation is very light on cpu and offers even the most complex and mobile sounds demanding almost no load from the host.

I fully recommend Wusikstation and did not yet regret buying it.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Reverend Rhythm [all]
January 27th, 2007
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows

Software synths should have their own sound. They should also give you a reason to use them, which means that sound has to work with your music. Another great feature is when that soft synth works with a variety of musical styles. Well, wusikstation works for me a in all the above mentioned areas.

It has great leads, pads, ambiences, wavesequences, and rhythmic sounds. It now even has an arppegiator! And it has a lot of presets! If those presets are not enough, you can buy more or roll your own.

But, at least for me, the best thing about this synth is that the demo works without a lot of restrictions. The presets are limited, and you can't save your own presets. And the instrument times out after a while. All this seems more than fair to me. You still have a lot of presets and the instrument is functional.

Now the reason I bring that up is because you have to like the sound of a synth. So I'd recomend that you download the demo and try it out. It's easy for me to recomend a synth, but only you can know if it will work for you.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Menthorian [all]
November 21st, 2006
Version reviewed: 3.1.0 on Windows

I first got Wusikstation with the CM UK Cover DVD. It was the first version, but totally usable. After some time I saw that Wusik was running a special promo and couldn't resist, purchased the latest version three. It came with a Wusik magazine issue plus over 5 Gig of sounds. (compressed into a 2 gig download)

At first the synth already blew me away. The GUI is so easy to understand, and looks great. And if you don't like the looks of it, just chose a new skin, and there are tons to chose from. (I stuck with the default one, as it makes more sense to me)

CPU usage is indeed very low, as most people seem to rave about. And audio quality is top-notch to my ears.

There are sounds for everyone, from some quality pianos to analog sounds. I do mostly electronica songs, so the included elektrowusik set was perfect for me. It even came with some very good drum-loops.

I'm still reading the manual, as its very long and has detailed information. Its also very well written. It came in a PDF format, that can be printed or read on the screen.

As for support, William, the CEO of Wusik, is just a super-guy. I had some download problems that he resolved in minutes.

Stability? Its been rock-solid with Orion Platinum. I don't have other hosts, so I can't say for those. But I haven't had a single issue yet. (I did test with Fruit-Loops Demo version without problems too, but that was with the first version) Still, by reading the company forum I see that all problems gets a good attention of support. Can't see any threads about something that was not resolved.

Talking a bit more about the sounds, the product is very dynamic. This is the first commercial VSTi I use, as so far I was using mostly the stuff that came with Orion. But I find myself using more and more the Wusikstation VSTi on my songs. Even for Basses and Drums. The way it handles presets makes very easy to find stuff. I read on the manual about the search algo, and it helped me a lot. Now I can search for the word "bass" and find what I need in a heart-beat. The filters are very good, you can make heavy or smooth resonant sounds, by using the filter limiter option.

Took me a while to understand what the sequenced section was all about. After taking a hint from the manual (yeah, you have to read the manual sometimes) I understand it better. I was even able to create my own arp sounds with it. Very handy and fun to use.

The Wusik community seem very nice to me. They are very present on the forum.

I also got several issues of the so called Wusik magazine. Its a very nice addition to the product sounds, and the texts are also great and useful. I strongly recommend users to check out this. I wrote a very detailed review of it at the Wusik forum.

I tested both old and new demo versions, to help me decide about purchasing it. And the new V3 demo version really struck me, as it had much more sounds and really showed the synth's potential. That was it, just had to buy it.

Overall, this is THE best VSTi in my humble opinion. Now I hope that Wusik creates a drum-machine in the future. (how about that, huh?)

Edit: The new V3.1.0 update is just KILLER!!! The new reverber rocks and the arpeggiator is indeed very usable and advanced compared to regular ones. Its fixed to the wavesequence layers, but still very usable.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By sloworm [all]
November 2nd, 2006
Version reviewed: 3.0.8 on Windows

I was skeptical at first about this synth. I am also stocked up on synths so I had no real need for another one. But, I saw a person on the KVR marketplace selling theirs. So it perked my interest, and I listened to some demos, and it struck me as a really nice ambient synth. Which, I thought, why not, I will take the plunge at the price it was being sold. Holy crap, was I in for a world unknown to me, a world of beauty and flexibility. I am in love with this synth from first play. When I first got Wusik, it took me a while to install, as it comes with SSoooooo many sounds, and not just some quality sounds and some crap sounds like most preset libraries, but all very usable beautiful/ugly sounds. A wide range of possibilities is possible with this synth. Not to mention the 3rd party support for preset libraries, which there is a lot of. Also, if you subscribe to the Wusik online publication, you get free soundsets with that as well. That is awesome as well, so much knowledge in those publications.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I love this synth because of its vast range of sounds, rock solid non crashing abilities and amazing community and support. To compare this synth to another ambient type synth, like Atmosphere by spectrasonics, I would say it definatly is a better synth than atmosphere. It has more flexibility, doesn't take as much cpu juice, and is way cheaper, and damnit, it sounds better. Don't get me wrong, this Wusik synth can do basses, lead, fx(amazingly) and others. Not too mention you can take a patch and really warp it well. I could go on for days....just try the demo, buy it, buy the publication, in that order.

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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Oliver.Lucas [all]
August 9th, 2006
Version reviewed: 3.04 on Windows


+ skinnable
+ sexy looking skins
+ tool tips !
- too small on high resolutions
- can be confusing across layers
- no "all layers view"


There are a lot of inexpensive libraries for this VST and many of them are extremely good. Especially if you are looking for good pad sounds, you will find a lot of gems....
The strength does not lie with the realistic sample sets. I know William is working on improvement here, but generally speaking this is a synth sound tool for me. Filters can be very extreme (cool!)


V3 has brought a lot the users wanted, from a sound designers point of view there's pretty much everything you need. I think the GUI neeeds a rework for V4...


This has improved a lot recently, but I was able to get my head round most of the features without the docs. The tool tips are really cool.


WOW - what more can I say?
Get a couple of extra banks from Manytone and Jeremy Janzen and you will be sorted.

Customer Support:

Could not be better. William is very active in the KVR forums. Bugfixes are fast and work well. Also orders are processed within seconds....No room for improvement here!

Value for money:

Now this is a tricky one: WS is really cheap, but on the other hand William is also a marketing freak. Make sure you calculate the costs for a couple of preset banks and extra sounds. Still WS has an amazing value from my point of view.


Very good. I had a couple of problems in Nuendo first, but William solved these quickly. Since then it's been very stable.

Overall I can say that the WS was an uncertain buy. I wasn't too sure if it could live up to my expectations. When I saw the hype this has created on KVR I was a bit sceptical but it really is a very usable and good sounding synth with a huge library available. It's fun to use and I have used it in every song since I have bought it. Go and grab it, it's well worth the money if you get some of the extra sounds.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By sdv [all]
January 16th, 2006
Version reviewed: 3.x on Windows

Wusik is a fine sound-designers app for "phrases" if you can get your head around wavesequencing. Why? While Wusik has sample playback and pseudo vector morphing the wavesequencing is it's unique power. Any sampler allows you to trigger a sample and allows you to hit said sample with some mods (LFO's, etc) but the addition of wavesequencing allows you to morph between samples creating deep pads and funky rhythms. This, coupled with the sample playback, allows you to make some pretty complex patches (say you start out with a gong sample morphing into a rhythmic drum sequence with a backing pads swirling and sparkling away with subtle nuance) if you have samples and set your ADSR properly (would be more fun if there was a morphing timeline).

So how do the specs look....

DOCS: Fairly good. A large 45+ page .pdf file explans all the ins and outs of this monster. The Vector option isn't well explained and some things such as preset saving ("do this in your host") and what some of the mod matrix features mean (W1+W2 = ??) are lacking.

PESETS: The "Big" package comes with 2400+ samples (although 1540 of those are just drums) and 1650+ presets (of which only 51 are drums kits). The majority of presets are pretty lame, a good protion of them are just the basic soundset loaded into an oscillator. So what you get is about 900 soundsets of various synths and instruments for making your own sounds (you might need to get some external sample sets to really make your Wusik shine). Most of the BnB sounds are fair but to be honest if you want an FM Drum hit you'r alot better off using an FM synth (i.e. use a true synth, not sample based one, if you can get your sound from it). A better timestetching/pitchshifting algorithm would be nice as you can tell a number of the included sounds are just single .wavs, not multisamples (hell, even a crappy granulator would be a help).

GUI: I give a fair score here. Everything is laidout strightforward. There is some clicking thru to different tweaking windows but the overall view stays the same. What I would like to see is tabs on the side, as well as the top, allowing for quick jumps to edit screens, as it stands now there is a bit of back-n-forth which gets confusing and slows creativity.

STABILITY: The latest version seems to fix earlier problems I had with crash crashes (usually when tweaking the FX or changing a sound in an oscillator).

SOUND: I originally thought of it as more of a 'backing' synth (as I find the sound can be a bit thin and digital for my main synth.) than lead, but really it can be either. Because of that it's able to sit back in a mix very easily while other synths can sit up front for melodies and leads. However, WS always seems to need some compression,EQ or Unison to boost it's overall volume.

CUSTOMERS SUPPORT: William K is always on the forum and responds to bugs ASAP but often overcommits by saying he will add a feature(s) and then doesn't.

USABILTIY:I enjoy the ability to switch between samples in oscillators although the file browser makes it a bit tedious. This is my preferred method of "programming" sounds and much easier than tweaking a straight synth.

V2 brought a bit to the table in ways of having some extended options when it comes to file/patch management and other admin type fetures. The big score for sound design is the "Microtuning" capability which can send your patches into the unknown. Also there are some good bug fixes.

V3 brings a few more things such as more FX and Disk Streaming of samples.
Also included are the large sample collection mentioned above. For a $50 GB this is quite a deal.

A few things I'd like to see are saveable mod matrix presets. THis should have been a V1 feature as most of the power of Wusik comes from setting up the Matrix.
Also the addition of graphical timeline & random auto-morphing for the vector (4 OSC's) in a way similar to Cam5K/Cube2. The Vector option is very cool but not usable for creating patches as there is no way to set the Mod Matrix Destination to the X-Y parameters yet (although this is the feature William is planning on adding for me/us). So, you are left with having to set X-Y parameters in your host via automation or use by MIDI learn. That makes the vector option more of a 'power user' feature for someone wanting to play live or serious studio tweaking. Also, it claims to be multi-timbral but that's just on a oscillator level (so whoop-di-do)

So overall I give Wusik props for being a great pad and mad rhythm (especially when using drum-kits) rompler as long as you have alot of samples. With that said I do not place it amongst the "big boys" texture synths such as Absynth, Cam5K or Kubik just yet. It has a bit to go before it reaches that level (think a Vector morph envelope timeline, granular oscillators, a built-in slicer which would cut loops then allow you to sequence through the slices as if they were seperate wave files).
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By autodafe [all]
January 11th, 2006
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows

GUI: A nice and clean user interface, can be skinned...if you don't like the default skin just download oneof the other wondeful ones

SOUND: quality is very good. Of course being a "sampled" synht quality will depend on the imported samples, but it has nice filters and ENV routing possibilities

FEATURES: the problem is that you can think WusikStation has TOO MANY FEATURES ;-). 6 OSC (2 wavesequanced), WaveSequencer, 4 Filters, 8 LFOS, 8 ENVs... The MOD Matrix lets you do almost everything possible and imaginable to the soundsets. Maybe just missing some more FXs

DOCUMENTATION: there's a nice on-line help and documemntation system, I think a printable a PDF would be nice. (I created one using the online material)

PRESETS: depending on the "package" you purchase, you can have different presets. The Big Package has more than 1800 presets, many othre can be downloaded for free or for a very reasonable price from various sound developers (myself included ;-) )

CUSTOMERS SUPPORT: WilliamK simply has the BEST customers support. Period.
Just use his forum here on KVR, expect an answer in a few minutes and also a new fix in about one hour or two ;-)

VFM. Excellent. What more...well, it could be free ;-)

STABILITY: almost never ever gave problems, except for some of the "intermediary" new sub-releases that will periodically releases (like;-)
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Goseba [all]
November 29th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

I first discovered Wusikstation in Sept’04 and ended up buying it the day after reading about it in CM magazine. I did have a hardware Wavestation and although this is not a copy, it seemed to fulfil what I was looking for in a VST (Korg Legacy too expensive for me). I have not looked back since, upgrading to V2 when it was announced, and now looking forward to V3.

GUI: I find it a very easy to navigate synth, far easier than others I own. It has been well thought out. There are also numerous skins available too so you can change the look to one that suits.

SOUND: I find the sound quality to be very good. You can get an excellent sound from just one oscillator, but it has four and also two wavesequencer oscillators. There are many well spec’d ways of sculpting the sound: Filters, env’s, LFO’s and a great Mod matrix to name a few.

FEATURES: An enormous amount of included samples have always come with Wusikstation but with the Big Package there are over 2390 included. The LFO’s and Wavesequencers are both synced to host tempo. It can run as a multitimbral VST.
The wavesequencers are excellent. They can vary in length, each step can have its own sound, pitch, pan etc., the sounds can go straight from one to the next abruptly or morph between them as required. They can even be used for creating basic drum patterns. It can also be used as a modulation source in the Mod Matrix.
The Mod matrix is very flexible: 8 x LFO’s, 8 x ADSR env’s, many other send sources and a large range (still increasing) of send destinations.
There are also basic effects such as chorus, reverb, delay and distortion.

DOC’S: I have only had to refer to the manual a few times because I Wusikstation so intuitive to use, but it has answered my questions. I have just had a quick look at the latest manual and it looks very comprehensive.

PRESETS: Very good quality, quite diverse and over 1650 if you get the Big package. There are also many excellent free and commercial banks now available.

SUPPORT: Second to none in my book. Williams’s support has been exceptional. Just look at the forum. He really caught my attention when I posted a suggestion on the forum and within 15 – 20 minutes I was testing a beta with it implemented.
When beta testing William goes out of his way to make sure stability is there. I have followed numerous threads where William has helped individual users iron out there problems even though the problem was unique to them.

VFM: It is excellent value. More often than not, there are special offers running to make it even more VFM.

STABILITY: I don’t remember a final release version crashing yet on me.

Overall a great synth of outstanding quality and depth.
Congratulations William K.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By strav100 [all]
October 1st, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.14 on Windows

GUI: Attractive GUI, very clear with nice graphics. The wavesequencer editor is now easier to edit since v1. Everything has been designed here for a purpose - no wasted space.

Sound: Very high quality sound, good responsive filters and far-reaching modulations plus the massive amount of waveforms show this is capable of anything from normal VA stuff to Wavestation type sounds to Absynth textures using the wavesequencing 'lanes' as envelope modulators.
I think the quality of the sounds is down to the sound designers themselves - this synth holds no barrier.

Features: Vast range of samples for use as sound sources, again huge modulation options (including using the waveseqencer ) and multi-timbral capability. You could be programming this thing for ever!

Docs: Online docs and v1 pdf manual. Well explained - no waffle. 'Easy-peasy' to learn - only needs a day.

Presets: This excels at complex, mutating, metamorphisizing sounds. Easy to do good presets as the synth is straight forward to program - goes into Absynth, Cameleon and Wavestation territory without too much difficulty. Large number of presets - although I feel a lot more can be got out of this thing.

Support: Nice guy, quick response when I have e-mailed him. Always on the forums.

VFM: Dirt cheap for what it does. This synth is right up there with the big boys for shareware money.

Stability: Never crashed on me once.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By bduffy [all]
September 30th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.14 on Windows

As a busy composer and sound designer, I'm always on the lookout for powerful synthesizers that are capable of a wide range of sounds, and I definitely found that in Wusikstation. It's like buying a full-fledged keyboard workstation that can be used for basic to radical sounds with easy browsing and loading.

Wusikstation features a powerful wave sequencing engine, which means that wave files are loaded in and can be radically mixed and manipulated to create unusual (and usual) sounds. Pads swirl and sweep with unexpected depth and complexity, and the possibilities seem endless.

I was instantly impressed with just the selection of pads. Further prodding through the presets revealed large, meaty basses, nifty sound fx and a huge selection of vintage/standard instruments - like Rhodes pianos and 303 synths - often with a Wusik edge to them, making them more original.

And that's where Wusikstation exceeds: in creating original sounds. I've never heard anything quite like Wuskistation, and that impressed me and drove me to buy it immediately. When I'm stuck or bored, I can load up Wusikstation and just start cruising through presets, and within no time, I'm writing something. It's my go-to instrument for pads and basses now, especially after purchasing Manytone's incredible Ultimate Bass Kit - one of the several (and growing number of) libraries available for Wusik. I should, then, mention that Wusikstation is also a full-fledged sampler with 1st and 3rd party libraries available.

The only complaint I would have is that the updates can be a little awkward to install to a non-power user, occasionally having to manually move and update items; but the updates have been very straightforward since v2.x. And the developer is VERY prompt in responding to calls for help, so I've never had a problem that lasted longer then a few minutes! So all is forgiven.

And all of this at a truly reasonable price. Wusikstation is cheap and comes with a large selection of presets, and all the libraries are very affordable. I think the coming years will see Wusikstation become one of the more popular synths, a la Reaktor. I certainly hope so.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By funkychickendance [all]
September 29th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.1.4 on Windows

I'm pretty new to the VST world, with a trio of NI Express keyboards as my only prior purchase, and a massive ever-changing folder of freebies from this fabulous forum. I have to say, though, that Wusikstation is worth every cent (or pfennig).

I've started to experiment with the synth's capabilities for tweaking sounds, which seem limitless to me. It comes
with an excellent package of samples, and the presets are well-chosen and thoughtfully done, too. What is intended to sound authentic sounds, well, authentic.

But it's the overall sound that makes this a great synth. To me, William has hit a home run here. I recall Wavestation moderately well, and the 'Wu' -- as I have started calling it -- can do pretty much anything that its inspiration could do, and then some.

It's remarkably stable, and doesn't hog CPU: though I guard against that issue in general by having 1GB of RAM, and expect to move up to 2GB soon.

The 'Wu' is creeping into more and more of my projects since I picked it up a week or so back, and I see
it displacing a whole lot of other VSTs as I get better at working on my own presets.

I'm coming back to synths after a long puritanical exile in the realm of grinding electric guitars and the 'authenticity' of acoustics. They're both perfectly fine, but something like Wusikstation really shows you what can be done with a little imagination.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By bamim2 [all]
September 25th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.14 on Windows

I've own version 1 of Wusikstation and I upgraded to version 2 right away. I like version 1 and used it before version 2 came out. Version 2, with the Big Package is quite nice and a great price (hey, I'm a poet). There are plenty of presets that come with it, but it's very easy to either make your own or modify ones that are there to suit your own style.

I like to play synth bass with my left hand and something else with my right. Wusikstation lets me easily split the keyboard. It can split the keyboard into several regions if you like to do that sort of thing. It can assign waves and oscillators to any part of the keyboard and give you plenty of filter controls and even put them on any MIDI channel you want. They're all mixable through it's built in mixer. It can load wave files to use like an oscillator.

If I had to pick one thing about this VST that I like the most is it's sound quality and playability (I know that's 2 things, but they go together). It really has nice sound textures and timbre. It has several skins available, so you can modify its look to suit your mood. It does everything from simple to complex sounds, has great filters, nice EFX and a straight forward GUI.

I truly believe this VST is capable of making whatever kind of sounds you want to make with it. There are a great range of sounds that come with it, nicely laid out, and it's very easy on the CPU. I easily run 2 Wusikstations at a time and have plenty of CPU left over to actually do stuff in Sonar.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Wine [all]
September 3rd, 2005
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows

This is an exceptional synth.

Looking at the other reviews it is quite daunting to try and add anything else to their reviews but I will give it a go.

Firstly, the sound quality. What is most impressive about the sounds are that they are so varied, some of the pads are absolutely inspiring and as for the "real" instruments, particularly the piano's, while they are perhaps not the best available they are some of the easiest to fit in a mix.

Secondly, the upgrade to v2, particularly for the big pack users, is extraordinary value for money. A massive sound library, and the improvements on v1 make this an valuable upgrade. The preset navigation system in particular is worthy of compliment as it is one of the best around. My only real complaint is that it can be a little difficult to upgrade if you have some of the related products which need to be upgraded as well.

Finally, the best part of being a wusik user is the user group and the outstanding support provided by WilliamK. The developer never seems to leave KVR except to work on more upgrades.

Overall, I would suggest you get this synth even if you don't think you need it as it is the basis for almost any sounds you could want.

In the joy of upgrading to v3 I had problems with the download. Within 24 hours, over a weekend, William (the developer) had contacted me, sorted out the problem, and I was up and runing. The Service provided by Wusik is simply without par. By all means purchase this product in complete assurance that you will not suffer for lack of developer support.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Radek [all]
May 22nd, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.1.062 on Windows

I had been searching for workstation type instrument for so long. I don't have anymore as Wusikstation fits my needs. No, not ideally (what could?) but 90 percent for sure.

Wusikstation conceptually is similar to hardware such Korg Triton, Motif or Roland but without many restrictions. There are four multisample based oscillators, two wave sequencer, four filters per osc (!!), eq per osc (!!!), eight (yes!) lfos and adsr envelopes. All of them can be routed via big (36 positions!) modmatrix to almost every parameter. Even better oscs own outs also can be used as modulation sources... This means Wusik is capable of FM synthesis as well (but FM7 doesn't had to worry - is rather nice addon that core feature). To spice up sounds there also double FX processor with distortion, chorus, delay and reverb. They are not the best sounding FXes yet sufficient.

How does Wusikstation sounds then?

Actually very good but it depends on used samples and presets. Certainly it can do smooth analog type leads, awesome evolving pads (thanks to wavsequencers) as well typical sampled piano. Wusikstation comes with 400MB of multisamples and hundreds of presets. Not all are excellent but this is normal for such big sound library. Certainly everyone will find something usefull.

Summing it all - I'm very satisfied with Wusikstation. It's very solid vsti, cpu usage is moderate (if not low), doesn't crashed yet and interface is well thought.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By djastroboy [all]
April 15th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.1.062 on Windows

I really like the Wusikstation.
To me, Wusikstation provides a very punchy and direct sound. Most VSTi's are like looking at a styrofoam ball painted yellow, while the Wusik, as it is affectionately known, is like looking directly into the sun. OK that's a little over the top, but Wusik is very, very nice.

Lots of layers of easy to grasp programmability. More LFO's and filters and effects and whatnot than you could ever need.

Support is fast and useful on the forum.

A big plus for me is the availability of lots of extra soundsets.

The presets are generally good, although they tend to lack any performance type routings in the mod matrix. I mean that if you want your mod wheel or keyboard aftertouch to do anything, you are on your own with the modulation matrix to get things going.
I can't really judge the quality of the samples since I haven't used any kind of sampler since I broke my Ensoniq Mirage in 1980-something, but everything seems good in loop point land.

Download the demo and check it out.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By pw [all]
March 7th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.1.02 on Windows


There are a lot of features in Wusikstation, and the GUI does a great job of clearly categorizing them in an intuitive way.

Basically each oscillator has its own page, as do the two wavesequencers. The mod matrix, assignable envelopes and assignable lfo’s always stays in view for quick and easy re-routing while editing individual oscillators and wavesequencers. There is also a mixer page for fine tuning, such as fx sends, pan and volume, and global filtering and eq. the XY pad also lives on the mixer page.

There are many EXCELLENT skins available for the Wusikstation, and freely downloadable from the wusik website. I generally use the ‘smudge’ skin and the ‘shifrin’ skin.


Wuskistation has a high quality audio engine, and the filters sound great, so sound quality basically comes down to the samples you feed it. The VSTi ships with the ‘famous keys’ collection of samples, which weighs in at about 500megs covering various synthetic sounds from classic analogue to 80’s digital. Everyone interested in synthesis should find something that works for them here, from fat basses, to various string ensemble type pads, to more crystalline digital sounds. I particularly like the Arp samples and the whole of ‘famous keys 4’ which has some deliciously lofi tron samples, chunky moog source samples and some great synth pads.

There are many soundsets available to expand the sonic palette considerably, and there are several 3rd-party plugs to create your own soundsets from. I have the new Vox’d set of vocal samples, which is simply stunning, and the Prepared Rhodes from zvon, a unique beast and a must for those into experimentation. Many more sounds are in the works from various developers.


More mod destinations in the matrix than you can poke a stick at, with 36 slots in the matrix, 8 freely assignable envelopes and 8 freely assignable LFO’s. Filter’s everywhere, 2 effects sends assignable in the matrix and the wavesequencers, 6 sample slots available, XY pad…There isn’t much more you could want in a synth.

The wavesequencers are spectacular, and make for interesting morphing textures, or crazy, jolty rhythms. For those into ambient and richly textural music, this is the place to spend a lot of time- it takes work building up a wavesequence, but it pays off big time. The Wusik way here is intuitive for what is quite a complex process, and there is a useful inline help available in the wavesequencer menu if you feel intimidated.

FM and AM is possible from the matrix, and while Wusikstation is not an FM synth, you can use these features to add extra dimensions to subtractive analog-styled patches, wavesequences, and also to push your sounds into experimental atonal territory.

You get the standard effects, chorus, reverb, delay and distortion. The delay is particularly excellent, and the quad chorus accentuates big moving pads very nicely.


The documentation is very comprehensive, and guides you though most of the features of Wusikstation in an engaging manner. I had a quick go through them when I got the synth, but really, for me the best way was to learn on the synth itself.


Heaps and Heaps of presets. Many of high quality, including some great ones by Tim Conrardy and JJ which show off the wavesequencing. There are also many free banks around to be downloaded.


WilliamK is one of the absolute best in the business, and an all-round nice guy. Support via email or via the forum is quick and efficient. Pop down to the Wusik.com forum and you will see how on top of things he is there.


One of the best deals I have ever received on music software. $99 regular price is a bargain, but there have also been several group buys enabling many users to band together and get a cheaper price based on number of sales. Once again, check the forum to see what is happening at any given time.

Extra soundsets have so far been very reasonably priced.


Not once had a problem.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By x_bruce [all]
December 6th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.09 on Windows

As most people have covered the features and you can read about the specifications, I'm going to discuss general impressions, real world capabilities and a small rant.

First off; if you've wanted a Wavestation but never could afford one you're almost there with Wusikstation. I say almost because Korg owns the sound samples of the Wavestation. They make a almost literal clone of that wonderful old instrument leaving nothing changed other than a pretty user interface. And that's the first reason to start considering alternatives such as Wusikstation. It's a better synth than Korg's. If you think multiple filter algorithms and controllable resonance are even the tiniest bit important than Wusikstation is your choice. If you want a more diverse and vastly better sound quality sample set that you and 3rd party developers can add to, well you get the point, you want a Wusikstation.

But do you need one? Considering that you have hundreds upon hundreds of available multisamples, similar numbers of professional presets and Wusik's excellent customer service it seems silly to go elsewhere. And of course, there is the price. The Wusikstation has been in group purchases but goes regularly for $100 which is quite reasonable considering sample content and the wonderful library provided. If you own Nusofting/Dash's EVE you should be able to use these libraries as well. They were available as add on's only a year ago.

Hopefully you aren't buying Wusikstation to trigger samples as any synth can do this. No, we will figure you have some desire to program Wusikstation and as such will be delighted with the options available. Particularly nice is the wave sequencing section which allows TWO wave sequences. You can create simple rhythmic sections to full blown melodies and do so in a friendly near-analog style editor. Wave sequencing is taking a sample, triggering it's pitch and length. You can us multiple samples, polyphonic pitches and in general you can put it together in a friendly, intuitive way.

The sample synth engine is also intuitive while allowing for as much complexity as you wish to use. Do you need all the routings available? Probably not, but sound developers and producers will be thankful they are there.

Wusikstation is a cheery reinvention of a classic design that takes it to considerable lengths. The quality is wonderful and easy to adjust on the fly, a plus when mixing. It's layout is utilitarian but is skinnable and some of the skins are absolutely stunning in both form and function and because they look beautiful. Whether you think beauty matters is your own consideration. I care about the utility of skinning and further refining a well designed interface and it doesn't hurt that the synth is fun to look at.

One issue to seriously consider is "Is it exactly like a Wavestation". No; it's not and can't be. Korg owns the sample set and does not license it. You may be able to find copies of the sampleset but it is not legal to use unless you have the hardware and did the job. Consider that my "I said what had to be said" section. The Wusikstation is also not a Wavestation in terms of performance. Frankly, the old WS is weak in performance, programming and upgradability. If you want the themes behind the original, they're in Wusikstation and that should be the reason you'd want to shell over your hard earned money. But it's not a clone. It is vastly more synthesizer and but for a few overused sounds you can do almost everything the classic synth did and all the things you pleaded to see but were never paid mind to.

Rarely would I recommend a synth like this as a first synth but it is capable of doing traditional synthesis as well as exotic and neither are much more difficult from the other.

I can't see a person seriously consider the Korg product in comparison to Wusik's superior in all respects synth. WilliamK has been in the virtual synth world for nearly a decade and knows how to get things accomplished as shown on this, his exceptional debut. When somene wants to see something I expect; no, I demand to see the quality and you can do so with the lavish demo of Wusikstation.

For a first product of a new company there is a maturity that is impressive and pleasant. Wusikstation is a well designed, excellent sounding VSTi that will bring back fond memories of 1991 or so where it seemed sample playback synths were going to actually interesting.

It took soft synths to remind us of how fun sample based synths could be and Wusikstation is a reminder to those old and new on how a good design makes a good sound.

It is also a warning to hardware companies that hide behind mini-keyboards and clutter to keep nasty humans from ripping them off. You have a choice and it should annoy you as well. You pay for the synths you use, you shouldn't be forced to screw up your studio to make some company's paranoia slaked. If it isn't obvious by now, buy Wusikstation, save money, make music!
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Caleb [all]
December 5th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.09 on Windows

Wusikstation is an interesting creature in that like only few other VSTis around, it completely leaves behind the idea of fully dynamically computed waveforms that are the mainstay of other higher-end VST synths.

Instead, Wusikstation relies on multisamples and uses filters, eqs and fx to create a patch.

So do we have a synth here or a sampler?

First of all let me say that this is not a terribly convenient sampler for multisamples if that is what it's intended to be. You don't have any of the editing tools to create a multisample. You'll be doing all the editing and looping outside of Wusikstation and then using a free DOS utility to create a Wusikstation soundbank. This isn't as inconvenient as I may be implying but most samplers will have something better for this construction.

It is worth noting that there are 3rd party products that will convert from one soundbank type to Wusikstation. However, this is of course an additional cost.

However, I don't think Wusikstation really is meant to be a sampler. I believe it is created as a rompler engine or platform with an expandable soundset that lends itself to synth work.

I say this not because the soundbanks themselves have had mainly synth content as you could quite easily have lovely multi-sampled strings in there if you wish, but more because the shaping tools seem geared more towards a synth result.

You have 6 layers in this instrument - two of which are wavesequencers. Each layer has 4 filters that can be added either in parallel or in serial and 4 different bands of EQ. You have two insert FX which consists of Stereo Echo, Choruses, a Reverb and a Distortion which more to come in later releases no doubt.

Obviously we would want some ability to modulate various destination parameters to create movement and dynamics in our patches. Well this is where Wusikstation really excels.

The beast comes with 8 separate 4 stage envelopes, 8 separate LFOs with 8 different waveforms including a random, midi controllers that are freely assignable to destination functions, oscillators from the various layers able to act as modulation sources as well as the wave sequences modulators. It is missing the more flexible envelopes we have become used to seeing on synths like Rhino, Crystal and z3ta+. This does play against it somewhat in terms of features - however, as stated earlier wave sequences can be used as modulators which is a pretty happy compromise (more on those later).

With all of those possible modulators you'd imagine that there would need to be a comprehensive modulation matrix and you'd be right; 36 entries available divided over 6 pages.

Wusikstation has two Wavesequence layers. These both have all the shaping functions of the other 4 layers with the additional Wavesequencer. Each Wavesequencing layer has 12 possible wavesequence lances with 128 steps each that can be looped at any interval. These can be assigned within the wavesequencer itself to which sound is playing for each step (hello Wavestation), crossfade between steps, timing, volume, pan, fx controls, tuning and finetuning or can be left a wavesequence modulators to be used as a source within the modulation matrix.

And there's more. Wusikstation comes with its own X-Y pad which can be used to morph between the first 4 layers of the synth ProphetVS style; and can be assigned just like any other modulation source.

And then there are the standard modulations: velocity, aftertouch, pitch and some interesting performance-based modulations introducing some randomness per note.

Because of its complexity it is no surprise to find that patch design can be a little tedious. So if you like synths where you can build up your sounds very quickly, you might want to try the demo for a while before you make up your mind.

Because I've waffled a bit - the rest in a rush.

William definitely treats WS as his baby and I've had no complaints whatsoever in the service he's provided me.

The manual is usable but could be better - this doesn't surprise me in a small operation, but I think a synth this powerful and complicated deserves more comprehensive documentation.

The program is very stable and I've had no complaints at all with any of the final releases.

VFM - excellent. $99 is a bargain for this baby. And the major advantage is that quite a few have already jumped on board putting together expansion soundsets and patches for sale and sometimes for free. The sale items have thus far been VERY well priced and include the work off well respected sound designers like TotC productions and Teksonic. Soundsets like MiniMoog offerings and "The Second Wave" are available with more promised in the near future. And this is where things get really exciting because if you're a sound designer, Wusikstation has a great deal to offer, and if you're a preset puncher you'll be happy for ever and a day.

This is a fantastic buy at the price or indeed at twice the price.

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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By SuitcaseOfLizards [all]
December 5th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.09 on Windows

This is for the latest version (1.09) of Wusikstation.

Wusikstation was a bit of an impulse buy for me, as I wanted something to replace my EVE that was a little more flexible. I'm not a serious sound designer so I also wanted something that had a fair # of presets, and Wusikstation had a decent number and seemed well supported.

The default GUI is OK, but there are several skins and I found one that worked well for me. No complaints there, I can find my way around it without too much effort.

I *love* the sound! The factory banks are very useful, there are plenty of free banks that provide an extended pallette, and for-pay third party banks are coming out. Things sit well in a mix, and it can do mellow sounds, pads, and weird noises equally well. It's not as "warm" as a virtual analog, but that's not a minus as far as I'm concerned. Plenty of features - layers, built in FX, wavetables, too much there for me to learn!

Customer support is excellent, William lives on K-V-R I think and he's always on top of any issues. I've never run into a crash bug with Wusikstation, though admittedly I don't push it, but it's rock stable for me.

Value for money? I paid $50 in a group buy, and I got an instrument worth three times that easily! It *can't* get any better value-wise without having William starve to death from lack of income (lol).

If you're looking for a good instrument with a wide variety of free and for-pay presets, that's not heavy on your CPU and can provide a ton of excellent, usable sounds, go buy Wusikstation NOW!
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By NedK [all]
December 5th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.9b on Windows

I bought Wusikstation back in October, so I’ve had a good bit of time to work and play with it before doing this evaluation.

The UI is great. It didn’t take me long to get familiar with it. I find tweaking patches / samples easy to do. Wusik looks cool, is skinable, and there’s a nice selection of optional skins to choose from.

I own Kontact, so I wasn’t really looking for a sample based VSTi for my flagship synth. (Wusikstation is my flagship synth!) I had the demos for a bunch of the more popular VST synths out there, and choose Wstation because it just sounds fantastic. Bass sounds kick butt. Lead sounds are amazing. Pads are inspirational. I guess it’s the filters. Whatever it is…I like it! And that’s without any wave sequencing. Patches with well-programmed wave sequences are mind-blowing. There are a couple of commercial sample conversion programs that convert many sample formats to the Wusik format. I’ve converted a bunch of my “.GIG” and “Soundfont” samples into Wusiktation format, as well as a lot of “wave file” samples with great success. This assures a bright future for us WS owners.

The owner’s manual is good stuff. Told me what I needed to know.

Presets range from just OK to exceptional. But there are lots of them! And all of them can be easily tweaked to taste. (Make sure and check out Teksonik’s most excellent bank) There are a few 3rd party soundsets for Wstation and more on the way. There is a very enthusiastic and talented Wusikstation user base. It’s a safe bet to expect a lot of high quality user banks ahead.

Value for the money? $50.00 is what I paid in the Oct. group buy. That’s the best value in the history of musical instruments!

As far as stability goes the only problem I’ve had was a bug in a recent update which was fixed before I could report it. William (the developer) is really into it, and is all over the Wusik forum. Customer support is A+.

This synth is a truly versatile instrument.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By nuisance sonore [all]
December 2nd, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.2.1 on Windows

Wusikstation is the first commercial software synthesizer I’ve bought. Unfortunately for other developer, it looks like I won’t need any more soft synth for a long while.

Wusikstation is so versatile and has so many options for sound design; I have yet to reach the end of what can be done with it. Yes, it’s that deep; you have to consider that, on top of the generous sound library that came with it, you can also use your own sample or commercial one released for it, layer, pitch shift and filter them to your heart content to get formidable sound before even getting to the wave sequencer or the mod matrix. Wow.

New soundsets and accompanying preset are released almost on a weekly basis, faster than I can grasp it all as I’m still going through the soundsets that came with it in the first place, even though I bough extra sound library already.

Then you get to the most spectacular asset of Wusikstation which is, in my opinion, the developer himself. WilliamK works very hard to develop this instrument, he’s very attentive to customer request, either for help or new features, is constantly looking for ideas in ways to improve his instrument, and if/when you find an actual bug and submit a report, it actually get fixed. I personally posted a bug report and got a bug fix for it posted to Wusik website 40 minutes later.
A class act all the way.

Edited for version 2.

Well, the version 2 added some nice sound to the palette and a few more options.

Unfortunately it added problems for me. It broke compatibility with version 1 made project, so I have to keep version 1 installed and it's corresponding data folders and switch from one to the next when I open old projects. It's also has a strange problems when switching projects in Tracktion where the patches get mixed up if I switch projects without exciting Tracktion. Had to lower the rating for stability due to that. But I wouldn't go back to version 1 full time of course, the new features and option are just too sweet for that.

On the plus side, the new way to manage patch and soundset is really welcome, too bad the browser can't be detached from the main interface.

Wusik.com stopped the association they had with Simon Cann for the manual, and it's too bad. The new manual is seriously lacking if you want to go a bit deeper into programming this synth, it's updated once in a while but not near often enough and, frankly, I would expect better from pro product. One thing a synth like this one could use is a signal flow chart, I found it real easy to loose sight of the signal flow once you've reached a page of modulation in the matrix, especially since some modualtion sources are monophonic while others stereophonic and hence incompatible.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By jzero [all]
November 21st, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.8b on Windows

This thing rocks!!!!!! Oh wait, I'm not allowed to say that. I'll say this instead:

WusikStation has two Wave-Sequence oscillators for stunning, evolving pads. WusikStation is extremely flexibile with a large modulation matrix. WusikStation is like a rompler in that it includes a large number of interesting sounds.

WusikStation often sounds great with just one oscillator. WusikStation is ideally suited for pad sounds. WusikStation has 8 tempo-synced LFOs. WusikStation has 8 velocity sensitive envelopes.

WusikStation has high-quality effects: reverb, delay, and chorus. WusikStation can use 8 wave sequencer slots as step-sequencers for modulation sources. WusikStation includes an XY controller. WusikStation can import wave files.

WusikStation provides great value for $100. WusikStation has an even more affordable group-buy discount price. WusikStation looks good, includes a lot of skins. WusikStation requires an SSE capable cpu. Older processors won't work. I'm very pleased with WusikStation.
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Wusik Station 7

November 21st, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.08 on Windows

This is the most AMAZING synth I have ever purchased. The User interface is very asthetically beautiful and the functionality is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Some people complain about its "lack of ease of use" and compare it to other synths such as EVE. Well, yes EVE is most likely easier to use. But THIS synth does about 20 times more! Also, the small wavetable editors are being fixed and released so they are much easier to use. It's Sound is great but that all really depends on the amount of features it has... WHICH IS ALOT! You can route anything to anything in the extensive mod matrix. Four filters per voice! Great mono mode with porta. for leads and retrigger option. The one thing that i, at first, thought this synth lacked in features is more complex envelopes... Luckily, You can use multiple wavetable drawable envelopes in the two wavetable section and route them to properties of the 4 basic oscilators/samplers! This is a huge plus! Plenty of information and docs on this synth and you can always check the user forum here at KVR. Also if you have bugs, Just report them and they ACTUALLY get fixed. One time I reported a bug and it got fixed the SAME day! This is unheard of customer service. A+. Also, Some of the gripes about the small tedious Wave sequencer step envelopes are FIXED in the new beta soon to be released! THe presets are great... But i NEVER use any presets on any synth because the purpose of a synth is to SYNTHESISE, but if presets are what floats your boat i'm sure you will be pleased. They do acurately portray what this thing is capable of. This thing is one of the only commercial synths that is actually WORTH YOUR MONEY! Especially if you do the monthly group buy you can get it for $49! Like i mentioned, I had a stability problem with a bug.. But i reported it and it was fixed the same day so this thing is stable and if it wasn't all i would have to do is let the developer know about it and presto chango! This thing is great. BEST VALUE HANDS DOWN!
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Cabinfever [all]
November 16th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

i was 50:50 about getting this device but since it was going cheap in the group buy i thought why not. unfortunately straight away is kept crashing fl studio. it turned out to be a bug for users on low-latency system (now fixed).

i found the gui to be extremely confusing - it's hard to tell which layer you're actually editing or where the effects are actually applied.

the wave sequencer is absurdly small and fiddly and one of the most unintuitive things i've seen recently in the vsti world.

modifying sounds is slow, click-intensive work. with so much going on you can't expect this to be super-fast, but i think it could certainly be better.

i believe this device was constructed as a sort of "super eve" and certainly the specs support that idea. the sound manipulation possibilities are huge !

but i still find eve much quicker and more effective.

also, many people rave about the "fanous keys" sets which come with wusik. well, some of them are interesting, but generally they are low quality, noisey samples.

on the other hand you can get hugely thick and swirling pads here for a tiny cpu hit. that's a big plus.

some new sets are coming out now like the moog samples which are much better. but the cost of each set reminds me of the printer-hardware trap: low initial purchase cost but very high running costs.

i'm not begrudging people good money for good woirk, but in the long run what seems a bargain may not be such good value. over the long haul it may be that something like the sonic synth might be better for the cost.

(edit for the cpu praise, fixed typos)
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Lunch Money [all]
November 15th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.08b on Windows

I acquired this instrument ridiculously cheap as part of a group buy (Canadians, be sure to check out Wusik.com's Interac offer).

I find the User interface to be above average in usability, and far above average in appearance. This is partly due to the fact that WS is skinnable, and there are already a large handful of alternative skins. It's fairly easy to navigate, though a few buttons are in out-of-the-way places that aren't immediately obvious. A half-hour of tinkering or reading the manual will get you sorted quickly, though.

The sound is fantastic. The possibilities are limited only by the wave files you choose to use for your tones. The standards are included (sine, saws, noise, etc.), but the real beauty starts to come out when using more complex sounds like acoustic instruments. I don't own another commercial synth of any sort of stature, so I cannot draw comparisons, but suffice it to say that the included sounds are wonderful and the third-party sounds are inspired.

Features... well, this synth can cover all the bases. It's not just a 'workhorse', though. The wavesequencing, included effects, multi-outs, and the ability to use your own effects make this an artfully executed piece of versatile code!

Documentation is adequate, if not spectacular, and the devoted developer and loyal user base are always willing to help.

Presets? It comes with one of the best sound-sets ever assembled, in the form of Famous Keys. This, in addition to the other included sounds, provides the user with a wide range of presets right from the beginning. A quick browse through the forum or Wusik.com will have the user armed with another stack of free presets and sounds. A small bit of money here and there will buy additional soundsets (and accompanying presets) created by well-known sound designers.

Customer Support has been extremely quick and friendly. Can't fault Wusik for the personalized attention they give! The developer and users make regular posts and answer questions quickly on the forum, as well.

Value for money was ludicrously good. At the full price ($99.95 US) this instrument would be a bargain. At the group buy price, I practically stole it from Wusik.com. I used the money saved to buy a few third-party sound sets, and I continue to feel that I've underpaid somebody somewhere.

In terms of stability, I've had one isolated problem, which was a tendency for notes to 'stick' when hot-switching patches (hot-switching is usually only done during auditioning, not during composition or playback of a song). The developer is already working on a fix and is beta-testing for the next stable release. I'll update the review when it's sorted out. Also, it's certainly not pervasive in all patches, and I can go entire sessions without encountering a stuck note. Other than that, it has never actually crashed on me, so the code base seems otherwise robust and stable.

Get this product before Wusik starts charging a proper price for it. ;) (Actually, they are continually finding ways to make it cheaper, so a price hike is never going to happen, but get it anyhow!)
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By tonySaunders [all]
November 13th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.8 on Windows

First off let me say that for $99 you can get an excellent, low cpu synth and nearly 1gb of samples and simply the best support there is.

The sounds on this vsti are really what sold it to me though - WillamK has done wonders with this 6 layer sample playing instrument that allows modulation patching that would even keep the modular enthusiast happy. Added to this the abilty to sequence 2 of the layers to play different soundsets (a la Xphraze but without the cpu lag) with cross fade this adds a vector element to an already powerful modulation synth.

But beyond all that, the support WillamK gives to the users of his new creation (he's always online and ready to answer you!) means that this synth is sure to have an excellent following.

The only downside - very minor I should add - I found was the manual contained mistakes and wasn't really helpful, but with a synth this new I'm sure that will change.

As someone who owns virtually all the big name vsti's this one is up there with the big boys.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Sensational [all]
November 1st, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.08 on Windows

I got lucky and had the chance to purchase this synth in the last three days of the group buy. This synth is breath taking! UI is clear, compact and simple especially for all the features that on board. You also get extra skins to download. Amoeba's light skin is my favorite.
The sound is unbelievable! After 1 min of going trhough patches, I was inspired to write tracks. Pads, detailed layers, sequences and more can be done with this powerful little synth.
The features are awesome! This is the most complete synth I have seen in a while.
Doc are perfect covering every feature and walks you through designing patches. It's also entertaining reading.
Presets simple stunning, deep and ever evolving. i toyed with the first patch for nearly and hour.
Customer Support top notch thanks to KVR forum. I order and ten minutes later I was playing.
The price point of $99 is a steal for this synth. I can only compare its sound and feartures to the Zeta+, with the scale tipping towards Wusikstation at the moment.
Stability, I have had a crash yet.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By Hypertone [all]
October 11th, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.1.2 on Windows

*Updated for V.2.1.2 Big package*

Wusikstation looks and feels great. The interface is very intuitive, but sometimes I find myself tweaking settings on the wrong layer. The wavesequencer window is too small, but William has a zoom feature planned in the next update. And I must mention that the GUI is skinnable. I am using Amoebe's Light Skin, it's very easy on the eyes.

*The new browser makes browsing patches so much easier, interface rating changed accordingly*

I tried the demo and I was very impressed as soon as I pressed a key. This synth is refreshingly different. It's not meant to emulate an analog synth. All of the sounds are produced by sampled waveforms, but what you can do with those waves is amazing. The pads are absolutely stunning. The wavesequencing ability can produce some awesome, evolving sounds, like a Wavestation, but with a better interface, and better sound. Not to mention you can load your own waves. The range of sounds is seemingly endless.

*The big package contains something like 1600+ presets and iirc over a gig of waves, 10:10 for presets*

Wusikstation is feature rich. There is a ton of sound sculpting possibilities. However there are some small details that I find to be missing, such as modulating LFO depth with another parameter, but it's possible to do this with midi learn in most cases.

*Update, this has been implemented since V2.1.1*

Documentation looks pretty good. I haven't really had to use it except to figure out how to load waves.

Customer Support. THE best support in the business. Period.

Wusikstation comes with over 1600 presets. Many of them are pad sounds, there are also plenty of leads, basses, bells, fx. I have programmed a very good acoustic piano using the "grand piano" wave, however there aren't many acoustic waves, most of them being from vintage synthesizers. I think an expansion with some good acoustic sounds that you would expect to find in a workstation "rompler" would really appeal to alot of users.

*Expansions are now available*

Wusikstation is a high end softsynth, it's up there with the very best of them, but it is still priced very reasonably. I joined the group buy, which made it a steal. It's the best VFM on the market IMO. I think some developers slap a $200 price tag on their product just so that it will appear more "professional". Unfortunately alot of users can't afford to pay that much for a softsynth. I think making your product available to more users at a lower price is a better business model.

*IMO WS 2 is the best softsynth on the market, I have demoed all of the high end synths and I can't justify buying them when I have something that is equally as good, and is some areas better that cost me far less than the competition*

I haven't had any crashes or glitches with Wusikstation, so I have to rate that a 10.

This is a deep, powerful synthesizer. If you haven't tried the demo, I highly suggest downloading it.
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By GenoX [all]
September 25th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.06 on Windows

Wusikstation is one of my most favorite innovative plugins that have been released in the last weeks. The sound is just incredible tho based on samplesets which are well recorded and clear. The Wavesequencer is one of the biggest strength WusikStation masters almost perfectly. Combined with a really huge modulationmatrix the sounddesignpossibilities are almost endless and ranges from thick and fat basses, leads, strange noises and effects to nearly endless morphing and evolving motionpads. With full skin support it makes the GUI very attractive to every user for its needs in colours and knobs. The greatest problem the GUI have is the far too small wavesequencer window making the editing of sequences very difficult on larger screensizes (WilliamK will include a zoom function in the next release).

There is also a huge sampleset delivered with WS including many famous vintage synths in usual and unusual samples used within many presets in several banks which are really useful and well programmed.

The implemented effects are another child in the VSTi that have to grow. There are only two classic types of them: chorus (dual/quad) and echo. they are very useful and also useable as flanger/phaserlike and reverb effects but there are missing some more experimental/playful effects like degrade, distorion or others of that kind.

The customer support is good and informative as far as i followed the forum. Nevertheless i didn't had a problem so i had no need to call for support.

The documentation is well done as PDF and easy to understand for beginners of this form of synthesis making the whole product a very worthy and good release.

thumbs up
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By LlunaSol [all]
September 13th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.4 on Windows

Finally the workstation age has come to the VSTi arena. After a long period of VA obsession finnally we got a 6 layers wavetable synths not for techno but for musicians and made by a musician.

I've never rated 10 on a synth on every category, but that time was necessary (don't believe me, have a look for yourself):

- 10 in User interface: clever GUI arrangement, skins options with many "looks" (and more to come)
- 10 in Sound: crisp and warm sound sound, wide wavetables selection
- 10 in Features: such a powerful engine that you'll never finnish its possibilities (and new features to come)
- 10 in Documentation: intro video, intro pdf and well documented 50 pages pdf
- 10 in Presets: one of my favourite points on WS wonderful list of inspiring sounds (probably all of them)
- 10 in Customer Support: well is WilliamK, you all know, someone ready to support you before making business
- 10 in VFM: I really think that the price is too low
- 10 in Stability: thanks to an extensive and clever public betatesting

All that is not an enthusiastic answer from a surprised fan, I've betatested many synths, but there have been many synths that had been a hype, just for having two or three oscillators and one or two filters, but when a serious musician finds such an easy architecture for creating complete soundtracks with a key (alla classic Wavestation) we can finnally concentrate on making music.

I've found easier to explain that way, because the engine is so complete that would take pages to detail and the sound is so inspiring that you simple have to download it and start enjoying, but beware, you could spend the whole night just with 4 or 5 presets and there are about 6 banks!!
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By NAS [all]
September 12th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.04 on Windows

When you first listen to WS its like knowing somethings right but not knowing what ,The truth of the matter is we cant put our finger on exactly what is so great about this synth but we haven't used any other synth since buying it ,We didn't waste too much time filling it up with recycled beats to see how it sounded ,Low and behold it actually cuts through a mix cleaner than Utonic ( And that really is saying something ).
Dont worry the fruits of our labour will be released soon.
Back to WS ,You may find a small learning curve involved in using the two wavsequencers but once mastered they sound wonderful allowing constantly evolving textures or hard modulated wall breakers ,All in all this is a great synth for the money and we cant wait to see what it matures into.


Part 2

After using this plugin more and more we really have no need for any other synths here ,If you want an analogue style sound just program it like an analogue if you want a digital style sound just program it like a digital ,We've already put out various soundsets and presets for WS and a lot more are coming hopefully this week and thats because its a pure joy to program anything beats synths even sequences.

Part 3

I Had to put the GUI score upto ten, A couple of reasons really and they are the wealth of different GUIs out there and the fact that my original gripe about the waveseqs being too small was taken care of a long time ago :)
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Wusik Station 7

Reviewed By MickGael [all]
September 10th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Another masterpiece from WilliamK.

Wusikstation is a hybrid vector and wavesequencer sample-based synth that picks up where Eve left off. Like Eve, it sounds great, is very CPU friendly, and is reasonably priced.

William is also very responsive to user-feedback, which is a major plus.

I'm happy to say that it's been rock-solid on my machine, which I've come to expect from WIlliamK's work.

You really should check out the demo. But be warned - you'll want one.

Wusik.com gives you the the option of downloading the entire sound-set for the demo, which means when you buy the full-version all you need to do is download the authorized VST itself. Great idea!

Lastly, there are lots of dead-sexy skins you can grab for free.

I expect to use this alot. Great synth!
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8 August 2019 at 7:54am

Bought the Wusikstation V9 the other day. Is it possible to install it under OS X Yosemite? Installer says no.

After extracting the package and moving the vst3 files to the Audio -> Plugin Folder Cubase finds the VST but it there is an issue with the Engine / Skins Folder. It is a public folder, but Wusikstation does not seem to recognize the folder even after pointing to it. Any help?

10 August 2019 at 5:57pm

Only saw this today, sorry for the delay. Be sure to download the Mac OS X files and not the Windows installer. On OS X you need to set the Wusik Engine Data folder with write permissions, you can google on how to do that on OS X. Also, OS X doesn't merge folders when you copy two with the same name, sadly, you need to do that manually.

20 November 2019 at 6:57pm

Well designed. Deep yet easy to understand and navigate. Very Nice!.

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