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News Archive for May 2005

31st May 2005Volko releases Volko Baglama v1.0

31st May 2005Bob Yordan Demo'ns releases Luxor

31st May 2005Le Barrail releases EDDA v1.0

31st May 2005NOVAkILL releases OVERkILLER

31st May 2005Rocktave updates several plug-ins

31st May 2005Alphakanal updates Automat to v0.2

31st May 2005sfZed updated to v0.8.6

31st May 2005Arkonnekt public beta now available

31st May 2005u-he releases Filterscape v1.1 (incl. final for Win)

31st May 2005Leapfrog Audio releases Rephrase v1.3

31st May 2005Linplug releases CronoX 3 Sample Synth

31st May 2005G-amp Lite v1.2.2 and G-Amp Phat v1.0 released

31st May 2005The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine RT v1.0.5

31st May 2005dfh Superior v1.4.4 (hotfix) now available

31st May 2005Steinberg Unveils Nuendo 3.1 at AES in Barcelona

31st May 2005Crysonic adds alternative GUI to Spectralive

27th May 2005Native Instruments launches User Library for Kontakt 2

27th May 2005Odo releases DR-Fusion v1.0

27th May 2005Applied Acoustics Systems releases String Studio VS-1

27th May 2005Digital Sound Demon releases Millennium Falcon v0.9.8

27th May 2005Digital Music Doctor releases interactive training courses

27th May 2005Tascam announces GigaStudio v3.1

27th May 2005Arguru releases Voyager v1.1

27th May 2005BetabugsAudio releases PhaseBug v1.0 beta

27th May 2005WWAYM releases NWEQ for OS X

27th May 2005Zynewave releases Podium v1.3.2

27th May 2005Ableton releases Live v4.1.3

26th May 2005Kontakt 2 demo version now available

26th May 2005Minimonsta : Melohman now available for Receptor

26th May 2005djDecks v0.6.8 released (incl. VST effect support)

26th May 2005H. G: Fortune releases X-Wheel of Fortune II Pro

26th May 2005e-LAB updates Foundation and Obsession to v1.5 (Win)

26th May 2005Achitophel Consulting releases Plugin Consultant

26th May 2005Blocc releases loPass filter v1.0

25th May 2005FabFilter releases Volcano filter

24th May 2005WWAYM updates NWSynth, NWRCFil, Dynamix and NWEQ

24th May 2005Basement Arts releases Frantic filter v1.0 (Win)

24th May 2005Voxengo GlissEQ v2.6 released

24th May 2005DashSignature releases EVE ONE (incl. FREE version)

24th May 2005Starplugs updates Cyclone Delay and Cyclone Phaser to v1.0.1

24th May 2005Bela D Media releases Studio B - Drums. Bass. Guitar.

24th May 2005WizooVerb W2 now shipping

24th May 2005Kreativ Sounds releases Analog BASStards

24th May 2005Project5 Version 2's MUSIC.INSPIRED TOUR hits over 80 locations worldwide

24th May 2005ProSounds release Freeset for PlastiCZ! (+bundle for Vanguard)

22nd May 2005Les Productions Zvon & Psychic Modulation Promotion

22nd May 2005EastWest launches Stormdrum Group Buy and EWQLSO half price promotion

22nd May 2005SynthEdit beta v0.992 released

22nd May 2005Spin Audio releases RoomVerb M2 v2.3

22nd May 2005Sony updates Vegas to v6.0b

22nd May 2005USB releases OS X 10.4 compatibility updates

22nd May 2005SyncerSoft releases SUBsTRACTOR v1.3

22nd May 2005ConcreteFX updates Kubik to v2.1.4

22nd May 2005Sony updates ACID Pro (5.0b) and Sound Forge (8.0a)

22nd May 2005Analog Box updated to v2.3.5

22nd May 2005Tassman, Lounge Lizard & Ultra Analog OS X 10.4 updates available

22nd May 2005DFH Superior v1.4.3 released

19th May 2005NI Guitar Combos demo version now available

19th May 2005Vector Sector from General Vibe now available on Receptor

19th May 2005LinPlug announces CronoX3

19th May 2005Blue Cat releases Parametr'EQ v1.0

19th May 2005LUXONIX releases Ravity for Mac AU

19th May 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 1

19th May 2005Precisionsound releases Cembalo for GigaStudio

18th May 2005Odo releases SeeqOne v2.0

18th May 2005Camel Audio launches Complete Camel (+Competition +Kontours)

18th May 2005Analog Box v2.3.4 released

17th May 2005Voxengo releases LF-Punch v1.0

17th May 2005Sonic Assault releases Sinthecyza! 4.0

17th May 2005Liny EQ Pack updated to v1.1

17th May 2005Arturia releases the Vintage Collection

16th May 2005MusicLab releases DrumTools Performance Designer

16th May 2005Audiosonic releases ASC MonoLine v1.0

16th May 2005SynthEdit beta v0.990 now available

16th May 2005Maxx Claster releases Toxic v2.0

16th May 2005AudioRealism updates Bass Line to v1.5.1

16th May 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates Golden Uni-Pressor to v1.0.1

16th May 2005Novation releases V-Station v1.4.1 (AU)

13th May 2005eSoundz launches Ultimate Plugin Workstation Group Buy

13th May 2005Nay-Seven releases Kergos-1

13th May 2005KarmaFX v0.87 beta released

13th May 2005Metro 6.3 pre-release now available

12th May 2005Stylus RMX now Receptor compatible

12th May 2005ANWIDA Soft launches Spazio Group Buy

12th May 2005URS releases FullTec Program EQ

12th May 2005Crysonic launches Spectralive Group Buy

12th May 2005Heizenbox v2.2 released

12th May 2005Starplugs updates MoonClass and Hammer to v1.0.1

11th May 2005ndcPlugs releases Harmonical

11th May 2005Galleoneer releases Phrasemaster Mk1 preview (+drops price)

11th May 2005ColdNews releases Pixel Damage v1.0 and Pixel Burn v1.1

11th May 2005Xhip Synth beta 5 released

11th May 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.2 (+20% off offer)

10th May 2005Acon updates the Studio Time Package to v1.5

10th May 2005Robin Holmes releases six new instruments

10th May 2005WWAYM updates nWRCFil to v1.1 (+announces OS X version)

10th May 2005Dash Signature releases Mellotronix SoundSet for EVE

10th May 2005NUSofting releases Peti Harmonium for OS X

10th May 2005Subminimal releases TrackPAD v1.0.1

10th May 2005NUSofting updates DK+ Virtual Drums to v1.1

10th May 2005Cubase SX3 Unleashed online and CDROM tutorial

10th May 2005xoxos releases arp4midi and Talent

10th May 2005Crysonic updates Spectralive to v1.1

9th May 2005NI and Waves announce cross-grade offer

9th May 2005NI Guitar Combos now available

9th May 2005TbT release TLs Saturated Driver v1.0 and updates Tapestop to v1.7

9th May 2005Camel Audio releases PhatSpace Multi-FX Bundle

9th May 2005Matthias Becker releases Spartacus Stereo Enhancer

9th May 2005Garritan Personal Orchestra Group Buy

9th May 2005alphakanal updates Automat to v0.1.7

9th May 2005Five12 releases Numerology v1.4.2t

9th May 2005Polac VST Loaders for Buzz v1.1.9.4b released

9th May 2005Moppel updates Moppeltron to v1.1

6th May 2005Joel Glanfield releases Simple Echo v1.0

6th May 2005Delta SP updated to v1.6.8

6th May 2005Plogue releases Bidule v0.8002 (Windows)

6th May 2005Wave Arts updates Panorama to v4.1.2

6th May 2005Korg updates The Legacy Collection (OSX)

5th May 2005WWAYM updates NWEQ to v1.2 (+announces OSX version)

5th May 2005SpinAudio updates RoomVerb M2, VMC, 3D & Essential Plug-ins Bundles

5th May 2005Arguru updates Aodix to v4.0.0.8

5th May 2005R. Holmes releases Atlantic (FM Synth) v1.0

5th May 2005Wave Arts updates all plug-ins to v4.1.1 (OSX)

5th May 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.0.5

4th May 2005BuzMaxi 3 v1.3 released

4th May 2005MOTU releases MX4 v2.0

4th May 2005Softrave releases Jew Harp v1.0

4th May 2005Plogue update Bidule for OSX to v0.8002

3rd May 2005WWAYM updates nWSynth to v1.2 (+reduces price)

3rd May 2005Audiofile Engineering announces Sample Manager v2.1

3rd May 2005Kjaerhus Audio releases Golden Uni-Pressor | GUP-1

3rd May 2005MOTU releases MachFive v1.2.2 Public Beta (OSX)

3rd May 2005DSP-Quattro v2.1 released

3rd May 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.6.2

3rd May 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.0.4

3rd May 2005Delta SP v1.6.7 released

3rd May 2005Polarity releases GXStack Guitar Amplifier System

3rd May 2005Wave Arts releases Panorama

3rd May 2005Psychic Modulation releases Photon v2.0

3rd May 2005dmi @ Smart Electronix updates Foorius to v1.1

3rd May 2005VirSyn releases CUBE 2

3rd May 2005Sonic Assault releases Rndwave! Wave Shape Generator

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