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Metro v6.2.2.1 released

Sagan Technology has released Metro v6.2.2.1. Upgrades from all other versions of 6.2 are free, upgrades from older 6.x releases costs $29.99.

The following list includes changes to Metro, Metro SE and Metro LX. Some changes may not be applicable to specific products.

  • New: Better compatibility with certain flavors of IK Multimedia TRack-S.
  • New: A version number column has been added to the plug-ins window.
  • New: Multiple Undo with user size setting in buffer preferences. Other major enhancements were made to the undo system including: Undo tempo from the Section Event Editor, Undo drum Name drag, Undo Clear plug-in from the Effects window, Undo the insertion of track loops, Undo the archiving of tracks, Undo audio import, Undo MIDI file drag, Undo multi section clear in section window, Undo create subsection, Undo output selection.
  • Plug-in editor windows are remembered and restored.
  • New: MIDI Document Icon for OS X.
  • New: 'wait for note' mode now works with audio and soft-synths.
  • New: Optimization should improve drawing speed of audio overviews.
  • New: Recognized files dragged to the tracks window are now accepted.
  • New: Plug-in editor windows are marked with their section and track location in the windows menu.
  • New: Soft-synths installed after other soft-synths in an effect chain are now flagged and an error message appears.
  • New: Metro now only saves program names to .ins files. The long standing reason why metro was not doing this was because there was no mechanism for storing sysex in .ins files. Sagan Technology has developed its own solution to this problem by adding a MIDI stream (MIDIS) command to the .ins file specification. We are hoping that Cakewalk with ratify this change soon.
  • New: The plug-in popup, when selected on an aux buss, now shows all plug-ins not just soft-synths.
  • New: The jukebox can now read iTunes information written into .aif files such as title, artist and more.
  • New: Context-sensitive help can now be invoked using your local file system (OS X only). To do so you will need to download the Manual.sitx file from our web site. Unstuff it and place the resultant folder named 'Manual' in the Metro folder. Then from the help menu turn on 'local help'.
  • New: Help tags can be turned off and on via the help menu.


  • Fixed: Several problems with notation have been corrected.
  • Fixed: The plug-in column of the tracks window was being reset and thus disappearing upon reloading of Metro documents.
  • Fixed: The Jukebox window was not returning to the beginning or previous song properly when the left arrow button was pressed in some cases.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous cosmetic problems.
  • Fixed: Cut and paste of full audio tracks was broken if the audio regions referenced files that were marked as deletable.
  • Fixed: The correct cursor type is now selected if the mouse is over the drum names or drum set regardless of what graphic editor tool is selected.
  • Fixed: Drum sets and drum names can be selected regardless of what graphic editor tool is selected.
  • Fixed: It was possible that notes from the beginning of a looped soft-synth track could play on the last iteration of the loop in some cases.
  • Fixed: When a plug-in was cleared, its automation was not.
  • Fixed: Changing the tempo now moves automation with the audio.
  • Fixed: When the first soft-synth in a chain is cleared it was possible that the new chain's output was not being set to the original output.
  • Fixed: On some occasions, particularly after mixing or rendering audio, Metro would leave notes on in soft-synths.
  • Fixed: Better stability with some plug-ins, notably VirSyn:Cube.
  • Fixed: Metro was not playing back 8 bit .wav files correctly in the jukebox.
  • Fixed: Metro was not playing back 8 bit .aiff files correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed: There were still some cases where subsections containing soft-synths would be out of sync with audio and MIDI.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor display abnormalities.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous display optimizations under OS X.
  • Fixed: A problem where automation was being data sent even if automation play was off in the mixer window.
  • Fixed: Continuous data display of EFX automation has been enhanced.
  • Fixed: Core Audio latencies are calculated more accurately.
  • Fixed: multiple track paste could have failed in some rare cases.
  • Fixed: multiple track paste was not always restoring the copied soft-synths properly.
  • Fixed: audio overviews are drawn more accurately.
  • Fixed: Subsection events contained on a muted track were, in some cases, not being triggered so that unmuting the track would not cause the subsection to play.
  • Fixed: The selection is transposed correctly after certain note drag operations.
  • Fixed: Preferences are now migrated into a new Metro 6 Preferences file. This solves backward compatibility problems with the old preferences file.
  • Fixed: Some very old versions of Metro did not store automation correctly. Metro now detects and automatically fixes this problem.
  • Fixed: A possible crash if working with bypass automation in the graphic editor and then switching to EFX automation.
  • Fixed: For some unknown reason, reportedly starting with, if internal channels are allocated before audio input is selected, audio input was impossible.
  • Fixed: A lock up was possible if a recent file was deleted from the finder before returning to Metro.
  • Fixed: Small memory leaks.
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