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News Archive for July 2005

31st July 2005BetabugsAudio releases PhaseBug and SpinBug

31st July 2005Zynewave Podium v1.3.7 released

31st July 2005SynthFont v0.9991 now available

31st July 2005Psycle v1.8 released

31st July 2005Expert Sleepers releases Minky Starshine v1.0.2

31st July 2005alphakanal releases Automat v0.3.1

31st July 2005MadTracker v2.5 released

31st July 2005Glaresoft releases iDrum v1.0.3

31st July 2005Prodyon updates Robocoder

31st July 2005Kotkas updates Paax Free/Pro to v2.1.4

29th July 2005Progress Audio releases PhasePhix

29th July 2005Voxengo releases Boogex v1.2

28th July 2005Polarity updates GXStack

28th July 2005Tracktion v2.0.1.13 now available

28th July 2005Artistic Techworks releases Audiodia v1.0.5

28th July 2005Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX v1.2.1 now available (+demo)

28th July 2005Julie's Vocal FX vol. 2 now available

28th July 2005MIJOY PRO updated to version 1.1

27th July 2005NOVAkILL releases killerGATE+ and NEOkILLER II

27th July 2005QuikQuak releases RaySpace

27th July 2005Audiofile Engineering updates Sample Manger and Wave Editor

27th July 2005GUid Machine v4.0 now available

27th July 2005Kriminal releases Karnage v1.5

27th July 2005SampleRobot v1.3.2 demo now available

27th July 2005Voxengo releases Deconvolver v1.9

27th July 2005Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.7 (+releases/updates plug-ins)

26th July 2005Kotkas updates Paax Free/Pro to v2.1.2

26th July 2005VST Shell X updated to v3.2

26th July 2005mdsp @ smartelectronix releases LiveCut v0.8 beta preview (OSX)

26th July 2005NuSofting releases DK+ Virtual Drums v1.2

26th July 2005Apple updates GarageBand to v2.0.2

26th July 2005Psychic Modulation releases Subconscious

26th July 2005EVMsynths releases Gnome

26th July 2005XSynth releases EVOL v1.1

26th July 2005JS-Synthese releases Analog-Digital Endorphin

26th July 2005Groove Monkee releases MIDI Beats for GURU

25th July 2005Kotkas updates Paax Pro to v2.1.1

25th July 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.0rc2

25th July 2005Voxengo releases Boogex v1.1

25th July 2005Ableton releases Live 5

25th July 2005Cakewalk announces SONAR Home Studio Version 4 (+XL)

25th July 2005Cakewalk announces SONAR v4.0.3

25th July 2005mdsp @ smartelectronix releases LiveCut v0.8 beta preview (Win)

25th July 2005alphakanal releases Automat v0.3

22nd July 2005Art Vista releases Virtual Grand Piano

22nd July 2005Native Instruments announces Akoustik Piano

22nd July 2005Kotkas releases Paax v2.1 (Free & Pro)

22nd July 2005Antares announces AVOX - Antares Vocal Toolkit

22nd July 2005AMG releases Kick Ass Brass v1.0

22nd July 2005Progress Audio releases Oscilloscope v1.0

21st July 2005NUSofting releases PK3 Limiter

21st July 2005KarmaFX Synth v0.8.8, Filter v1.1c and Dee-lay v1.1c released

21st July 2005Wusikstation v2.0.1 now available

21st July 2005AudioFinder v3.7.2 released

21st July 2005Audio Hijack Pro v2.5.6 released

21st July 2005Polac VST Loaders for Buzz v1.1.9.6b released

21st July 2005KlangLabs updates BackMan to v1.3

21st July 2005Voxengo updates Warmifier, Redunoise, Lampthruster and SPAN

21st July 2005Jack OS X v0.7.1 released

21st July 2005Antares releases Auto-Tune v4.2.9 (OS X)

21st July 2005Steinberg unveils Cubase SX/SL 3.1

21st July 2005SAWStudio v3.9g and SAWStudioBasic v1.4g now available

21st July 2005Ableton opens Live beta to all

21st July 2005Classic VL Vol.1 for Rhino now available

21st July 2005Prodyon releases Robocoder v1.0

21st July 2005Virtuasonic releases Didj'tizer v1.0

21st July 2005Kotkas releases Paax 2 Pro

21st July 2005Voxengo releases BMS (Bass Management System)

21st July 2005SynthMaker v0.9.4 released

21st July 2005EastWest / NI Kompakt v1.08 updates available

19th July 2005Sound designers | Spectral Suite AudioUnit OSX version now available

19th July 2005Audio Damage Discord v1.5 now available as VST

19th July 2005Steinberg announces HALion String Edition 2

19th July 2005Steinberg releases The Grand 2

19th July 2005Augustus Loop v1.4.3 now available

19th July 2005Native Instruments announces Kontakt Experience

19th July 2005VSTHost v1.30 and SAVIHost v1.20 released

19th July 2005Wusikstation v2.0 released

19th July 2005ManyTone releases Ultimate Bass Kit

19th July 2005SonicBirth v1.0 released

19th July 2005Kontakt v2.0.2 released

8th July 2005Digital Performer v4.6 released

8th July 2005AudioFinder v3.7.1 now available

8th July 2005Plogue updates Bidule to v0.8501

8th July 2005Groove Monkee releases two new Producer Packs (MIDI beats)

8th July 2005BuzComp Bundle released

8th July 2005WWAYM updates nWRCFil to v1.12

7th July 2005Muse Research releases v1.3 Software for Receptor

7th July 2005Kong Audio updates Mini Dizi to v1.1

7th July 2005Yellow Tools announces Independence - Sonic Workstation

7th July 2005Best Service releases Ethno World 3: Complete and Latin World

7th July 2005Sonic Charge MicroTonic v2.0 released

7th July 2005db audioware announces Quantum FX version 2

7th July 2005mdsp @ Smartelectronix announces ScanSynth

7th July 2005VST->Winamp Bridge update for Live users

7th July 2005Audio Hijack Pro v2.5.5 now available

6th July 2005FabFilter Volcano v1.1 released

6th July 2005Time Control Productions releases Mantragora

6th July 2005Prodyon releases Robocoder v0.9

6th July 2005Galleoneer announces Multimodefilter Mk2

6th July 2005CamelSpace v1.1 and CamelPhat v3.1 now available

6th July 2005Miroslav Philharmonik website launched (+Pre-Orders being taken)

5th July 2005Wahwactor updated to v0.2

5th July 2005LinPlug updates CronoX to v3.0.2

5th July 2005Odo releases Rhythms v3.1 and Rhythms SA Pack v1.0

5th July 2005Voxengo Crunchessor v1.6 released

5th July 2005ChineeWinds v1.6 now available

4th July 2005Scamme updates SplitGate to v1.3

4th July 2005Galleoneer updates Phrasemaster Mk1

4th July 2005Interstellar Systems releases Psy Kick V108

4th July 2005Nay-Seven releases MIDIFripp and Kergoa-1

4th July 2005Virtuasonic announces Didj'tizer

4th July 2005Voxengo updates MSED, SPAN and Transmodder

3rd July 2005Kotkas releases Paax 2

3rd July 2005Synful Orchestra v2.1.2 for Windows now available

3rd July 2005Augur updated (build 2.7.2005)

3rd July 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.7

1st July 2005ConcreteFX Vectrik v1.1 now available.

1st July 2005BillaBoop Voice-Driven Drum Synth v0.1 released

1st July 2005Wizoo releases WizooVerb W5

1st July 2005NUSofting releases Ethno Set 1234 for DK+

1st July 2005reViSiT v0.87.1 now available

1st July 2005Physical Music releases Time Freezer (stand-alone)

1st July 2005BuzComp Free updated to v1.2