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Products by URS

Latest reviews of URS products

FullTec Program EQ

Reviewed By multree [all]
January 10th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows

okay due to the guidelines I am not allowed to say "This thing rocks!!!!!!" so I won't... yeah I like to obey me some rules.

I recently started using pro tools again since all my VST hosts were lacking in one or more respect (be it stability, reliability or recording features). with my upgrade to Pro Tools 7 came the Pultec Bundle from Bomb Factory ("hey isn't this about the URS FullTec!" - "Gimme a sec, we'll get to that soon enough")

while this Pultec emulations sounded very good they had a shortcoming... they come in different flavours, and one has to choose if it's the midrange or the top and bottom end that is important right now....

NOW THE FullTec takes a different approach.... it combines the best aspects of different Pultec Flavours and combines them into one big amazing sounding Program EQ.

When working on the bass or the high frequencies you get seperate boost and attenuation controls which means you can use them both at the same time - now why would someone want to do that: well due to the architecure of the Pultecs those two knobs can cause subtle and sweet sounding phase shifts - which means you can get a different sound without changing the volume of the frequencies.

but it's a hard thing to describe it's really the best just to try it... well you'd need an iLok for that, since the demo version needs to be authorized. and while I have absolutely no problem with iLoks some users don't or don't have enough USB slots left.

anyway this beast really sounds wicked... and it looks even better than the BLT (the blue is sooo soothing)

All in all it is one of the smoothest & lushest EQs I have used so far.

It doesn't come with presets so it only gets one point in the category from me, but since it is so fun too use and EQ presets are pretty much worthless anyway it's a minor thing. if you still need some presets I'm happy to share the ones I came & come up with myself (which are in RTAS format btw).

sorry if I sound like a fanboy - I guess I just am. I love my FullTec
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Reviewed By multree [all]
May 12th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Okay well, this is my kinda thing: three knobs, fantastic sound & super easy to use.

I got the BLT during the "I'll EQ you in May" promotion and paid only half the price because of that.

well what do you write about an EQ with only three knobs... tell you what if you put it on the master right before a decent limiter, turn the bass and treble up and the volume down a tiny bit... you have an instant-sweet-sound

well there weren't any presets so I gave 1 points in that category... well you wouldn't need presets but I remember people bithching about the lack of presets on one knob compressors (which will be left unnamed)

it's got a Pace copy protection which requires an iLok but that's actually a plus for me since it never crashed my system and it feels more like owning the stuff you buy..

not much else to say.... I love it and wouldn't give it away anymore

oh well one more thing I wanna add... I love the GUI artwork - it's fun to look at and in combination with the sounds it delivers this is a top plug-in for me.... over all I'd give it a 10/10
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