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Black Rooster Audio
Wittensteinstrasse 140, 42285 Wuppertal, Germany

Black Rooster Audio is a German based manufacturer of premium quality audio plugins - to be used with the most popular host applications such as Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic and many others. We put all our effort into conceiving and creating awesome software - not only to support you in your everyday recording, mixing or mastering process, but to provide creative and inspiring tools. As musicians ourselves, we know what the requirements and expectations for great music software are, besides the functional basis.

Products by Black Rooster Audio

Latest reviews of Black Rooster Audio products

Reviewed By Faydit
October 16th, 2022

In principle a really good plate reverb plugin. Seems to sound much smoother, rounder, more diffuse, more naturally and organically than a typical EMT-140 based plate reverb plugin.

I still am not sure, if I really like this smoothness so much as a replacement for or alternative to a typical EMT-140 plate reverb, but the RO-GOLD has it's own, more unique character and sounds very good in my opinion for some decent reverberation, wetter sounds rather remind me of a mix between a very good studio spring reverb plus some very warm real room reverberation, which is no bad result, but in my opinion not exactly the kind of tone, I personally associate with a typical, very intense plate reverb.

In other words, the RO-GOLD sounds in some way more naturally, more organically to me than a EMT-140, which has more this typical metallic plate reverb character, while the RO-GOLD already has more the character of some excellent, very well balanced real room reflections.

I personally would prefer it over most ambient reverbs, because of the beautiful natural character, which (still) sounds very unused and different to most other (plate) reverb plugins.

The few controls are sufficient for proper adjustment, reverb tones like these ones hardly will need more controls. If you like them, you like them, if not, more controls also hardly will change this impression.

As it is freeware you cannot do much wrong and try it.

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Cypress TT-15
Reviewed By Ripthorn2
December 26th, 2020

Great classic Orange tone. Simple controls. It does get rather noisy when the gain is up, but that is to be expected with an amp sim like this. It does require registration with BlackRooster Audio, as it requires a serial number code to unlock the plugin, otherwise it won't work. Still, a great little plugin for getting that Orange sound.

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Cypress TT-15
Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
March 8th, 2020

A free amp basically mimicking an Orange Tiny Terror. Easy to control, does decent mid to high gain sounds. CPU usage is also low enough to work for live tracking.

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The Canary
Reviewed By jayfreeman
December 23rd, 2015

Totally screwed up my Ableton Live 9.5
Im still stuck after i uninstalled Canary, uninstalled Live and installed Live again
I could not even fix it with the install program (option REPAIR was not available)

I'm still stuck, i need infos on how to uninstall your licence manager. (which is probably the cause of it)

Another thing, you should change the font used on your web site and in the VST for showing serial and HD id.
I and L are alike as well as 0 and O.

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The Canary
Reviewed By Van der Naasjes
December 5th, 2015

Sounds like a good idea but it doesn't sound like anything at all on my system (cubase 5.53, win8). So I'm left with a kind of a deluxe channel mute plugin which truly deserves a minimum amount of 100 chars to describe its sheer beauty. Especially John Cage fans will love it since it is the perfect virtual instrument to recreate his piece 4'33''.

Ok, let's get serious again: Several weeks ago I contacted the manufacturer and described my problem. No response yet.

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