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Cockos updates REAPER to v1.71

Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.71


  • Smoothseek (seek at end of X measures, or at markers) option (in options menu and snap config).
  • Reduced rme skip for project load/undo.
  • Fixed some VST plug-ins causing heap corruption on "apply fx".
  • Bunch of code to better handle heap corruption.
  • Renamed "Transparency" submenu of docker menu to "Opacity".
  • Added "Auto-opaque when active" setting to docker opacity menu.
  • Fixed loading of projects with comments with mixed quotes in them.
  • Scott Stillwell's expander and autoexpander fx!.
  • Denorm fixes in expander fxs.
  • Slight update to asynchronous file writing logic.
  • Fix for tobybear humanisator.

Changes since v1.61:

  • Docker: fixed the unattached docker's child size so it doesn't show borders.
  • Docker: added transparency setting (in docker tab right-click context menu).
  • Enter in undocked track mixer view titles doesn't set focus to master playspeed.
  • "copy loop" gives error message if no loops copied.
  • Master controls on right option for mixer.
  • User configurable mousewheel zoom/scroll modifiers (prefs/editing/mouse).
  • Fixed automatic number of cpu/core detection.
  • Minimized folder tracks don't get unminimized on zoom.
  • All notes off sent on stop when "Always run fx" is on.
  • MIDI editor: F1-F12 keys as step sequencer is now optional.
  • Updated synchronous disk reading logic.
  • Changed audio prebuffering default to 100%.
  • Items on record enabled tracks are now delay compensated (though when monitoring with certain routing involved they may not be).
  • Rewire slave: performance enhancements, and low-cpu, frame latency mode (enabled by default).
  • ASIO: buffers are zeroed right before ASIOstart(), changed shutdown sequence when playing for RME drivers.
  • ASIO: less glitches on stop.
  • Reamote: removed "experimental" status, reamote is very reliable.
  • Stillwell's fantastic thunderkick and hugebooty bass enhancers.
  • Tempo envelope now shows up to 3 digits of precision for BPM.
  • BPM display for project BPM removes trailing 0s.
  • VST: better support for sending MIDI to effects that aren't synth that can take MIDI.
  • VST: support for deprecated tempo querying.
  • Fixed playback of empty events issue.
  • Tweaked ripple editing behavior on shuffle/slip modes.
  • Item autosplit snap offset fixes and detection fixes.
  • Item quantize fixes, autoextend left/shorten previous item options.
  • Fixed saving of renderahead settings in prefs/audio/buffering.
  • Option to inform VSTs of offline rendering state.
  • Reaverb: quality fixes (CPU use went up but it's still quite fast).
  • Stillwell plug-ins better support tempo changes.
  • Better zoomed in sample views (easier to see discrete samples, optional).
  • Better autoscroll on drag behavior (less accidental scrolls).
  • Arrows in main horizontal scrollbar now scroll by 1/8th of a page.
  • Sunken borders for VU meters, better VU meter muted/unsoloed display.
  • Reversed colors of fader tracks.
  • MIDI peaks show more information (no longer have overlapping octaves).
  • Track panel coloring is now off by default, new background color for label is on.
  • Reafir: safer default scale gain for convolve l/r mode.
  • More fading splash screen flickering fixes!.
  • JS size optimizations.
  • Perf meter: added right click option to show/hide cpu graph.
  • Perf meter: longer cpu graph history, updates properly when cpu text display is off.
  • MIDI learn improvements, available in the envelopes dialog.
  • Clicking an envelope resets its latch state if set (that way you can mix editing/automation recording).
  • Doubleclicking thumb of main scrollbars zooms out (or in/out for vertical bar).
  • Reatune: increased tuner accuracy.
  • Reafir: hiding of "reduce artifacts" in subtract mode (it didn't use it anyway).
  • Reacomp: lookahead mode uses both the lookahead and current value for attack/release.
  • JS effects: loser's bitred and rbj1073/3x3 denormal updates.
  • Nag updates (shorter wait, better text, opens after main window appears, modeless).
  • Added graphical display in cpu meter window.
  • Less exciting version number.
  • Reafir: subtract mode, great for noise removal.
  • Basic MIDI learn for fx parameters (for MIDI inputs that are "control" enabled, see learn button in fx chain dialog).
  • Preliminary recording of fx automation (VST and js only, mostly).
  • Automation recording updates, latches reset on loop/seek.
  • Optional auto-detection of needed number of worker threads.
  • Re-fixed splash topmost obscuring issues.
  • Fix to make bugpass not crash when opening ui with automation running.
  • Fixed cpu meter results when using more than one cpu.
  • Possible fix for wrongly reported FX usage on Athlon dual cores.
  • Reaverb: fixed issues with automating parameters.
  • Fixed coordinates of routing matrix input menu.
  • Fixed splash screen obscuring error dialogs.
  • MIDI inputs/sends that have a channel filter set ignore sysex/realtime messages.
  • ReaVerb: you can now choose FFT sizes as small as 32, but you should only consider for very short impulses.
  • Worker thread track buffering and fx renderahead optimizations -- even better low latency performance and cpu use.
  • Fixed splash screen blinking during startup.
  • Bundled scott stillwell's flangebaby (tempo synched flange) js effect.
  • Preferences typo fix.
  • ReaTune: preliminary manual correction mode, countless other improvements.
  • Fx add window remembers state when closed.
  • Undocking fx add window doesn't reset contents of window.
  • Windows opened that are completely offscreen are moved onscreen (good for monitor config changes).
  • About box tweaks.
  • Optimized media/fx/vu buffering to lower baseline CPU use especially at lower latencies.
  • ReaVerb: fixed some build issues that could result in bad builds.
  • MIDI editor potential deadlock fix.
  • Option to limit rendering/fx apply to 1x realtime.
  • Moved smp rendering option to prefs/audio.
  • ReaTune: added reference frequency adjustment, better pitch detection.
  • ReaTune: bigger tuner display and more colors for the cents display.
  • ReaTune: preliminary automatic pitch correction mode.
  • ReaTune: pitch graph (coming soon: interactive graphic pitch correction).
  • ReaVerb: fixed stretch by 0 bug.
  • Added doclike's audition-ish colorthemes.
  • Bounce live output to disk works better when stopped/etc.
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