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News Archive for July 2006

31st July 2006Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.6

31st July 2006Kotkas updates Paax Pro to v3.1

28th July 2006NI Battery v2.1 now available on Receptor (User Installable)

28th July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.999

28th July 2006AraldFX releases Grand Electrix demo version

28th July 2006macProVideo releases Ableton Live 101: Mastering Live (+Free Logic & Final Cut tutorials)

27th July 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.001

27th July 2006Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.5.4

27th July 2006AMG announces Metropolis (+releases demo)

27th July 2006AMG releases ONE demo version and Content-Free version

27th July 2006Groove Monkee releases Producer Pack 5 for EZDrummer

26th July 2006Kjaerhus Audio announces Golden Audio Gate | GAG-1

26th July 2006SVAr Software updates SVAr Tracker to 1.0.1 and releases AntiWave v1.0

26th July 2006Samplitude V8 SE free with Computer Music 103

25th July 2006Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.4.5

25th July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.996

25th July 2006Soundbytes releases HurdyGurdyLE v0.901 beta

25th July 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.5z

24th July 2006Jens Johansson releases Antiflutter beta

24th July 2006AtomSplitter Audio updates Dune Delay to v2.0.4

24th July 2006Angry Red Planet releases Sequitur beta

24th July 2006DUY releases Magic Spectrum

24th July 2006URS releases Everything EQ Bundle Universal Binary

24th July 2006Audio Damage updates Discord 2 to v1.0.1 (Windows)

24th July 2006Source Elements releases Source-Live VST v1.1 (+Group Buy)

24th July 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Outbreak Vol. 1 (WUSIK|SFZ|KON)

24th July 2006LinPlug updates CronoX and Sophistry to v3.0.7

24th July 2006Mobius updated to v1.29

24th July 2006Image Line acquires Toxic III (+special offer, +Mac version announced)

24th July 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks X: Punk Drums

24th July 2006MB PlugIns releases Panature and Panature 2Tr

21st July 2006Native Instruments updates Kore to v1.0.2

21st July 2006Camel Audio releases CamelCrusher v1.0

21st July 2006BFD now on Receptor

21st July 2006Teragon Audio releases KickMaker v1.4

21st July 2006Sonicbytes releases Phrazor Preview#6

21st July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.992

21st July 2006ndc Plugs updates Tempo Sync Reverser to v1.0.1

20th July 2006Soundbytes releases HurdyGurdyLE v0.900 beta

20th July 2006KeyToSound releases Remedy v1.0

20th July 2006IK Multimedia updates Amplitube and Ampeg SVX

20th July 2006Scarbee releases Vintage Keyboard Collection for Kontakt / Kompakt

20th July 2006Recording School Online releases Syd

20th July 2006Ueberschall releases Liquid Instruments Vol. 6 - Horn Section

20th July 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.2.3

20th July 2006XO Audio updates XO Wave to v0.18.2

20th July 2006djDecks v0.74 released

20th July 2006LUG launches PSP Group Buy

20th July 2006Geniesoft launches Overture 4 20% discount offer

20th July 2006Precisionsound releases Indian Harmonium (HAL|KON|SF2)

20th July 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v4.4

20th July 2006Access updates Virus TI OS to v1.2.1

20th July 2006Crysonic releases nXtasy v1.0 (+multiple product Group Buys)

19th July 2006AraldFX releases Grand Electrix for Windows

19th July 2006iZotope updates Ozone (v3.0.9), Trash (v1.0.8) and Spectron (v1.0.8) (incl. Universal Binary)

19th July 2006Brainspawn updates forte to v1.6.93

18th July 2006Audio Ease releases Five Historic Trains IR for Altiverb

18th July 2006Realsamples Bass Guitar Collection Compact Edition released for free

18th July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.989

18th July 2006Camel Audio releases CamelSpace v1.3 and CamelPhat v3.3 (incl. Universal Binary)

18th July 2006Five12 releases Numerology v1.4.3 (+announces v2.0)

17th July 2006Kjaerhus Audio releases Spectra v1.1

17th July 2006Numerikart releases Stringy Stringazoide Stringer, Infinite Loopazoide Looper and MIDIkonv Konvazoide Konvertor

17th July 2006Psychic Modulation releases Aethereal v1.0

17th July 2006Signum S1100 Sampler CDI announced (beta available)

17th July 2006Fretted Synth Audio releases Free Amp 2

17th July 2006plasq releases Musolomo v1.1.1 Universal Binary beta

17th July 2006Ableton announces Sampler for Live 6

17th July 2006Ableton announces Live 6

17th July 2006reViSiT v0.89.3 alpha released

17th July 2006MUTOOLS releases LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited pre-release 3

17th July 2006Cakewalk releases free Expansion Packs for Rapture and Dimension Pro

14th July 2006Line 6 announces GearBox Gold and Silver plug-in bundles

14th July 2006Steinberg announces Groove Agent 3

14th July 2006Steinberg announces WaveLab Studio 6

14th July 2006Teragon Audio releases Convolver v2a2 and MissWatson v1a1

14th July 2006Akoustik Piano v1.1 update for Receptor now available

14th July 2006Brainspawn releases forte v1.6.92

14th July 2006Rosegarden v1.2.4 now available

13th July 2006Kontakt v2.1.1, Guitar Rig v2.0.2 and Kompakt v1.0.8 updates for Receptor

13th July 2006LinPlug releases Albino v3.0.1, CronoX / Sophistry v3.0.6 and Octopus v1.2

13th July 2006Groove Monkee releases Rock Library for EZDrummer

13th July 2006Zero-G releases Soundclash (KON|HAL|etc.)

13th July 2006Native Instruments releases Battery v2.1.5

13th July 2006Native Instruments updates Akoustik Piano to v1.1 R2

13th July 2006Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.5.3

13th July 2006Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v3.9.8

13th July 2006Antares updates Microphone Modeler to v1.39 and AVOX to v1.0.6

12th July 2006URS releases Classic Console Strip (incl. Universal Binary)

12th July 2006Recording School Online releases Extreme Punch and Vocal Magic

11th July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.984

11th July 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 J beta

11th July 2006Camel Audio releases Biolabs Absynth Sounds Vols 4-6

11th July 2006Realsamples releases Analogue Strings (KON|HAL|etc.)

11th July 2006Rayzoon launches Jamstix Summer Sale

11th July 2006NuGen Audio releases Visualizer v1.0 beta 1

11th July 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v4.3

10th July 2006Admiral Quality updates SCAMP to v1.1.1 (+intro offer extended)

10th July 2006mdsp @ smartelectronix releases LiveCut v0.9 (incl. AU & Universal Binary)

10th July 2006AlgoMusic releases M42 Nebula v2.0

10th July 2006Prodyon releases Randomax v1.0

10th July 2006ddmf releases IIEQ v1.0

10th July 2006[CodeOperator] releases PlugAdmin 1.4 for OS X (incl. Universal Binary)

10th July 2006MB PlugIns releases Stereoizer Pro v1.0

10th July 2006Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar in SFZ format

10th July 2006Sonic Assault RndWave! updated to v1.2

10th July 2006discoDSP Summer promotion (20-30% discounts)

10th July 2006Wusik.com launches Summer promotion

7th July 2006Manytone releases ManyStation v2.0

7th July 2006LinPlug releases Cronox, Sophistry and Octopus beta updates

7th July 2006Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.5.2

7th July 2006Focusrite Liquid Mix now shipping (OSX)

7th July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.981

7th July 2006WWAYM releases NWEQ Pro (mono)

7th July 2006Soniccouture releases KIM (Thai Dulcimer for Kontakt)

7th July 2006NI releases driver update v1.6.7 for Rig Kontrol 2 (OSX)

7th July 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.5y

6th July 2006Native Instruments celebrates 10-year NI-Versary

6th July 2006MUTOOLS releases LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited pre-release 2

6th July 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 H (beta)

6th July 2006Rocktave updates Music Workshop to v2.0.5

4th July 2006MB PlugIns updates MB Stereoizer to v3.0

4th July 2006SpearGear releases Boomed-FM v1.0

3rd July 2006Kong Audio releases ChineePipa v1.0

3rd July 2006AtomSplitter Audio releases Dune Delay v2.0.1

3rd July 2006iZotope releases XRB Free (+XRB re-released)

3rd July 2006Cockos releases REAPER v0.977

3rd July 2006XO Audio updates XO Wave to v0.18.1

3rd July 2006Cakewalk updates Rapture with Intel Mac support

3rd July 2006Maxx Claster updates Toxic III to v1.1

3rd July 2006VSamp v3.7 released (incl. Universal Binary)

3rd July 2006Wusikstation v3.0.2 & v2.2.8 now available

3rd July 2006AudioRealism releases Bass Line Universal Binary beta

3rd July 2006Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v1.6.2

3rd July 2006Destroy FX updates RMS Buddy to v1.1.3 (AU)

3rd July 2006Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.5.6 now available

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