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Reviewed By The Noodlist
September 13th, 2020

I like it but hate the GUI, a scaleable interface and darker colours would be appreciated, with that said, I think it's a very useful EQ.

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Reviewed By mindbeet
November 11th, 2015

It's easy to like Klevgränd and their approach to sound and graphic design, especially on the iPad where they are intuitive and quick. When ported to VST however they appear more like toys. Most plug-ins need some gain-staging to perform at their full capacity, and to do that You need some metering. This one has nothing of that, or at most a minimal amount. It's hard to fault the sound however, loud sounds better, and this one goes really loud without any obvious artifacts. It works great on a digital source without background noise to even out the sound and make it louder, but I wouldn't trust it on an acoustic recording or the master bus. It's true that if it sounds good, it is good. But I personally would really like some more control. It just doesn't feel right if I can't verify my settings visually after some hours of mixing. The GUI looks great and is intuitive, maybe if they add some more controls and meters in an expert mode I would use it more.

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