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News Archive for February 2005

28th February 2005Manytone releases ManyStation

28th February 2005u-he releases Filterscape VST for OSX

28th February 2005ConcreteFX updates Adder to v1.6

28th February 2005Slim Slow Slider releases two new Gates/Expanders

28th February 2005VSTHost (v1.26) and SAVIHost (v1.17) released

28th February 2005Voxengo Crunchessor v1.5 released

28th February 2005shortcircuit v1.0.10 released

28th February 2005Cerebrum updated to v2.4

26th February 2005PowerFX launches Drumfest

26th February 2005Steinberg Ships Groove Agent 2

26th February 2005Jack OSX v0.6 released

26th February 2005VSTiHost OSX updated to v3.1.2X

26th February 2005Reflex AudioUnit released

24th February 2005EVM Synths releases Syncoder 32

24th February 2005Cortex Guitar Amp v0.0.7 released

24th February 2005Tekniks releases two new Sample CDs

24th February 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix demo version

24th February 2005Subminimal releases Pseudograins

24th February 2005KlangLabs releases Mr Green, Synodeia 2 and Granola

24th February 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates the Classic Series

23rd February 2005KVR Members New Year Survey January 2005 - Results

23rd February 2005Le Barrail releases L'Usine Gaz Drum Sampler v2.1.2

23rd February 2005B.Serrano releases S.A.M

23rd February 2005GWS RanPan v2.4 released

22nd February 2005MiniMonsta:Melohman demo released

22nd February 2005EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition Group Buy (UK)

22nd February 2005Voxengo releases Vintage Modulator v1.0

22nd February 2005Bela D Media releases Lyrical Distortion for Kontakt

22nd February 2005Elemental Audio releases Finalis Brick Wall Limiter

22nd February 2005MiniMoog Lite for EVE and Wusikstation released

22nd February 2005Vox'd for Wusikstation released

21st February 2005Extreme Sample Converter 2.3 released

21st February 2005dfh Superior Custom & Vintage pre-release discount

21st February 2005SynthEdit v0.959.7 beta released

21st February 2005ndc Plugs releases Buffer Synth 2

21st February 2005Wurr Audio releases Filtertute

21st February 2005Tackybrowser v1.0.1 released

21st February 2005Voxengo CurveEQ v2.1 released

21st February 2005sfZed updated to v0.8.5

19th February 2005reFX updates Vanguard to v1.1.2

19th February 2005Resonance (Musicians for Asia) CD now shipping

19th February 2005NUSofting updates DK+ to v1.00.004

18th February 2005Heizenbox v2.1 Released

18th February 2005ravity Sound Library : RSL Vol.2 - Electric Basses now available

18th February 2005H. G: Fortune releases STS Transition Synthesizer v1.1b

18th February 2005Sigma Delta v1.0.1 released

18th February 2005Absynth v3.0.1 released

17th February 2005plasq releases Musolomo

17th February 2005Boxounds releases Dragon II

17th February 2005Granted Software releases AudioUnit Manager v1.1

17th February 2005Apari releases Tenpan GM Drum Module

17th February 2005Rosegarden v1.0 released

17th February 2005Polarity releases Tubester Tube Amp

17th February 2005Stumm releases PG-23P v1.2

17th February 2005JAGO Oktasampliz updated to v1.2

17th February 2005xoxos releases Steps

17th February 2005GoldWave v5.10 released

16th February 2005Virtual Mixing Console v1.1.2 build 140 released

16th February 2005n-Track Studio v4.0.4 released

16th February 2005SonicBirth updated to Preview Version 2

16th February 2005Progress Audio releases Soup Additive Synth

16th February 2005ProSounds releases PS-1 Performance Synthesizer

16th February 2005Xhip beta 4 released

16th February 2005Maxx Claster releases Toxic FM synth

16th February 2005FabFilter One VST (OSX) released & Volcano announced

15th February 2005Granted Software releases RAX v1.2.3

15th February 2005LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 Mastering Edition released

15th February 2005Renoise v1.5 RC2 released

15th February 2005Voxengo releases HarmoniEQ

15th February 2005Voxengo SPAN updated to v1.3

15th February 2005DaSample releases ElectroAcoustic and GlaceVerb

15th February 2005otiumFX releases Compadre beatpuncher

15th February 2005NOVAkILL releases NEOkILLER

15th February 2005Simple-Media releases Super String Thing

15th February 2005Wusikstation updated to v1.1.02

15th February 2005ManyStation Pre-order discount announced

15th February 2005ConcreteFX releases Kubik v2.1 (+discount extended)

15th February 2005reViSiT v0.86.4 update released

15th February 2005KIKI Studio MKS-1 updated to v1.8

15th February 2005Psychic Modulation updates Minimal and Optik to v1.3

12th February 2005Prodyon E-Fex Pneumo4 updated to v1.1

11th February 2005g200kg ProtoPSG v0.0.5 released

11th February 2005Cakewalk White Paper: Benefits of x64 for Audio Workstations

11th February 2005Voxengo Recorder v1.0 released

11th February 2005VSampler v3.5.1 released

11th February 2005Image Line releases Sytrus v1.5 and launches a Group Buy

10th February 2005Delta SP v1.6.2 released

10th February 2005Novation releases V-Station v1.4

9th February 2005PSP updates Nitro, PSP 84 and Lexicon PSP 42 (OSX only)

9th February 2005SXP releases Heizenbox v2.0

9th February 2005Antares updates Auto-Tune (incl. AU release)

9th February 2005Loopy Llama updated v0.8.5 (incl. first OSX release)

9th February 2005Pluggo v3.5 for Mac OS X released

9th February 2005VirSyn releases Cantor v1.6 demo version

8th February 2005Pethu releases Cairn Zodiac-6

8th February 2005PSP updates Nitro to v1.0.2 and PSP 84 to v1.4.1

8th February 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates the Gold Series to v1.1

8th February 2005[UPDATED] Tiny God releases Meridian v1.0.1

8th February 2005Synthmaker v0.9.1a released

8th February 2005GMEDIA updates M-Tron to v4.6.2

7th February 2005Tweakbench releases Papaya 1.0

7th February 2005Prodyon releases E-Fex Pneumo4

7th February 2005Wurr Audio updates WA-Reverb and Tube Booster ST

7th February 2005Voxengo Analogflux Suite v1.2 released

7th February 2005SoundFont Synth updated to v2.0.1

6th February 2005Yellow Tools updates Culture and Majestic to v1.7

6th February 2005BetabugsAudio releases MONSTAchorus

6th February 2005ConcreteFX releases Kubik v2.0

6th February 2005alphakanal releases Generator v0.1

6th February 2005VSTHost (v1.25) and SAVIHost (v1.16) updated

6th February 2005Virtuasonic COMBSCAPE updated to v1.1

6th February 2005Oli Larkin updates Beat Morpher to v1.1

4th February 2005Receptor v1.1 update released

4th February 2005ANWIDA releases Spazio reverb v1.0

4th February 2005Wizoo releases Xphraze v1.2 and five Xphraze Xpansions

4th February 2005MODELmaker now available for Neuron VS users

4th February 2005VirSyn releases Cantor v1.6 - now sings in German

4th February 2005e-LAB releases Perfection demo & Foundation (Full)

3rd February 2005Odo releases Unknown64

3rd February 2005Groove Monkee releases "Electronic" drum grooves

3rd February 2005Redshift Audio releases Vendetta

3rd February 2005Renoise v1.5 RC1 now available

3rd February 2005BIAS updates SoundSoap to v2.0.1.

3rd February 2005Expert Sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v2.1.1

2nd February 2005VSamp v3.5 released

2nd February 2005H.G. Fortune releases ASET-2121 Mythospheric Space Synth

2nd February 2005Prodyon releases E-Fex Extreme Chorus & E-Fex Modulator

2nd February 2005Precisionsound releases Electronic Producer #1

1st February 2005Receptor Giveaway Winner Announced

1st February 2005Delta SP v1.6.1 released

1st February 2005Jagosampliz updated to v1.1

1st February 2005SonicBirth Preview Version 1 now available

1st February 2005Elevayta Space Boy v2.0.1 released

1st February 2005Blue Cat's Phaser v1.4 released (+Demo/+20% discount)

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