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News Archive for April 2006

28th April 2006Native Instruments releases Kontakt v2.1

28th April 2006Soniccouture updates Variable Ambience Drums (Kontakt 2.1 Edition)

28th April 2006Korg releases Legacy Collection v1.1.8 (+Analog Edition & Virtual MS-20 v1.0.1)

28th April 2006Tone2 releases FilterBank2 v1.3

28th April 2006Groove Monkee releases Producer Packs 3 and 4

28th April 2006NOVUZEIT releases The Hands Of Darkness v1.0

28th April 2006WWAYM releases NWBass v1.0

28th April 2006QuikQuak releases RaySpace v2.3

28th April 2006MUTOOLS launches LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited pre-releases

28th April 2006Dangerous Bear releases SonicScapes for WusikEngine

28th April 2006Progress Audio updates ShapeShifter (now Receptor compatible)

28th April 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.42 (beta)

28th April 2006dblue updates Glitch to v1.3.0.1 beta

28th April 2006Outsim updates SynthMaker to v0.9.5s

28th April 2006Mark Henning announces AnaMark v2.21 (20% discount for pre-orders)

27th April 2006Sugar Bytes announces Vogue - Vocal pre-amp Multi-FX

27th April 2006Prodyon releases Rough Slices Vol.1 (WAV|REX|SF2|etc.) and Dance Producer Pack One

27th April 2006Boris K. releases SPHERES v1.0

27th April 2006djDecks v0.72 released

27th April 2006VSL releases v1.0.5 update for Vienna Instruments

26th April 2006BetabugsAudio releases CrayonFilter Universal Binary

26th April 2006iZotope updates iDrum and pHATmatik PRO to v1.5.1

26th April 2006dblue releases Glitch v1.3 beta (Now FREE)

26th April 2006Darrell Tam releases DtBlkFx v1.0

26th April 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.41 (beta)

26th April 2006Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.5.2 now available

26th April 2006Psychic Modulation releases Paradigm Shifter v3.0

26th April 2006SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 2, SampleRobot Essentials & WaveRobot

26th April 2006Magnus @ Smart Electronix updates MjCompressor

26th April 2006MB PlugIns releases AutoPan v1.1

25th April 2006Widisoft updates WIDI Audio To MIDI to v1.1

25th April 2006Wave Arts updates plug-ins to v5.10 (Now Universal Binaries)

25th April 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v4.2.1

25th April 2006MHC releases Ambient Keys v1.5 (OSX/VST)

25th April 2006Apple updates GarageBand to v3.0.2

24th April 2006Enigma Engine - Mallory's Preset Generator for WusikEngine released

24th April 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v1.011

24th April 2006Admiral Quality unveils Poly-Ana

24th April 2006Betabass free with German KEYS magazine (Issue 06/06)

24th April 2006David Ross releases PeakingFilterBanks v1.0

24th April 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Oberheim Resurrection (Wusik|SFZ|SF2)

24th April 2006Expert Sleepers updates Minky Starshine (v1.0.4) and Crossfade Loop Synth (v2.1.2)

24th April 2006Prodyon releases Dance Basses for Wusikstation v2/v3

24th April 2006Zero-G and DJ Stakka release Firestorm (KON|HAL|WAV|etc.)

24th April 2006Audio Damage updates 914 Fixed Filter Bank to v1.0.2 / v1.0.3

24th April 2006Electronisounds releases Ubergate v1.0

21st April 2006Cakewalk release Rapture demo version

21st April 2006AAS updates Ultra Analog VA-1 to v1.0.2

21st April 2006Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.2.1.1153

21st April 2006AudioWarrior releases Kreator LE Brain Module v1.0

21st April 2006T3 launches T3 Headquarters with TSW-2-For-1 Sale

21st April 2006Digital Music Doctor releases GarageBand 3—Know It All! (video)

21st April 2006DSP-Quattro goes boxed - Special Offer

20th April 2006WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.0.5b

20th April 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v4.2.1 beta

20th April 2006Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.3a

20th April 2006Steinberg releases HALion String Edition v2.0.2 (.1340 OS X) (.1338 Windows)

19th April 2006Prodyon releases Dance Leads Vol.1 for Wusikstation

19th April 2006The Interruptor updates Bionic Delay to v1.2

19th April 2006BEB Digital Audio releases Effektor demo version

19th April 2006Signum S1100 Sampler available again (and it's free)

19th April 2006Kong Audio releases ChineeNanXiao and ChineeGuzheng

19th April 2006Rocktave updates Delta SP to v2.02

19th April 2006PinkNoise Studio announces VIROLOGY (KON/WAV/REX)

18th April 2006Steinberg updates HALion & HALion Player to v3.2.1.1338

18th April 2006xoxos updates Breath Cube (v1.1), Utopia (v2.0) and releases Dystopia v1.0

18th April 2006Audio Ease announces Speakerphone (Speaker Simulator)

18th April 2006Maizesoft releases AirRack v1.0

18th April 2006db-audioware updates Quantum FX to v2.0.3

18th April 2006Kotkas announces Paax 3

18th April 2006Transvaal Audio updates Lost Technology to v0.1.1

18th April 2006Nay-Seven updates Kergos-1 to v1.5

18th April 2006audioBase.com releases Proper's Grooves, Sonic Atmospheres & Ferocious Grooves (AIFF/AL)

18th April 2006Smart Loops releases SL Groovy Kit and SL Tight Kit (SFZ/SF2/WAV)

18th April 2006Perimeter Sound Arts releases DVD Loop Compilation & Kunundrum 2.0 (+Special offer)

16th April 2006Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.0.4

15th April 2006SynthEdit beta v1.014 now available

15th April 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.5r

15th April 2006Alphakanal releases Automat v0.4

15th April 2006Jack OS X v0.73 now available (now Universal Binary)

15th April 2006MAGIX releases Samplitude v8.3 and Sequoia v8.3

13th April 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.56 (+zPEQ, a free EQ plug-in)

13th April 2006Dash Signature announces Grand Electrix Virtual Piano

13th April 2006Time Control Productions updates Mantragora to v1.1

12th April 2006SynthFont v1.040 now available

12th April 2006iZotope acquires iDrum and pHATmatik Pro from Glaresoft (+v1.5 updates)

12th April 2006Tone2 updates BiFIlter to v1.61

12th April 2006Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.0 build 114

12th April 2006Steinberg updates Cubase SE to v3.0.3.658

12th April 2006Empty Square releases VFX (+updates Spinner)

12th April 2006Redshift Audio updates Drumular to v1.1

12th April 2006Yellow Tools updates Independence to v1.0.6

12th April 2006Tone2 releases FilterBank2 (Synth & FX) v1.2 beta

12th April 2006GoldWave v5.1.3 now available

12th April 2006Majken releases Chimera v1.0

12th April 2006MB PlugIns releases AutoPan v1.0

12th April 2006Fretted Synth Audio releases PhazOsc - Phase Distortion Synth v1.0

12th April 2006Kid Nepro releases Patch King FM7 Collection

12th April 2006Playin' Music releases 33 Acidized Loop Libraries

11th April 2006Equinox Sounds releases Future Chill (WAV/REX)

11th April 2006Cakewalk releases SONAR v5.2 (incl. x64)

11th April 2006Sugar Bytes releases Robotronic v1.0 (Vocoder)

10th April 2006SKYLIFE announces SampleRobot 2, SampleRobot Essentials & WaveRobot

10th April 2006WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.0.5

10th April 2006Yellow Tools updates Freedom to v1.0.1

10th April 2006Arguru updates Aodix to v4.2.0.1

10th April 2006Wusikstation 3 beta 100 now available (incl. demo)

10th April 2006SKnote releases Mirror1 v0.0.1 (Morphing Convolution)

10th April 2006MB PlugIns releases MBole Filter and SynceDelay

10th April 2006Ableton releases Live v5.2

10th April 2006reViSiT v0.88.1 alpha released

10th April 2006Musicrow updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor to v1.1

10th April 2006Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.0 build 113

10th April 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v3.7

7th April 2006SynthMaker v0.9.5q now available

7th April 2006SynthEdit beta v1.013 now available

7th April 2006Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.0.3

7th April 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v4.2

7th April 2006Polyfractus updates Model to v1.1

7th April 2006Tone2 releases FilterBank2 v1.1

7th April 2006Nethernet updates Mopis to v1.2.2

7th April 2006SonicBirth v1.1.4 now available

7th April 2006CacoFX releases ChordME v1.4

7th April 2006Cakewalk releases Dimension Pro v1.2

7th April 2006Starplugs releases 5.1 Master EQ

6th April 2006Sonicbytes releases Phrazor Preview 2

6th April 2006Audio Damage releases Ratshack Reverb v2.0 (incl. OSX AU & UB)

6th April 2006Chicken Systems releases Translator v2.9.105 (incl. Independence support)

6th April 2006Sony releases Sound Forge v8.0d

6th April 2006Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to 3.9.6

5th April 2006ANWIDA releases AU and DX versions of CX1V, L1V, GEQ15V, GEQ31V and PEQ1V

5th April 2006Transvaal Audio releases Lost Technology v0.1

5th April 2006Sonoris Audio Engineering releases Sonoris Dither VST

5th April 2006AudioWarrior releases Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought

5th April 2006Metric Halo releases ChannelStrip for GarageBand

5th April 2006reKon audio announces VST Pulse Editor v1.3 and VST PolyLite Editor v1.1

5th April 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.938

4th April 2006Muse Research announces more plug-ins on Receptor

4th April 2006Fixed Noise announces OTTO

4th April 2006Sony releases ACID Pro 6

4th April 2006mgAudio releases mgTempoDelay v0.22 alpha

4th April 2006otiumFX announces Sonitex STX-1260

4th April 2006RealSynth.Net releases Synthdruid

4th April 2006Sonic Reality releases Mini ProFiles REX Packs

4th April 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks Volume VII

4th April 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manager to v2.2.5

3rd April 2006Solid State Logic announces Duende

3rd April 2006Wavosaur Audio Sample Editor v1.0.0.768 alpha released

3rd April 2006Fuzzpilz releases Charsiesis

3rd April 2006Zero-G announces Total REX

3rd April 2006Ueberschall announces Elastik Instrument Series Oriental RnB

3rd April 2006H. G. Fortune releases STS-24

3rd April 2006Klang Labs releases Daft Funk - Glitch accelerator

3rd April 2006Discovery Sound launches Japanese Samples 10% OFF Sale

3rd April 2006VSTHost v1.38 released

3rd April 2006SynthEdit beta v1.012 now available