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News Archive for January 2007

31st January 2007Defective Records releases Major Malfunction for Live

31st January 2007SynthFont updated to v1.062

31st January 2007Xponaut releases Voice Tweaker v4.1

31st January 2007Tascam announces 6 GIGA Virtual Instruments

30th January 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0.4

30th January 2007Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v2.8.1 and Analogflux Suite Tapebus to v1.5.2

30th January 2007KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster v1.0.4.1 (FREE & Standard versions)

30th January 2007Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio v4.21; adds WaveRT support

29th January 2007reFuse Software releases Lowender

29th January 2007Neotec updates Cetone033

29th January 2007VertexDSP releases FaderWorks v1.1

29th January 2007Aixcoustic Creations releases Electri-Q v1.7

29th January 2007Pro-Sounds releases Two New Sound-sets for Vanguard

29th January 2007Mutagene releases Anticode v0.9.8

29th January 2007g200kg releases SmallQoo v1.0.2a

29th January 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.79

26th January 2007Sinevibes releases Gateboy v1.0

26th January 2007Antress releases Modern Limiting Amplifier MLA-5 v1.0

26th January 2007Mig Music announces B4 Organ Sounds Collection 25% Discount Offer

26th January 2007Safwan Matni releases InterContinental

26th January 2007Tone2 updates BiFilter2 to v2.1

26th January 2007SQ8L updated to v0.82 (alpha)

26th January 2007Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.2 build 1249

26th January 2007XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.19.4 beta

25th January 2007W.Grabowski announces VSTi Sample Player

25th January 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.71

25th January 2007NOVUZEIT releases Sizzle Spine v1.0

25th January 2007Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manager to v3.0.2

25th January 2007Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.0.1

25th January 2007SynthFont updated to v1.061

25th January 2007Novation unveils Automap Universal

25th January 2007HERCs Music Systems releases Abakos PRO v1.0

24th January 2007Redmatica releases Keymap (Advanced Editor for EXS24)

24th January 2007Lexicon announces MX300 and MX500 Reverb Effects Processors

24th January 2007Starplugs Xciter 50% Discount Offer

24th January 2007Neotec releases Cetone033, CetoneSynth and CetoneLight

24th January 2007Sagan Technology releases Metro v6.3.8.3

24th January 2007Antress releases Modern Series v1.25

23rd January 2007u-he releases More Feedback Machine v2.0 Public Beta

23rd January 2007u-he releases Filterscape Universal Binaries for Intel Macs

23rd January 2007u-he updates Zebra to v2.1

23rd January 2007NuGen Audio releases Line-up v2.0

23rd January 2007Neuenberger releases TigerDelay

23rd January 2007jVSTwRapper v0.9a now available (incl. Universal Binary)

23rd January 2007Northern Winds Records releases Richard Lichten Legacy for Korg's MS-20 and Polysix

23rd January 2007MAGIX updates Sequoia and Samplitude to v9.02

22nd January 2007Blue Cat Audio releases FreqAnalyst

22nd January 2007Simple-Media releases String Thing 2

22nd January 2007SoundHack releases FreeSound Bundle v5.1

22nd January 2007Audiosonic releases DigiDrum Pro

22nd January 2007macProVideo.com releases Ableton Live 6 Tutorial Videos

22nd January 2007Pro-Sounds releases Tesseract for Wusikstation

22nd January 2007Xponaut releases VoiceTweaker v4.1 beta

22nd January 2007TC-Helicon announces VoiceWorksPlus (hardware with VST editor)

22nd January 2007Access Music releases OS v2.0 for Virus TI

22nd January 2007Primo Media releases bassPath v1.0 and updates voxReducer to v1.2.1

22nd January 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.0.5

22nd January 2007Venusian Snails updates Tatapoum to v4.035

21st January 2007Kotkas updates Paax Pro to v3.1.2

21st January 2007XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.19.3 beta

21st January 2007Sony updates Vegas to v7.0d

20th January 2007East West / Quantum Leap announces Six New Virtual Instruments

20th January 2007East West unveil new 64-bit Advanced Sample Engine with built-in Network Control

19th January 2007Korg announces M3 Music Workstation/Sampler (Hardware with plug-in editor)

19th January 2007SONiVOX MI announces Broadway Big Band

19th January 2007Way Out Ware announces KikAxxe

19th January 2007UltimateSoundBank announces Beat Inc.

19th January 2007Sony announces Native versions of the Oxford Plug-ins range (VST & AU)

19th January 2007AraldFX updates DKS Pro to v1.0b

19th January 2007MusicLab updates RealGuitar to v2.1.3

19th January 2007Ohm Force announces imminent release of Ohmicide:Melohman

19th January 2007Native Instruments announces Traktor Scratch

19th January 2007Mackie releases Tracktion 3

19th January 2007Devine Machine Software unveils Krishna Synth

19th January 2007Native Instruments announces AUDIO 8 DJ

19th January 2007VSL announces Appassionata Strings and US Price Increase

19th January 2007E-MU announces Xtreme Lead X Sound Library for Emulator-X and Proteus-X

19th January 2007Native Instruments announces the NI Education Program

19th January 2007E-MU announces Emulator X2 Platinum Streaming Sampling Synthesizer

19th January 2007IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition

19th January 2007Focusrite announces Saffire PRO 10 i/o

19th January 2007KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster FREE! v1.0.3.1

19th January 2007SynthFont updated to v1.060

19th January 2007Cakewalk and Roland announce REAC Recording Technology for Cakewalk's SONAR and Roland's RSS Digital Snake System

19th January 2007Cakewalk announces SONAR LE update

19th January 2007Cakewalk to update SONAR Power Studio

19th January 2007IK Multimedia to Distribute RiffWorks Standard Worldwide

19th January 2007Edirol releases PCR-800 / 500 / 300 Keyboard Controllers

19th January 2007SSL announces Drumstrip for Duende

19th January 2007Sony Media Software releases Vital Drums: The Vitale Collection [ACID|WAV]

18th January 2007Muse Research announces new Receptor Pro Junior Configuration

18th January 2007Muse Research announces new Plug-in Compatibility with Receptor

18th January 2007KORG Legacy Collection - Analog Edition 2007, including Mono/Poly, released (incl. Universal Binaries)

18th January 2007GForce announce Virtual String Machine

18th January 2007Ueberschall releases SCORETRAX

18th January 2007IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube StompIO to Ship in 2nd Quarter 2007

18th January 2007Cakewalk announces SONAR Home Studio 6 and SONAR Home Studio 6 XL

18th January 2007Steinberg and Yamaha announce Cubase AI4

18th January 2007IK Multimedia announces Miroslav Philharmonik Classik Edition

18th January 2007Cakewalk announces SONAR v6.2 update

18th January 2007TerraTec Producer announces WAVE XTABLE VI

18th January 20074Front Technologies releases TruePianos

18th January 2007Rob Papen announces Predator

18th January 2007Sonic Reality announces Ocean Way Drums

18th January 2007Studio ProFiles Artist Stereo Master Editions announced

18th January 2007Rhythm & Soul Drum Sessions and British Rock Drum Sessions Studio ProFile Multitrack Groove Collections released

18th January 2007Ueberschall announces Liquid Trumpet

18th January 2007Garritan announces Gofriller Solo Cello

18th January 2007Garritan introduces 'Drag and Drop' Software Instruments

18th January 2007Arturia announces Origin

18th January 2007Arturia announces Jupiter-8V

18th January 2007PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2007 build 228 beta

18th January 2007Ueberschall updates Elastik Instruments Series to v1.5.1.0 (Mac only)

18th January 2007Toontrack Music announces EZplayer Free

18th January 2007Cakewalk announces Project5 v2.5

17th January 2007Celemony announces Melodyne v3.2 and releases MSL the voice 1 & 2

17th January 2007AudioRealism releases Bass Line 2

17th January 2007NOVUZEIT releases Iridesynth's Revenge

17th January 2007g200kg releases SmallQoo v1.0.1a

17th January 2007HairerSoft releases Amadeus Pro v1.0

17th January 2007The Sound Guy updates SFX Machine RT to v1.0.7

17th January 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.78

17th January 2007iZotope updates iDrum to v1.53

16th January 2007Audio Impressions to unveil DVZ Realtime Instruments at NAMM

16th January 2007Safwan Matni releases Safwan Soundfont Player

16th January 2007MB PlugIns releases Spaceman v2.0

16th January 2007PSPaudioware releases VintageWarmer2 & updates MasterQ to v1.5 (incl. Universal Binaries)

16th January 2007Puremagnetik releases Wavebase for Ableton Live 6

16th January 2007Modartt updates Pianoteq to v1.0.4 and launches Group Buy

16th January 2007Native Instruments releases Demo Version of the KORE software

16th January 2007expert sleepers updates Minky Starshine AU to v1.0.6

15th January 2007Overloud announces Breverb

15th January 2007Metric Halo announces ChannelStrip for Garage Band 33% Discount Offer

15th January 2007The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine Pro v1.1

15th January 2007Soundbytes updates Sympathizer to v1.0 RC3

15th January 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases Alpha Construct for Zebra 2

15th January 2007Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana beta to v0.40

15th January 2007Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor for Kontakt to v1.20

15th January 2007Tascam updates GVI (Giga Virtual Instrument) to v3.54

15th January 2007Teragon Audio releases DualComp v1.0 beta 2

15th January 2007reViSiT v0.89.5 alpha released

15th January 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.0.4

15th January 2007Acustica Audio updates Nebula2 Free to v1.2.720

15th January 2007MUTOOLS releases LUNA Pre-Release 5c

15th January 2007blocc updates hiPass to v1.1

15th January 2007XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.19.2 beta

15th January 2007Tasty Mousakas updates DH Wrapper to v1.2

15th January 2007Voxengo updates Crunchessor to v1.7.2

12th January 2007Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9305

12th January 2007Image Line announces imminent release of FL Studio 7

12th January 2007PSPaudioware updates PSP EffectsPack (incl. Universal Binary)

12th January 2007Nucleus SoundLab announces MultiBoost Pak for Stylus RMX

12th January 2007Mig Music offer Model E Sounds Collection Vol. 1 at 60% Discount

12th January 2007Fred Welsh releases SCB-1 v1.1

12th January 2007Venusian Snails releases Tatapoum v4.0.2 Drum Sampler / Sequencer

12th January 2007MAGIX pre-announces The Analogue Modelling Suite, Vintage Effects Suite Pro and VariVerb Pro (VST)

12th January 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.0

11th January 2007Synthogy updates Ivory for OS X / AU to v1.6.2

11th January 2007Maizesoft releases Maize Studio v1.0 beta 2

11th January 2007d16 Group Drumazon v0.9.81 Pre-release Demo Now Available (Win & Mac)

11th January 2007MUTOOLS releases LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited pre-release 5

11th January 2007Native Instruments updates Bandstand to v1.0.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

10th January 2007AraldFX releases DKS Pro Drum Synth

10th January 2007VirSyn updates TERA to v3.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

10th January 2007FASoft updates n-Track Studio to v5.0.3

10th January 2007Native Instruments updates Akoustik Piano to v1.1.2

9th January 2007Zero-G releases Degrees of Abstract [HAL|KON|REX|WAV]

9th January 2007Pro-Sounds updates daHornet Collection to v2.0

9th January 2007VertexDSP releases FaderWorks for Mac OS X

9th January 2007Audio Ease releases Altiverb 6 (incl. Universal Binary)

9th January 2007Muse Research & Sounds Online extend Receptor Software Bundle Offers through January

9th January 2007Devine Machine Software releases Lucifer v2.1 (incl. AU & Universal Binary)

9th January 2007Groove Monkee releases World Beats for GURU and EZDrummer Latin EZX

9th January 2007MusE v1.0 alpha Now Available

9th January 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.77

9th January 2007Native Instruments releases Reaktor v5.1.2 demo version

9th January 2007Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.6.1

9th January 2007Katsura updates KS Chromatic Tuner AU and KS Strobe Tuner AU to v1.3

8th January 2007Acustica Audio releases Nebula2 Free v1.2.711

8th January 2007Yellow Tools releases Independence Convertor

8th January 2007ExperimentalScene updates SpatialVerb VST to v0.0.3

8th January 2007EdgeSounds releases Native Russian Vol. 1 for Kontakt

8th January 2007Tone2 releases BiFilter2 for Windows

8th January 2007Mutagene releases Anticode v0.9.5

8th January 2007Sugar Bytes updates Robotronic to v1.1

8th January 2007Musicrow Group updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5 to v1.41

7th January 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.61

7th January 2007Synapse Audio releases Hydra, Poly-850, Scorpion & Plucked String Audio Units (incl. Universal Binaries)

7th January 2007MusE v0.9pre2 Now Available

7th January 2007RML Labs releases SAWStudio v4.0c (SAWStudioBasic v1.5c)

5th January 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v2.64

5th January 2007LinPlug releases Dance Xtreme for Sophistry

5th January 2007Siegfried Kullmann releases SQ8L v0.81 (alpha)

5th January 2007112dB Software announces Morgana Sampler

5th January 2007Wave Arts announces Master Restoration Suite

5th January 2007Audio Damage releases Replicant

5th January 2007expert sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v2.1.5

5th January 2007Sagan Technology releases Metro v6.3.8.2

4th January 2007Audiosonic releases DigiDrum Classic and announces DigiDrum Pro

4th January 2007Safwan Matni releases Jazz Baby

4th January 2007Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manager to v3.0.1

4th January 2007Maizesoft releases Maize Studio v1.0 beta 1

4th January 2007KV331 Audio updates Synthmaster FREE! to v1.0.2.1

4th January 2007Sonalksis launches SV-315 Compressor Mk2 and SV-517 Equaliser Mk2

3rd January 2007Sonalksis releases SV-719 Analogue Gate

3rd January 2007Blue Cat Audio releases Remote Control Plug-ins

3rd January 2007ASWave releases PolyKeys beta

3rd January 2007Shuriken releases CopyShop

3rd January 2007Discovery Sound releases I Love Tibet (WAV|REX|KON|BAT)

3rd January 2007Yellow Matter Entertainment releases Steven Slate Drums (WAV|GOG)

3rd January 2007LinPlug updates Organ 3 to v3.0.1

3rd January 2007WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.09

3rd January 2007Mig Music Pro52/53 Sound Collection 40% discount - Deadline extended

2nd January 2007Garritan announces Marching Band

2nd January 2007Audiofile Engineering releases Sample Manager 3

2nd January 2007Crysonic releases Spectralive NXT

2nd January 2007AAS updates Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog & String Studio (incl. Universal Binaries)

2nd January 2007Tascam updates GVI (Giga Virtual Instrument) to v3.53

2nd January 2007reFX releases Vanguard v1.6.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

2nd January 2007Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.7

2nd January 2007ExperimentalScene releases SpatialVerb VST v0.0.1

2nd January 2007Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth to v0.9.7

2nd January 2007Safwan Matni releases Baglama+

2nd January 2007NUSofting releases Peti v2.0 (incl. Universal Binary)

2nd January 2007Tasty Mousakas updates DH Wrapper to v1.1

2nd January 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.59

2nd January 2007Mutagene releases Anticode v0.9.1

2nd January 2007NovaDSP releases GXStack build 1104

2nd January 2007Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.2.10

2nd January 2007Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v3.0.1

2nd January 2007reFX releases Nexus demo version (and updates to v1.0.9)

2nd January 2007Jack Dark releases NUCLEAR CRANIUM

2nd January 2007Magix releases Samplitude v9.01 demo version

2nd January 2007NOVAkILL releases BRAINkILLER, EGOkILLERversion2 and FEARkILLER X2

2nd January 2007u-he releases Howard Scarr Signature Bank for Zebra2